Live Streaming Software and Services You Can Use in 2021

Nowadays, the popularity of live streaming is increasing leaps and bounds. Therefore, there is also a demand for Live Streaming Software that is expanding. If you are a content creator and new at live streaming or a businessman who is generating revenue from this live streaming, you should read the article to the end because all your questions will be solved. Things to Remember Before Getting a Live Streaming Software.

Need a Network Bandwidth

You must have an adequate network bandwidth because if you use top-rated and classic software, all your hard work will be drowned from your hand if you do not have a network bandwidth.

Check Streaming Software System Requirements

If you live streaming on your computer or laptop, you should first ensure all a software system’s pre-requirement. You can find these requirements from the beginning of software starting, so search it out and establish the whole set-up before streaming.

How to Choose the Right Live Streaming Software?

  1. How reliant are you on tech support? Consider OBS.
  2. How much are you willing to invest?
  3. How knowledgeable are you about streaming?
  4. Which features do you need?
  5. What is your primary use case?
  6. Streaming video games? Look at XSplit and Streamlabs OBS.
  7. We are planning professional live productions of news, sports events, concerts, etc. Consider Wirecast and vMix.
  8. Streaming on the go a lot? Consider Lightstream Studio.
  9. How powerful is your existing hardware?

Top Best Live Streaming Software & Services You Can Use in 2021

First, you have to select specific software for live streaming, and in this article, we stated the best seven live streaming software. Each software has its features. However, each software has its advantages, disadvantages, and ideal use cases, which are essential to consider before making your selection. Scroll down and find the most suitable software for you.

Nvidia ShadowPlay

Live Streaming Software

ShadowPlay can offer the CPU a genuine reprieve, so if you have a slower PC or need all accessible registering power for other requesting applications– ShadowPlay may be the best approach. It is additionally useful for straight-up interactivity recording.

On the off chance that you happen to have an NVidia designs card – check out ShadowPlay. ShadowPlay is entirely free software, but no overlays, multisource displays, plugins, and you must need an Nvidia graphics card, which can be expensive.

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Live Streaming Software

Open Broadcaster Software is also known as OBS, is exclusive software for those who are money bounded. It offers basic features that are imperative for live streaming. However, Advanced features that may add a cherry to your live streaming is only available at a small amount of cost.

OBS can be work on Windows, Mac, and Linux, which is positive for this software. This software is also reliable as it has only a few bugs, and CPU usage is light. OBS is an excellent software for technical users who want free software and plenty of features.


Live Streaming Software

Telestream’s Wirecast is available in two versions: Studio and Pro. You get 30 days when you can use this software without paying money, but you have to buy one of the performances after that. Wirecast Studio is available at $695, whereas Wirecast Pro is at $995.

Wirecast software is regularly updating its features and offers a professional layout with excellent quality support. This works on Mac as well as Windows, which is its most significant advantage.

This includes hosting guests on your stream, animated 3D titles and graphics, complete capture and encoding of video sources, and the capability to stream to different servers and platforms simultaneously.

This Pro version takes it a step further, with high-resolution ISO recording, live scoreboards, 3D virtual sets, instant replays, NDI output, even more guests hosted on your stream, and more.


Live Streaming Software

With Some limitations, XSplit is the standard software for live streaming. Moreover, it offers all its essential features free of cost. It includes watermarks on streams above 720p resolution and 30 fps framerate and streams that use the VCam feature. The paid version allows you to get obviate the watermarks and access more advanced features like multi-streaming.

XSplit is affordable and easy to use; in addition to that, it is stable and reliable. However, XSplit is only for those who preferred to use Windows because it is only accessible. Users can introduce third-party app by files or URLs. Paid features are already available in the free version of Streamlabs OBS. That’s why many live streamers use Streamlabs OBS rather than XSplit.

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Live Streaming Software

Streamlabs was made in Jan 2018, and it gained an enormous audience, including gamers and non-gamers. It is open-source software. There are many features like social widgets, thousands of free overlays, face masks, audio filters, a video editor, and other fun stuff that have better support than OBS. In this software, bug reporting is significant negatives; also still it is accessible in Windows only.


Live Streaming Software

Lightstream Studio is browser-based software and cloud-based, which puts it into the good books of live streamers. Due to those reasons, this software is portable.

Lightstream has a lot of features, including smooth overlays, visitor facilitating, local help of well-known spilling instruments, remote scene changing from your telephone or tablet, live talk backing, and that’s just the beginning.

Another truly cool component is that every one of your activities, scenes, and resources is spared in the cloud, so you don’t require to modify them without fail. Surprisingly, it offers all these features free of cost.


Live Streaming Software

vMix is designed for the professional live streamer. It contains all the features you’d ever need, like virtual sets, animated overlays, hosting guests, live video effects, instant replay, and more. Additionally, vMix supports a good range of inputs, including webcams, DVDs, sound cards, playlists, NDI, and PTZ cameras.

It’s worth mentioning that vMix may be a sound choice for 4K encoding. A considerable investment, accessible only in Windows and arduous for beginners, is the software’s limitations. However, vMix is an excellent interface that has a great impression on live streamers.

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Final Words:

We stated all Live Streaming Software is trustworthy and secure as privacy breaking is not reported so far. All these Live Streaming Software have exclusive features that may give your live streaming a fantastic look. We recommend reviewing each Live Streaming Software in detail and deciding on the right solution for you.

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