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Luxury Real-Estate in France and Europe

A good house with a breathing view is a dream come true for every aspiring homeowner-a host of luxurious estate spanning across Europe from London to the left luxury real estate in Cannes. The affluent neighbourhoods are mainly occupied by the opulent. Cannes’s location is in the heart of the French Riviera. The French-Riviera has glamorous beaches like Cannes and Saint Tropez. The luxury real estate in Cannes is a huge hit. It plays host to the most significant film festival globally and has a great beach view-thousands of tourists throng it annually to taste its culture.

You can rent or buy a luxury apartment. Although it’s not cheap, you will have to fork out thousands of dollars in rent rates.

Properties available in France and Europe


They are the most popular in the countryside. They are large and luxurious, consisting of residential and farmhouses.


They are sizeable stately property. They are housed on acres of land. A mansion in the countryside is more significant and costs lesser than one in London. The number of bedrooms is not limited and can be as many as ten.


They are usually a one-storied house it has bedrooms both on the ground floor and upstairs. They are expensive, costing 1 to 80 million dollars.


It is a block of units owned by a single enterprise. Apartments range from one to four bedrooms. They are relatively expensive with two bedrooms; one’s going for 500000$ in the French Riviera. They usually are on a building and are shared among the dwellers unit wise.

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It’s a cluster of buildings and apartments that are individually owned.
Factors to consider while buying real estate


What view do you desire? This should be your crucial thought while determining where to buy real estate. Some people prefer seafronts and beaches to sunbathe while taking an occasional dip in the waters. While others favor upmarket condos, others like apartments near designer stores like Versace and Fenty to have an easy time while on a shopping spree. Most of the luxurious estates are located in the mentioned places. Choose one depending on your taste.


The luxury real estate in the French Riviera is primarily owned by movie stars, athletes, musicians, and other A-listers. The properties cost a leg and an arm to build and maintain, resulting in astronomical selling rates. A two or three-bedroom house with a pool in Cannes will probably offset you a million dollars. Greece may be wallowing in inflation, but property prices in Mykonos are high. Choose a property that you can easily buy without severe implications for your pocket.


Taxes differ from one country to another. There are individual and property taxes. Ensure that you are tax compliant to minimize clashes with the law enforcement officers.


The properties come in all sizes, from two bedroomed apartments to ten bedroomed bungalows. Size is also affected by location. A villa in the heart of Monaco is smaller when compared to one in Troyes.

Luxury real estate in the French Riviera is the true embodiment of eating life with a big spoon. If you can afford it, why not?

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