How Hard Is the Australian Citizenship Test?

Australia is one of the common destinations for people to migrate. Many people from around the world migrate to Australia for several regions. Australia like any other country and British colony has its own set of rules to make people a permanent residence in their land.

Getting citizenship in Australia needs to be done in a series of steps. Here are a few important things you must know about the Australian citizenship test before you make a decision to move to Australia. We are sure this article will make you clear about any doubts related to the Australian citizenship test.

What Is the Australian Citizenship Test?

The Australian government is very strict when it comes to giving people Australian citizenship. The Australian citizenship test is a part of the process of getting PR in Australia. This test is mainly about examining the candidate and asking about the socio-cultural aspects of Australia.

This test is nothing but a preparation for the awareness of the future citizens about the place they will be living in. In Australia, there a candidate can only sit in a citizenship test if:

  1. he/she has fulfilled all the criteria of being a citizen
  2. he/she passes the verbal interview

Before taking the test, the Australian government called the candidate to certify the identity and conform to the eligibility of the candidate.

Never forget to tall alone the required and asked documents with you while going for the I interview. Your process of being an Australian citizen will slow down if you don’t carry along the original documents and all the required documents as well.

How Hard Is the Test?

As it is clear that without passing the test you will never become an Australian citizen. The test is a set of MCQs with a total of 20 questions asked. A candidate attending the exam must answer all five questions of the Australian values and attain a minimum of 75% to pass the citizenship test.

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What are the Questions Related To?

You should not stress yourself before taking any test. The Australian citizenship test is taken to correctly evaluate the candidate applying for citizenship.

The Australian citizenship test is an easy test. This test intends to evaluate your English knowledge. An applicant must be good at writing and speaking English. The examinee must be totally aware of the Australian socio-economic practices. Also, the information related to basic rights that an Australian can enjoy should also be aced. Applicants must have a proper understanding of the values and freedom, respect, and equality and should be committed to them.

The criterion for sitting on the test

There is a certain criterion an applicant must fulfill before applying for the citizenship test. Some of them are:

  1. Must be between 18 to 59 years in age.
  2. Must not be an illegal residence and have a good moral and social character.

People who apply for citizenship by conferral must not take the test as they are readily eligible for citizenship.

Date And Location

You can register for the test simply by going to the Australian citizenship website. After you are eligible and have passed all the criteria of being an Australian citizen the Australian government will send your letter with the date and time and also the place you need to arrive to take the test.

There are also provisions for rescheduling the appointment if you have something urgent but should be mentioned in the appointment letter.

Usually, the appointments are held at departmental offices in Australian Capital cities and also some Services Australia offices. People taking the test from outside Australia usually go to the Australian Embassy or nearest consultants.

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Rules to be followed

There are always certain rules for an exam and here are certain rules an examinee must follow when taking the citizenship test:

  1. Mobile phones should be turned off and kept away
  2. No gossip with the fellow examinee
  3. Using books, magazines, or resources of any kind is cheating
  4. Copying answers from others is also not entertained
  5. The test is only 45 minutes long and not a second more

Failing to follow the rules may lead to a ban for life and failing the test. Make sure to follow the instructions correctly.

What After the test?

If you pass the test the process for your application for Australian citizenship will continue forward with more pace. The related office will send you a mail when the decision has been made on your application.

If your application is approved you will be invited to a celebration ceremony within six months and you can be an Australian citizen.

If you fail the test, your application will be stopped for further processing. However, you can retake the test on the same day if you are willing to. You can also re-book the test for some other time and prepare hard the next time.

No additional cost is needed to re-book the test.

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