How to Tame Stress for People?

A few tips for curbing emotions: People react differently to what’s going on around them. While some people get “fired up” while writing a college essay, others “don’t give a damn. Excessive emotion indicates a tendency to stress.

High levels of stress in normal life are associated with serious trouble. Statistically, such people live less, they have an unsettled personal life and unsuccessful career. Few people are interested in being around an irritable, irascible person. Stress-prone people can be found everywhere, but are there many of them among famous politicians? Heads of state and ministries are usually calm and reasonable. Are they all emotionally stable people? Hardly. Those who are confident and reasonable are those who know how to deal with stress and emotions. Here are some helpful tips to help you become one of these people. Take your time Slow down.

Do not try to catch up with everything Photo: Depositphotos Hurry – an attempt to “embrace the immensity. Understanding that it is doomed to failure, many people do not hesitate to do many things in a limited time. Perhaps such tactics help to make more money or visit more sights on a tourist trip. But there is little pleasure and joy in it. Do your business at a comfortable pace, take your time. Enjoy yourself. Don’t look back on the past Everyone has reasons to be upset about events in the past. But no one has the ability to change what has already happened.

Thinking about it doesn’t help anyone, but it adds to the stress. Live in the here and now, influence current events, build for the future. Accept reality as it is There are plenty of things around that we can control. But there are more that we can not influence. Accept as a given traffic card who “cut off” your car. It is impossible to change his behavior. Is it worth worrying about it? Acknowledge the right to flaws Everybody has reason to be upset Photo: Depositphotos More or less, sooner or later, but all people without exception. We are annoyed by other people’s stupidity, levity or anger, but you can not change another person. As a last resort, exclude from your circle of contacts those who irritate. If it is impossible or impractical, try not to condemn them, but to understand. Be merciful to a slow colleague.

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Everyone has flaws. Think less, act more. The military aphorism is “any bad decision is better than no decision.” Only action brings results. “Fixating” on a problem increases stress, but does not create the conditions for overcoming it. No one will take the job? You can moan and cry about it, gradually driving yourself into a corner. Or you can change your resume, tactics to find an employer, ask for help from friends or relatives.

Finally, lower the bar for personal requirements, but to find the right place. Listen to your body Pay attention to the signals of the body, try to calm down Photo: Depositphotos The body warns of an impending explosion of emotions. Signals are individual. Ringing in the ears, twitching fingers, etc. Pay attention to the first signs, try to calm down when it’s still possible without much effort. Pause As you feel your anger growing, stop talking. Slowly take three deep breaths. Walk out of the room in which the person causing the anger is present. As you leave, ask yourself: will it make you feel better or worse if you let your emotions run free? Whatever you decide, it will be a conscious choice, but not the result of an adrenaline rush. Good health!

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