How to Evolve Your Content Strategy When Entering New Markets

A content strategy is an all-inclusive approach for creating and using content to achieve key business objectives. An excellent content strategy will entice potential customers at every stage of your business and keep them interested even after purchasing.

Entering new markets can be pretty exciting yet often overwhelming for a business, especially when creating brand awareness among your new target customers. Therefore, in this article, we shall focus on evolving your content strategy when expanding to new territories, increasing brand visibility and getting ahead of competitors.

Establish Your Mission and Objectives

A great starting point for your content strategy plan in a new market is establishing your mission and goals. A clear mission and goal will help you focus on the essential things and ignore what is not, when creating content for your new audience. With an excellent mission statement, you should recognise your target customers, the content they are receptive to, and the benefits they will gain from your content.

Carry out a Market Analysis

Most businesses that expand to new markets always mess up by putting out content unsuitable for their new audience. It is crucial to identify a market niche and analyse the type of marketing content that your potential customers appreciate.

Study your audiences’ content consumption behaviour by researching the types of online and offline channels they prefer. Social media analytics always offer profound insights into online behaviour. Once you have enough data, use those channels to draw traffic to your business.

Generate Content to Suit Your New Market

When exploring and expanding to new markets, you may be required to generate different content than you did for your previous audience and clients. For instance, if your previous business model was a B2B model where you focused on conferences, interviews and LinkedIn posts, you may need to shift to blog posts, social media posts and podcasts if you shift to a B2C model in the new market.

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Besides, if your previous content is quality, suits your new audience but is not in the format they appreciate, you can hire transcription services to generate the more acceptable content. Companies like GoTranscript can help you transcribe your existing video and audio content to different languages and create blog posts, articles and social media posts.

Align Your Content With Search Intent

Regardless of the quality of the content you create, if you do not align it to your new clients’ search intent, it will not improve your brand awareness and visibility. Ensure you generate the content, information and answers your new audience is searching for from a particular keyword on the Google platform.

List your new market’s top ranking keywords that align with your business products and services and create content that includes those particular keywords. That way, you will put out relevant content and draw more traffic to your business.

Always Focus on Quality Over Quantity

After carrying out market research, putting out content and gaining the attention of your new audience, prioritise generating quality over quantity and substandard content. Quality content will keep your new audience interested, and encourage them to share more, thus improving your brand awareness. Excellent content includes:

• Outstanding photos.
• Emotionally appealing videos and posts.
• Exceptional market research.
• Knowledgeable advice on a YouTube video or podcast.

The above tips will help you evolve your content strategy to align with your new market, thus improving your brand awareness and increasing your business revenue.

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