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How to Find Movies on Netflix

According to the statistics, Netflix is one of the biggest video content services that hosts more than 4 thousand movies and 1.5 thousand up-to-date TV shows.  With such an extensive library, the platform provides its users with unlimited opportunities, but also certain challenges, at the same time. If you are one of the Netflix subscribers, you have definitely had a hard time finding the necessary sub-genre or a specific show. Follow simple tips and use extra services to simplify your task and achieve the desired result much faster.

Searching Directly on Netflix

Are you tired of the routine work and college assignments? It is time to type “I need someone to write my research paper” in your search query and look for the relevant options and get valuable time to enjoy one of the best Netflix movies. However, once you are done with one problem, the next one will arise right after. Following simple guidelines, you will be able to find the necessary genre, subgenre, and exact show without a problem.

  • Open the Netflix page either in your browser or app.
  • Click the search icon.
  • Specify the movie or TV show you are looking for.

Although it sounds easy, it may take some time, if you do not know the accurate name of the program you want to find. Fortunately, there is an alternative way to look through the service.

  • By title. Well, if you have tried this variant and failed, you need to move to the second one. You can try to fill in the search query with the title you remember, as the service will help you and display all the items with similar names. However, if you remember the number of options in the library, you understand that the chances to find the necessary movie are too little.
  • By actor. Once you are not interested in a specific movie, but you are in love with a certain actor, this type of search may be a top choice. Make sure you asked someone “Please, help me write my essay for tomorrow”, as you are likely to forget about everything, as you see your favorite actor starring in so many movies.
  • By director. Similar to the previous variant, you can opt for all the movies of the same director if you enjoy his style.
  • By language. This option is appreciated by people who are learning foreign languages, as you can easily find an interesting movie and get a valuable chance to practice language skills and get a clear idea of the culture and traditions of the other country.
  • By genre. Those who prefer comedies do not have to spend time searching through the blockbusters. Open the corresponding page and opt for the most interesting comedy you have never watched.
  • By quality.  If you want to see the movie that has been recently released, you may compromise the quality of the video and watch it in UHD.
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Browsing Other Services

It is undeniable that Netflix puts the diversity of old and up-to-date movies at your fingertip, but it may take hours to find the necessary content and watch the desired TV show. Therefore, make sure you get help with assignments for your college before you open the Netflix page. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the easy-to-navigate applications that will help you use the Netflix subscription to the maximum.


A simple interface and an extended search tool are the key characteristics of the application. You will not have to spend hours browsing the Netflix catalog in order to find a specific movie. Instead, make sure you order an essay online and take care of your classes, as you will not end up watching a single movie. The platform offers different searching options, so you can apply certain filters and find movies faster.


Another beneficial service provides users with an IMDb rating, as well as an up-to-date search function. Consequently, you will be able to find the necessary content fast and easily. Additionally, the platform gives an opportunity to watch trailers and be the first to observe new arrivals.


Take care of your academic success if you want to organize a movie night. Hire professional academic writers to accomplish your tasks, as you are likely to dive into the world of cinema with JustWatch. Search the Netflix content using the beneficial tools and take maximum advantage of other possibilities.

A range of other applications, like Instantwatcher and Sense, may simplify your life and help you start your movie party earlier.

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