Important Factors About Drexel University College of Medicine

If you want to study in the best and superior medical school where you can get all the resources of medical study, then choosing Drexel University College of Medicine has to be on the top of your list. Drexel University College of medicine ranking has been high among the top best medical schools in that region.

This medical school has been providing the highest number of applications all over the world to train a dedicated student at a professional level. Hence they do have their roots back to the two best medical institutions in which we have Hahnemann Medical College, which was founded in 1848, as well as Women’s Medical College which was founded in 1850. This school is fully contributing towards inclusion and champion diversity with a wide range of nontraditional students.

Major Programs of Drexel University College of Medicine

To pursue the MD, this Drexel University College of Medicine class profile has been providing countless pathways which are based on dual-degree programs:

  • The MD/PhD. Program is all administered by the College of Medicine as well as its Biomedical Graduate Studies Program
  • The MD/MPH Program is administered by the College of Medicine as well as Drexel’s Dornsife School of Public Health
  • The MD/MBA Program has been all administered by the College of Medicine as well as Drexel’s Lebow College of Business
  • The MD/MS Program is also administered within the range of College of Medicine

Drexel University College of medicine Tuition Details

Now let’s discuss Drexel University College of medicine tuition! According to the report of 2020-2021, students of the full-time MD have to pay the fee of $29,489 per semester. Drexel hence also encourages students to factor in terms of the program fees, as well as miscellaneous university fees, or the housing, food, and even within some personal expenses to make upon the total cost of attendance.

Additionally, for all the MD students who will opt for the alternatives timelines towards the typical four-year program, Drexel lists them in the tuition rates for the part-time enrollment. Let’s look at the student statistics for the 2023 class:

  • Female is 52%
  • Male is 48%
  • Black, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American is 18%
  • Nontraditional students are 15%
  • MD/PhD. combined is 1%
  • Pennsylvania Residents is 31%
  • Out-of-State Residents is 69%
  • The number of states represented is 30
  • Different undergraduate institutions represented is 118
  • The average age of the student is 23
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Timetable for Application & Acceptance

Standard Application Procedure

  • Filing of AMCAS application– June 1 to December 1
  • Receipt with the medical faculty of applicant’s supportive materials– January 1
  • The choice to candidates – October 15 till the classification is filled

Early Decision Program (EDP)

  • Form – June 1 to August 1 filing of AMCAS
  • Receipt by using the medical college of the applicant’s supportive material– August 30
  • The choice to EDP candidates – October 1

It also includes:

  1. Application Review
  2. Complete Application
  3. AMCAS application,
  4. Letter(s) of recommendation,
  5. MCAT score, and a completed
  6. CASPer test
  7. All performed functions are reviewed by a member of the admissions committee.

Review Based On – Interview

  • GPA
  • MCATs
  • Recommendations
  • Essays
  • Personal characteristics
  • Evidence of extracurricular activities
  • Interview

Applicants chosen will get hold of an email from the Office of Admissions. After importing your image and finishing the competency grid, candidates may additionally then schedule their interviews thru the online scheduling system. Interviews take location from September via April.

Background Checks

All college students’ well-known need to whole crook history, infant abuse history check, FBI fingerprinting, and PATCH varieties earlier than enrollment. This receives up to date earlier than the third-year scientific rotations.

Office of Disability Services

No person with incapacity shall, primarily based on that incapacity alone, be excluded from participation in College of Medicine applications or activities. The College of Medicine will supply real looking lodging to a certified man or woman with a disability.

Campus Life at Drexel University College of Medicine

Student existence at the College of Medicine is quite going on extending nicely past the classroom. There are scholar agencies and social activities – college students are motivated to take part in these to refine their neighbourhood capabilities and to make stronger the Drexel neighbourhood stronger as an entire while staying wholesome and discovering the metropolis of Philadelphia. This brings about a feeling of comradery in the college students at Drexel, which is so distinct from having.

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Medical Student Affairs

Offers practice to all college students in administrative help to get them commenced on day to day things to do with a healthful attitude. The student affairs workplace is usually there to create beneficial surroundings at the campus. It is all set with a pleasant workforce to resource the college students in the course of their years of Medical School.

The unit offers a professional improvement centre, Financial planning office, Academic assist services, Diversity workplace, and well-being (counselling). Diverse pupil body, faculty, and personnel are an integral device for the College of Medicine’s mission and goals. At Drexel, it is believed that variety enhances the tutorial experience past the classroom, developing higher medical practitioners and fitness care professionals.

Activities and Clubs

There are over 65 identified student clubs at Drexel every year. On-campus, these clubs include neighbourhood outreach groups, clinical scholar associations, health programs, clinical pupil cultural and lifestyle clubs, literary and musical organizations.

Housing and Dining

As part of the Drexel experience, it is aimed to make the lifestyles of college students as comfy as viable with clean transitions. Students retire to flats and homes in East Falls or Center City Philadelphia.

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