How to create a successful taxi booking application like Uber?

There were times when car rides were considered to be just for wealthy people. There were no luxuries, and people had to wait for hours long just for the arrival of public buses. But that seems to be centuries ago. How? Because of the availability of on-demand taxi apps like Uber.

There has been a drastic change in the way people travel nowadays, and almost 99% of the credits go to the affordable rides offered by apps like Uber. The profit of the Uber app has jumped to 63%which pretty much shows us how famous it is.

Ride-hailing apps have not only let people commute without any fear of the bills but have paved the way for many businesses to join the trend. Yes, the increase in Uber-like apps is tremendous. 

The Uber app had made a considerable effort in bringing its app both in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store as a pioneer. But the effort had now turned into being the stark opposite because of its success. Because, we can see that Uber clone applications have become the trend nowadays, and it’s easier than before to start an application like Uber.

A business such as Uber has become a massive success because of the most important mantra called ‘meeting the demand’ or ‘serving on-demand.’ It had captured a significant part of the market because of the flexibility to avail taxis in a few taps.

Your application must cater to the demand fleetly, and you should have a robust taxi app to fulfill it. 

When a customer’s demand is met, there is no chance that your application would meet a downfall. Your application’s model should aggregate the demand of the user for long-term success. 

Primary ways the app work:

  • The customer books an app to the particular destination after viewing the estimated cost of the ride.
  • The driver gets the request, and he can decide whether to accept or reject the customer’s request.
  • If he rejects the ride, the request would be passed to the other driver. Once the ride is accepted, the driver will be provided with the best-optimized route to reach the user’s location.
  • After the ride, the passenger will have the option to either pay the ride by cash or online.
  • At last, the rating for the driver will be given by the user.
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Now that we have seen how the app works, let’s see what features are necessary for the Uber Clone application. 

Tracking: The passenger can track the ride booked in real-time. Tracking lets them see where the driver is and plan accordingly.

Estimation of fare: The passenger can see the total estimated fare of their ride even before booking. It can let them choose between which ride they want to take.

Payment options: The rider must not have a problem with the payment options. There must be options to pay by cash or other online means. 

History of the trip: The app has a ride history for both the driver and the rider apps to help them keep track of their rides.

The driver can have the rider’s history, their name, destination, and the Surge price. 

Fare splitting: If the carpooling option is used, the app will choose to split the fare with two or three riders who travel along with the user. 

The riders don’t have to split it themselves, but the app does it for them. 

Scheduling rides: Timing is a bonus in this feature. The app lets riders book a ride beforehand.

Scheduling allows them to reach the destination in advance without having to worry about the availability of the car. 

Sharing the ride: The rider can also share the ride they are taking up to any contact from their phone. 

The shared status consists of real-time tracking of the ride so that their acquaintance would view the live status.

SOS button: It would be better if your Uber Clone app contains the SOS button. This button is used for help in extreme situations like accidents, emergencies, etc. 

Clicking this button would send an alert to the nearest police station or the Uber authorities.

Notifications: The notification can be sent through push notifications or SMS to keep users updated on their ride’s status.  

Rating and Reviews: This helps the rider to rate the experience with the driver. The ratings can be useful for your application’s reputation too. 

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Some development insights:

The cost of making Uber Clone applications depends on the number of features or the list of features you most want. It is advisable to keep it simple and powerful. 

‘The more, the merrier’ should not be the case here because users should find your app more comfortable to operate. You have to analyze the market and plan accordingly, and then dive into the development of the application. 

Think of the aspect of the customers if your app would require some features. 

The three most crucial things you need to focus on would be the Geolocation Service, Payment, and Development.

Geolocation Service: 

You already know that both the rider and the driver need the GPS. To make the experience smoother, the router server starts working right from the moment a rider books the ride. The steps to turn it on would seem simple, more elaborate, and intricate architecture makes it happen.    


As we have already discussed, your app must contain access to all the payment gateways. It can be possible when you partner with the payment gateway.


The app can be either developed as a native app or as a cross-platform one. If you want to create a native app, you will have to create two different types of architecture for Android and iOS. 

Above all, the critical case is the UI/UX Design of an Uber Clone app, as your application should offer a more relaxed view for the users’ eyes. Most of the expenses also would be taken by this part of the development. 

In case you are not ready to start building the application all by yourself, you could go for developers who offer Uber Clone scripts. The scripts are the white-label solutions readily available that can be quickly customized and launched in the market in the shortest time possible.


We have seen all the features and functionalities present and important factors to consider. So, why delay something good? Go, take your plan ahead to make it big in your niche!.

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