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How to Find Old Expired Articles for Free and What to do With Them!

If you’re looking for a way to find old expired articles, for free, we’ve got a few tips for you. Want to know what to do with them? We’ll explain that too!

Why would I want old expired articles?

The most common reason that people look for old and expired articles is so that they can repurpose them for their own use. Usually, the people using these articles work in building websites or for a search engine optimization company. These businesses need content, and well-written content can be expensive!

Finding an old or expired article online is a quick way to save yourself a lot of time writing or a lot of money on a content writing service. If an article is no longer being claimed by anyone, you’re free to use it.

Where to find old expired articles

Well, in order to find an expired article, you’ll want to look for an expired website! There are millions of expired websites that have been archived by different services. The primary way to go about finding them is by using Godaddy Auctions, or Both of these sites allow you to find websites by keyword which is particularly useful when looking for content.

In order to find what you want, simply use the keyword search function to enter the general topic or niche you’re looking for content on. If you’re looking for kayaks, enter that and set the minimum range for traffic to 1. This allows you to find more quality blogs once you sort by traffic. You’ll see which blogs were visited more often and can make an educated guess as to which sites to target in your next search.

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Once you’ve located a few sites you’re interested in checking out, head on over to saves every website that has ever been created or indexed, and will show you a preview of the content on the site at that time. You can select a time range from the slider that will let you view the site as it was at that time. Select times with more activity (as represented in a bar graph) for the best results. If you’re finding the content is good, check out all the different time ranges for more!

How do I know if the articles are expired so that I can use them?

The primary way to check if an article is expired is to see if it is currently being hosted anywhere on the internet. You can use Google search if you know what you’re doing, but in order to truly ensure it’s not in use still, you’ll want to use a service like Copyscape.

Copyscape allows you to input a piece of writing, and it will tell you whether or not the words exist elsewhere on the internet in a similar configuration. Doing this will let you be sure that the article you’ve found is fair game and can be used for any purpose you’d like. Whether that be adding it to your own site as a relevant blog post, or selling it to someone else for money!

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