Magento 2 Development Guide

Before launching an eCommerce store, it is worth choosing the most suitable platform for it. CSM Magento is the most popular by 2021, showing excellent results and rapid growth since its inception. The results of the statistics show that the Magento platform is preferred by about 25% of all online stores in the world. Let’s take a look at the reasons for the success and features of this platform

Magento 2 platform features

The key feature of CSM Magento is its extensibility and flexibility. Thanks to these characteristics, administrators are able to integrate a wide variety of functions into their website. It is for this reason that the largest and fastest growing companies choose this platform.

Considering the various e-commerce platforms, they can be divided into three main categories for developers: for people with no programming experience, with certain knowledge, and highly qualified specialists.

CSM Magento should be classified as a platform for people with a high level of professional skills in web development. Sure thing, mid-level specialists are also able to understand the platform, but this will take them more time. However, being a feature-rich open-source platform, Magento is an incredibly flexible and modern tool that is not only easy to use for end-users but also administrators.

Magento 2 Benefits for eCommerce Websites

The rapidly growing popularity of the Magento 2 platform is directly related to the benefits that this CSM has to offer:

  1. The open-source code is free to download and is fully covered by automated tests.
  2. Increased usability guarantees convenience and comfort for all users.
  3. The ordering process has been significantly improved and is at the cutting edge.
  4. The internal user interface includes a large number of available functions.
  5. Maximum system flexibility provides the ability to customize and install extensions depending on your preferences.
  6. High scalability makes the platform attractive not only for medium companies and corporations but also for small firms looking to grow in the future.
  7. A large number of available options for integrating payment gateways on the website.
  8. Almost limitless possibilities for customizing your personal design templates and themes.
  9. Consistently high speed of work, both on the client and the administrator side.
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Summing up, it can be noted that the future of e-commerce lies with Magento as it is the most modern, technologically advanced, and scalable platform. At the same time, working with this CSM requires a sufficient level of professionalism and skills on the part of the developer.

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