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We often come across amazing videos on different social media apps, especially Instagram, which we wish to save to our galleries and share on other social media accounts. However, as we know, it is not practically possible to directly save programs to the computer; therefore, apps like InstaTube come to the fore to resolve the issue. 

Instatube is a productive file-saving program that provides assistance in downloading different videos in various formats, including MP3. It also helps save posts from Instagram to the gallery, and that too at a rapid pace. The Instatube apk download version is best for conveniently downloading pictures or videos. 

Once the pictures are saved, the viewers just have to double-tap on the concerned content, and it readily initiates saving the content to the main gallery. 

Later on, people can easily view the saved content individually. In fact, they are capable of sharing their favorite posts, images, and videos with their friends on different social media apps. To be able to send the posts, the users will have to tap on the content for a short period of time, and it will be sent to the desired content. 

The best part so far is that the users do not need to have the original Instagram App to use it. They can easily access the Instagram account straight from InstaTube and go on to download pictures and posts in a jiffy. Though the app is exclusively for Android, it performs its function on Mac and Windows gadgets. 

As far as security is concerned, InstaTube is hands down one of the most reliable and trustworthy apps out there. It does not let any third-party encryption save the data. Moreover, it requires permission on other users’ part to repost someone’s pictures and posts. If some is hoping to opt for a URL-based selective additional option, they need to head to the likable post and image. There, the default functionality will assist in indicating a down arrow on the upper right down, so tap on it and later choose the copied URL. 

Some of the main features of Instatube are its ability to save and repost from Instagram. It collaborates with different people to be more productive. Moreover, it also provides direct access to the documents in the main gallery. Here are some more features. 

Features of InstaTube Application:

  • Attractive UI

The first and the most important feature so far is its appealing UI. The app features a rather stylish and appealing UI having a material design with Instagram incorporated into its platform and has a separate section for downloading the photos and videos. 

There is also an aesthetic gallery of all the downloaded photos and videos, which backs the media player for playing the downloaded files. 

  • Direct Instagram Access

As mentioned earlier, it provides access to Instagram without having to open Instagram. There is nothing change in Instatube. You get to go through the Instagram content just as you used to do. Not only that, but it also lets users share comments and like pictures. You can even go on to texting your friends. However, the best part so far would be the free piano. 

  • Downloading Feature

The best feature so far is the chance to download anything literally from Instagram, be it a video or an image. In order to download content from Instagram, follow these steps.

The users will have to click on the three horizontal dot options that are at the top right corner of the image. 

Now, The next step is to copy the URL. After that, a tiny download icon will appear below. If you Tap on it, the download will complete the content is saved in the app’s interface in the gallery.

Likewise, if you are hoping to save a video, follow the same process, and the downloaded video will be saved in the video section of the phone’s gallery. 

  • Repost and Sharing

Once you manage to download your favorite videos and images, you can always share and repost the content. In fact, the posts can be reposted on Instagram, where you can post them as a story. 

  • File Transfer

You can save the downloaded file straight from the app’s interface to any folder and file of your choice. 

How to Download InstaTube Application:

In order to download InstaTube, follow these steps. 

Firstly, bear in mind that the InstaTube apps should be downloaded from the third party dimply by switching the Unknown Source option from the device setting. 

So, You need to download the APK file from the vidmate apk download, which has the latest version available. You must follow the installation procedure to be able to launch the application on the device. 

Since it is designed for Android gadgets, Windows and Mac users can also install it by using android emulators, including Nox Player, KO players, Bluestacks, and many more. However, it is important to install the emulator in the first place and then go on with installing the APK file from the emulator’s interface. 

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InstaTube Alternatives To Download Instagram Photo and Video

Though InstaTube is a great source of saving and downloading content from Instagram and other networking websites; however, if you still find something lacking in it, we can still manage to present you with some of the best alternatives to InstaTube out there. So, hang in there. 

1. Repost Video for FB

So, the first name on the list of best Instatube alternatives is Repost Video for FB. As the name suggests, Repost Video for FB social app is exclusively for downloading videos and your favorite posts from Facebook. The best part about Repost Video for FB is the flexibility it offers in the forms of formats; therefore, you can easily watch it even if you are online or offline. 

The app has a simple and user-friendly interface. The buttons allow users to reach out to the Video Downloader and File Manager section just with a single tap. Apart from this, it enables users to log in to their Facebook account to download the video. 

To add to its more advantages, Instatube apk download displays the size of the downloaded video in order for users to manage their mobile’s storage. 

2. Unlimited Repost for Instagram Photo and Videos

Again, as the name indicates, this Instatube alternative is exclusively for letting users log in to their Instagram account to enable them to download different videos and photos, which they like but we unable to download before, to their mobile phones. 

Moreover, the app also renders insight into the Instagram profile by telling the number of posts, a number of followers, likes, etc. The app also offers features that enable users to download and later save and share their favorite content with their friends via different social media apps. Also, the size of photos can be viewed and downloaded within the desirable format, given the saving space. 

3. Save & Repost for Instagram

This InstaTube replacement is exclusively for Windows app, where it lets users download their best and most favorite videos and posts from Instagram to their phone’s gallery without having to put much effort into it. The unique feature so far is the inability it offers to save Instagram stories, which usually disappear within 24 hours, and you can easily download them and view them later in your leisure hours, even offline. 

Moreover, this alternative has unique features that assist users in downloading their favorite content just by pasting the link of the placement in the search bar. How simple is that. Lastly, with it, you can easily opt for the format of the downloading video and later save it to your mobile’s storage space.

4. IG Repost—Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram

Since InstaTube is mainly for Instagram; therefore, all of the best InstaTube alternatives are for downloading photos and videos from Instagram mainly, and IG Repost—Photo & Video Downloader is not an exception to it. IG Repost lets users copy hashtags and captions of the desirable posts and later add them to the latest Instagram posts that, too, with only a single tap. Not only that, but the users can also look for captions and hashtags as per their preferences. For example, if they want hashtags for funny content, quotes, love, or the ones trending these days. 

In addition to that, the video order also renders a wide collection of biosamples for users so they can customize their Instagram profile as per their preferences. Lastly, to add to its virtue, the trending section makes it possible for users to check all the famous videos, photos, and stories on Instagram for the sake of increasing their knowledge. 

5. Repost & Story Downloader App

Next up, we have Repost & Story Downloader app. This InstaTube alternative has a few of the best features to offer. It keeps you posted about the number of followers you have on Instagram. It enables users to check pictures and videos and later download them with just a tap. All you must to do is to copy the link to the post. 

6. Photo & Videos Repost

This Instatube replacement is compatible with Instagram as well as Twitter. You can save the best posts and videos and later share them on different social media apps to cherish them with family and friends. In fact, you can even repost these contents with the same caption and hashtag. 

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Moreover, you can also have a sneak peek of your Instagram account and Twitter handle through this app. You can easily search for the photos you are looking for by simply entering the hashtags. 

7. Repost for Instagram

It is yet another alternative app introduced by Appscopmpavls. Suppose offers features that make your life easier. For example, you can keep track of your snaptube fan following and check the analysis of the Instagram followers gain. Also, you get to see the number of likes and comments you have garnered on your posts.  You can also incorporate username, hashtags, and captions in the search bar with this alternative. 

8. Instant Save and Repost for Instagram

This amazing software assists users in downloading content from photos to their phones without putting so much effort into it. The best part is it lets users download content to their phone’s storage. Similar to Instatube, you can share the content with your friends and family. All you must is the link to the desired post for you to be able to download it, and you’re good to go.

9. Repost for Instagram Pro

This amazing alternative does not require its user to add a watermark to the post, yet they can repost it at the highest possible resolution. Moreover, users can easily make it to their Instagram account to download and repost from their private accounts. Apart from this, the Snaptube has a pretty straightforward interface containing buttons that can help one reach out to images and videos based on the hashtags. Lastly, users can also use hashtags to their favorites so they can view them even with a cursory glance. 

10. Reddit Repost

This amazing alternative enables users to search, save, and repost pictures from Reddit with just a tap. The side panel renders access to the settings, profiles, and subreddits section. In addition to that, it is possible to customize the screen simply by using a whole range of various themes. 

Reddit also encourages people to add gestures, and it is also possible to cancel out any of the images. Users can also log in to their Reddit accounts for importing their subscription and activity log via their mobile phones. Lastly, Reddit also supports the GIF format. 

11. Instagram Repost

Similar to Instatube, Instagram Repost helps users download their favorite videos from Instagram and save them to their phone’s storage. The new thing is how it enables users to check the history for watching a thread of all the recently downloaded multimedia files. Moreover, the app also lets users add a watermark to their favorite image. All you need is a link to the desired image to be able to download it right away. 

 12. Instagram Repost by Aykut Studios

It enables users to save Instagram images and repost them later by adding some watermarks. You can also add profiles and hashtags to the list. Moreover, the home screen buttons allow users to reach out to the latest posts in order for you to be able to track recently downloaded buttons. 

13. InstSaver – Save, Share and Repost

With it, you can download, manage and later repost your desirable photos from the Instagram without even logging into the Instagram account. You can also delete the unwanted image or share more than one image through the multi-section option. Moreover, you can also view downloaded multimedia files based on the categories. This way, the built-in file manager enables you to share these videos on different social media platforms. 

14. Free TikTok video downloader for Instagram

TikTok has been quite the rage these days, as it has got some amazing videos and hacks that you wish to post on other social media accounts. So, this alternative enables users to download and post TikTok videos on Instagram without adding any watermark. Moreover, you can check the history of downloaded items, copy profile names, hashtags, and links from the history section.

15 MicrosoftOutlookit

This alternative is pretty much like Microsoft Outlook; however, it offers Reddit posts. Therefore, you can now incorporate subreddits by clicking on the new email tab. You can also read emails, send new emails through this app. It offers convenience by placing unread emails on top so you can’t miss out on any important detail.

Final Words:

Well, now this brings us to the end of our search for the best Instatube alternatives. We have made sure to offer alternatives that offer the best features and work well. However, now the choice is solely yours as to which one you deem the best for yourself. 

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