How To Convert and Download Videos from YouTube to Mp3 Using 2conv?

In a world full of music streaming apps that offer exciting offers and worldwide music, the practice of downloading videos from YouTube and converting them to Mp3 has somewhat been lost. However, you will still find a section of music lovers who go for this old school practice of downloading videos from YouTube even today. And why not? It is relatively cheaper than the streaming apps and also provides you with a wider variety of music.

For such scenarios, you will need a YouTube to MP3 converter, such as 2conv, to help you download and listen to your favourite music anywhere and anytime. In the sections below, we will discuss it in detail for a better understanding.

What Is 2conv  YouTube to MP3 Converter?

This application will help you download your favourite music from YouTube and save it on your phone or PC. You can even get hold of all the songs you have been looking for on almost every music streaming app but failed to find them. You can even download podcasts and convert them into Mp3. If you are going to a place out of the mobile network coverage area, then 2conv has got your back. You can download your favourites and take them with you anywhere. And the best part, it is free!

Why Should You Go For 2conv?

You should go for the 2conv YouTube converter because it is user-friendly, offers you the best downloading and listening experience and can be saved on any of your devices. There are a few more factors that make you realize that going for 2conv is the right choice. Let us look at them.

  • It offers you the liberty to convert the videos/podcasts online for mobile devices and using their software for a PC.
  • You can select from 23 languages to help you use the application better.
  • You can download the converted videos in high-quality.
  • The 2conv converter is user-friendly, which will guide you effortlessly through every process without much technical knowledge.
  • There is no limit on converting and downloading content from YouTube.
  • 2conv ensures your safety by guaranteeing zero presence of malware on their sites.
  • It also does not demand users to sign or register themselves before getting on with their tasks.
  • All the processes of download and conversion take only a few clicks.
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How Can You Use 2conv YouTube to Mp3 Converter?

It is convenient and straightforward; you only have to follow the steps mentioned below.

For 2conv online converter:

  1. Select the YouTube video you want to convert and copy the URL.
  2. On the same tab or opening a new tab, go to the address,, and insert the video URL in the input field.
  3. Select the Mp3 format and click on ‘Convert.’
  4. After the conversion is over, click on ‘Download.’

For 2conv converter software:

  1. Visit and download the software by clicking on ‘Download Converter.’
  2. After the file is downloaded, click on the file to start the installation.
  3. Copy the YouTube video URL, open the converter software, and paste the URL on the input field.
  4. Wait for the conversion to end and then click ‘Download.’

Voila! Now, you can enjoy your favourite music as much as you want and for as long as you wish. So, what are you waiting for! Go for the 2conv converter and embark on your musical journey.

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