How the Pandemic Has Shifted Business’ Priorities Plus SEO Strategies Companies Must Have During and After Lockdown

For a majority of businesses, the COVID 19 pandemic has by far been the most traumatic experience. However, all hope is not lost as sites such as Eskimoz have been on the frontline in helping businesses keep their online presence under control. Here, you will learn on SEO on and it is usefulness during this lockdown times.

The pandemic has shifted business priorities in so many ways. Such include:

  • Corporate flexibility

Before the pandemic, employees had to report to work almost every other day. However, a lot has changed since people have figured out how to work from home. Even when the pandemic subsides, some businesses will still have to perform most of their tasks virtually. That is because most company owners have realized that their employee’s productivity levels have risen considerably.

Working from home is proving to be more profitable since people do not have to travel to work. With the new normal, flexibility around the business has increased significantly.

  • Video virtuosos

Another way business priority has shifted is through the use of videos. The developers behind hangouts, WebEx, Skype, Zoom, and other communication tools have made working from home possible. Video calls have become more integrated into the work experience, making it easy to communicate.

  • E-learning for everyone

We all agree that learning is now center and front. Most organizations have now realized that right-skilling and upskilling are crucial for strategic advantage and innovation. Majority of corporate learning programs involved seminars and in-person workshops.

After the pandemic, e-learning has become an integral part of ongoing learning. In-person learning programs will not go away but will get reserved for specific populations within the company. Businesses moved swiftly to ensure that their staff were still learning crucial skills and developing professionally.

  • Delivering at a distance
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The pandemic has majorly accelerated the digital growth of several sectors such as digital healthcare and insurance technology. Businesses were able to launch programs suited for the pandemic and ways of acquiring most of these online.

To survive the pandemic, businesses must adapt various SEO strategies. Some of these include:

  • Optimizing their websites

A critical place to begin to improve your online presence is through optimizing the business’ website design. Some of the tips to consider on this include:

  • Simplifying the navigation
  • Ensuring their content is up-to-date.

Provide a pop-up on the homepage to inform your visitors of the measures your business has taken to deal with the pandemic. And how you are keeping them safe as well as your employees. Including alert and messages keeps the business’ communication lines open and show that you are in control.

  • Taking advantage of local SEO

Local SEO comes in handy when marketing your business on the internet. Many of these allow for searchers to look for businesses close to them to purchase products. Some local SEO tips you can use to promote your business at the local level include:

  • By frequently updating your Google Business profile to assist search engines to understand and recognize your business. Keeping your business profile up-to-date helps Google to conclude your website as a trustworthy one. That will help service users with the intended content.
  • Adding posts to your Google Business page to avail users with up-to-date news. And with information on delivery options, promotions, or even changes in business hours.
  • Knowing and optimizing your business’ page speed

High page speed reduces the rates of bounces and increases online engagement on your website. The speed of your page is also a ranking factor that helps you rank top in searches.

  • Optimizing your site’s URL structure

When you optimize your business ‘website URL structure, you improve the overall user experience and deem it ready for search engines. Owning a strong URL structure gives users an understanding of the reason you have a business page.

  • Reviewing and updating website content

Updating your website content frequently helps to maintain its relevance. With timely updates, Google concludes your site as trustworthy and one with authority. That will help with the search rankings, as users access all the relevant content. Ensure that the content and navigation is effortless to find.

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