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How to Get More Amazon Traffic?

Have you recently commenced selling your products on Amazon? This e-commerce platform is considered the most powerful among online retailers, thus stimulating an endless number of sellers to join it.

Despite the impeccable reputation of Amazon, merchants have to do their part regarding marketing in order to increase traffic. The product listings and keyword strategies are essential in taking your online store to the next level. Sellers can use PPC sponsored ads or direct traffic towards Amazon from other marketing channels.

In terms of keywords, automatic targeting is always recommended prior to manual targeting. The keywords are supposed to be relevant to the Amazon algorithm but also aimed at buyers.

The tips below are designed to help you increase your Amazon traffic.

Understand your competition

An effective tactic for boosting your Amazon traffic is understanding your competition. Spare some time to analyze the pages of your competitors whose products are either identical or similar to yours. Start by going through customer reviews in order to see the overall satisfaction of consumers with a particular product. Have a look at some reviews with five, four, and three stars to check the features that made customers satisfied or somewhat dissatisfied with a product.

Afterward, check some two-star and one-star reviews to locate the root of dissatisfaction in consumers. The complaints of customers will help you avoid the mistakes of your competitors, thus improving your chances of getting more Amazon traffic. Go here to see six tips for getting online reviews and building customer trust.

Once you finish going through the reviews, continue the journey by checking the customer question and answer section. As far as popular products are concerned, Amazon dedicates a special section for customer questions and answers to address the most frequent questions consumers have about specific products. The frequently asked questions section is worth inspecting, as it can help you in writing better product descriptions.

Moreover, by analyzing the most common concerns of consumers, you will get excellent content ideas for your social media pages and blog, which are crucial in driving traffic to your Amazon store. Keep in mind that consumers are appealed by helpful content, which addresses their top concerns by providing valuable advice.

Improve your product listings

Another indispensable tactic for boosting your Amazon traffic is improving your product listings. It takes seconds for individuals to decide whether to purchase or ignore a particular item after seeing the product page. Therefore, your product listings should be optimized in a way that helps potential consumers gain a visual representation of the product and understand its features.

For instance, the titles have to be concise and straightforward for customers to get a brief description of the product. Creating keyword-rich listing content helps sellers get better Amazon ranking because of complying with the Amazon algorithm. Although product titles are limited to 200 characters, the first five to ten words are vital in creating the first impression about your items. It’s paramount to incorporate at least one keyword in the titles in order for your goods to pop up at the top of the searches in Google.

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In addition, keywords should also be incorporated in the key product features and product description. Amazon provides sellers with a limit of a thousand characters to explain the features of their goods. In this section, make sure you format the features as bullet points. It’s easier for consumers to scan the information when presented through bullet points. Anyhow, in order to attract the attention of potential buyers, every bullet point should begin with the benefit of using the product.

Moreover, the product description is another important section, which elaborates the features and benefits of goods. This section is ideal for incorporating long-tail keywords of which the main keyword should be placed at the beginning of the section. The language used in the description should be customer-focused, persuasive, and conversational. Nobody likes reading a product description written in a scientific language, which only confuses consumers.

There are several mistakes to avoid when it comes to product descriptions, such as not stuffing your listings with keywords. Even though these sections should be relevant to the Amazon algorithm, don’t forget the goods are sold to people, not algorithms. Besides the features of the goods you’re selling, the descriptions should also highlight the benefits for consumers. Make sure you never use the manufacturer’s description as a product description, as this content isn’t designed to be appealing.

Apart from paying close attention to the text, using high-quality photographs is recommended to each merchant in order to increase Amazon traffic. A large number of merchants use the images provided by the manufacturer, which are also used by the rest of the competitors who offer the same goods to consumers. Instead of using manufacturers’ images, use lifestyle images to promote the goods to potential buyers.

Additionally, the product should be presented from various angles and in different settings. Potential buyers would appreciate it if there’s an image of the back of the box featuring useful information like ingredients or instructions. Visit the following URL,, for some helpful tips on shooting product photography.

Choose the right keyword targeting strategy

Keywords are of tremendous importance in advertising campaigns, which in turn increase organic traffic. Amazon provides two alternatives when it comes to keyword targeting, manual and automatic targeting. The former refers to the choice of keywords and phrases by the advertisers, which is great in case you have come up with high-performing keywords.

On the other hand, if you aren’t certain about which keywords to implement, the latter strategy can be of assistance. As long as you set a small budget for your automatic targeting campaign, Amazon will provide you with a list of high-quality keywords to implement.

Encourage customers to leave reviews

Another tactic for driving more traffic to your Amazon store is by urging consumers to leave reviews. The power of reviews is remarkable, as most individuals look for social proof before investing in goods or services. In order for your products to be sold more effectively, they need to have a large number of reviews. Nevertheless, the reviews have to be legitimate in order for consumers not to consider them suspicious.

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Moreover, Amazon has recently banned sellers from receiving reviews in return for free products and discounts. These incentivized reviews were considered unfair to the rest of the competitors who don’t rely on such a practice for earning them. Nevertheless, Amazon sellers still need a strategy to incentivize reviews in order to make their assortment of goods popular in the eyes of potential buyers, as well as increase organic traffic.

One of the most commonly used incentivizing strategies is sending emails to consumers after they make a purchase. The content of the emails should be designed to inquire about the satisfaction of clients and ask them kindly to leave a review. Make sure to send two emails, one immediately after the purchase and another a couple of weeks later. The purpose of the first email should be to confirm the order, while the second should request a different action on the part of buyers.

Another way of earning reviews is by using promotions like Lightening Deals, offering discounts on a particular item in the course of a short timeframe. Amazon uses an Early Review Program for making a selection of customers who leave reviews regularly. The program usually rewards these individuals with a gift card for their efforts.

Direct your traffic toward Amazon

Most sellers have a tendency to drive organic traffic to their websites, which seems like a logical step. Nevertheless, some traffic should also be directed towards your Amazon listings. The reputation of the largest online retailer makes your business look more trustworthy to buyers. There are various marketing channels you can use to generate traffic on Amazon, such as social media advertising, Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO, Instagram ads, etc.

Use sponsored ads

Apart from being the largest online retailer, Amazon is also a reputable ad platform, allowing merchants to get the exposure they desperately need. PPC (pay per click) sponsored advertisements are the perfect form of advertising, as once individuals come to Amazon, their intention is to purchase some goods.

These sponsored ads appear above and below search results, even when shoppers look for goods on their mobiles. The role of PPC is to stimulate buyers to spend more money on the platform. The campaign is best started by setting the advertisements to automatic targeting in order to minimize the possibility of human error.

After collecting data for a certain period of time, a minimum of several weeks, you can start evaluating the campaign performance. Following this period, merchants should switch from automatic to manual targeting in order to select the most relevant keywords. Afterward, you can experiment with extra keywords whose performance you haven’t tested yet.

Final word

Amazon is the right platform to join if you are a prospective merchant.

Use these tips to increase traffic!

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