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MovieRulz is an online streaming platform that provides users with different categories of movies. Now Users can watch various blockbuster movies online for free without any difficulty. This website offers the latest movies and offers various sorts of online TV shows, series, drama, and other entertainment videos. It also provides movies from all over the world like Hollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, Bollywood, etc.

It enables the users to download these movies for offline watching in different video qualities like 1080p, 720p, 420p, and 360p. With the growing popularity of TV shows and television channels and online streaming websites and apps, they are now available for illegal download.

This platform is also available in android phones in the form of an application that enables the users to watch online movies for free and download their desired movie for free.

What About the New Domain of Movierulz?

It is a piracy website infamous for allowing users to download pirated movies. Thus, there is no doubt that the Government frequently ban this site. Cybercrime cannot catch people who run the website, and these sites regularly change their domain.

Though the Government, together with the Internet Service Provider, has blocked this site’s primary domain, the latest domain of this site is still available. Millions of users visit this site for free movies.

How to Download HD Movies from Movierulz?

To download free HD movies from this free streaming site, the first step is to find the working domain from all of the lists above. It may cost a lot of time, but since you want to enjoy movies without paying any price, this is the fair price. After the domain of Movierulz is searched that is working correctly, the users can download all the movies that they want to watch.

Step 1: Open All of the Domain

Since the Government regularly blocks this site’s primary domain, the users have to try all of the Movierulz mirror sites, including the proxy listing to find the working one. It is necessary to use a VPN to break the restriction applied by the Government or maybe Google.

Step 2: Choose the Movie

On the home page of this site, various latest and blockbuster movies are updated, making it easier for the users to find the best movie. Users can also select the movie by typing the name or tag of the movie in the site’s search bar.

Step 3: Wait

Since the users get to download the movies without paying any amount, they may see several ads while waiting for the movie to start downloading. Once all the advertisements are over, then the link automatically starts downloading the movie. The ads may annoy at first, but the user needs to have patience.

How to Get Movierulz APK?

To get access to different blockbuster and recent movies, the users only need to download and install this application on their smartphones. With this application’s help, lovers get to see movies for free in different genres from different parts of the world like Tamil movies, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, or even English movies. This app also enables the user to watch various kinds of documentaries, series, and TV shows.

The website and the application are not a legal platform to access movies, so it cannot be available on Google Play Store. Third-party hosting sites is the only option to have access to this site. The size of this application is only 1.4 MB for the v3.0 version.

This app can be installed on Android 4.0 and above the operating system like smartphones, computers, etc. The v3.0 version is an old version of this platform that released in 2018 and the versions. To get the latest one, download version v7.0 that released on 26 January 2020. Also, we can install it on Android 4.0 and other operating systems.


Movierulz App Features

As a free streaming online movie app, TV shows, and series available worldwide, Movierulz provide its users with several features to make the users easier when using this app and site. It also carries some amazing features to make the experience of the users better for entertainment.

1. Simple User Interface

The application comes with a straightforward interface to make it easy for its users to operate. New users may find new applications complicated to deal with due to the complicated interface. But this application does not provide any kind of difficulty to its users. Users can easily download and install the application and watch the movie online for free.

2. Download and Stream for Free

This application’s best feature is that the users can watch the latest blockbuster movies from the world for free without any price to be paid. It also enables the users to download and install the movies for free for watching offline. It is necessary to use a VPN while open this app or website.

3. Very Fast Streaming

This application contains super-fast servers that enable you to watch and download movies very fast. This makes it easier for users to save their time and watch the movie without interruption or distraction. We only need a steady internet connection for watching online or downloading the movie.

4. Smoother Performance

The users should download the newest version of this free streaming app since it has fixed all the bugs that users may find quite annoying in the previous version. By avoiding the older version of the app, the new version always comes up with a better and smoother performance.

5. Very Small Size

Users can download and install this free streaming app as its APK size is so small that it will not consume a lot of your smart devices ROM. Therefore, if there is limited space on the phone, this application is best for watching online movies. Another good thing about this app is that it works amazingly on smart devices and other operating systems.

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Downloading and streaming movies through the mobile app is no longer impossible to do. We can easily watch any movie by using the app, either legal or illegal. One of the best apps that most people use to stream and download free movies is Movierulz.

Here the users can enjoy movies from Hollywood, Malayalam, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. It provides a wide range of different categories of movies as well as other entertainment shows for free. Users can set the theme with the personalization theme they want.

6. High-Quality 300MB Movies Download

When we talk about online Movie Streaming Sites and downloading sites, many names come in the list from most popular sites to less accessible sites. But the difference between all the other sites and this site is that the users can download all the movies very fast due to its fast downloading servers.

Movies with high-quality HD movies and even 300 MB are available for free download. It enables the users to view the movies in different qualities and HD quality video streaming online for free. In case the storage capacity is small and limited or internet issue in the devices, it enables to download the movies in different sizes and video qualities suitable for the device.

Is it legal to Watch Movies on Movierulz?

It is a kind of website which is illegal to use. It may lead to getting punishment from the Indian Government as they have banned this site many times. Any act of piracy is a crime in India. Therefore it is better to avoid using such sites that may cause problems.

Avoid using this platform for a more in the wrong run to avoid the maximum risk. It is not a safe site, and there are various other sites available that serve the same purpose as this site does.

The Government has banned this site many times as it provides the users with illegal content. This platform, despite its high popularity, is not safe for the users to use. It can steal its users’ personal information which in turn can be harmful.

Considering the risk you may have while going into this website, it’s advisable that it is better not to visit this website to download and stream the movies using your personal computer.

Is It Safe to Use Movierulz?

Not only it may harm you because it is illegal, but the risk of getting any viruses from this kind of website is even higher. It may lead to getting punishment from the Government as this site is banned many times. This app may cause some serious problems to its users. Therefore, it is better to avoid usage.

The virus can go into the smart devices when clicked accidentally on a particular link that is not understandable. The device can also break if the users visit the application due to overheating or other issues. The users should always use the right platform to watch any movies or entertainment. It is better than to watch at high risk.

Movierulz is a piracy website infamous for allowing users to download pirated movies. It includes the risk for the users every single time when they watch the movies and shows. It may lead to punishment from the Government as they have banned it many times.

Any act of piracy is a crime in India. Therefore it is better to avoid using this app due to its illegal content. Avoid using this platform for a more extended period. Though this provides good content to movie lovers, it leads to various kinds of risk to the users.

Websites Like MovieRulz to Watch Bollywood & Hollywood Full Movies Online Free in 2021

The users should access the movies from legit sites as it won’t contain illegal acts if they want to be safe. This application brings the best solution for the users who want to enjoy watching online movies for free without any limit by just sitting at their home and not going to the theatres.

Users can watch the movies through some legal platforms that provide the movies online for free without any illegal activity. Some of these platforms are Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and MX Players. These may sound familiar, and the users can access all of the latest movies through these platforms after their official release date in theatre.



The next one on this list for the best alternative sites to MovieRulz is FMovies Free. The name says it all. This is another online streaming site that is free of cost. You don’t need to provide any personal Detail or ant credit card information for the registration process.

It’s hassle-free and offers a wide range of movies for you to enjoy. Movies of different genres like comedy, thriller, romance, sci-fi, etc. are available here for free. All you need to do is land on the site and search for your favourite movie and press play. You are good to go!



The next one on this list for the best alternative sites to MovieRulz is Putlocker. This is a website where you can watch permission and duplicate free movies. They don’t provide accumulated films but acts as a host stage for outside film suppliers. It is unique.



It is a web-based entertainment service that enables users to watch movies, shows, series online from all over the world. Users can even enjoy ad-free content. It offers four membership plans where users can choose their plan by paying the related price.

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Users can anticipate the soft handling of this site as it provides several sections that help decide what is to be watched. It has categories all the content based on movies, series, sports, kid’s section, which further subdivides into horror, drama, suspense, thriller, etc.

Users are initially supplied with a free thirty-day trial. It is a premium and standard membership for the users, which provides good quality results. There Is no limitation in watching any program or any show in every plan. Users can stop their existing plans and can easily shift to another plan.

Sony TV


It is the best online platform to watch live TV shows, live news, popular live programs, movies, and much more online content for free. But for more good and latest content you need to subscribe to this site and the charges are also very less. Users can also watch online sports, including live matches of popular sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis, etc.

This could be the best site to experience premium service at the lowest price. It is one of the cheapest application or site which provides online streaming of movies and shows.

Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video is web-based entertainment services that allow its users to watch movies, videos, and TV programs online. Also, it helps the users to watch all the entertainment stuffs that are available around the globe. It is generally different from other platforms as its online streaming services are limited as compared to others. It deals with the purchase and renting of movies. With just a subscription at a fixed price, all the movies can be watched online.

Users just need to grab the Amazon from the store and watch all the amazing stuff present there. With the search options, users can find their favourite series, movies, etc., very easily by typing the name or tag. It is an on-demand app which can be used on any gadgets like phone, tablets, laptops, etc.



GoMovies is an online streaming application or site which enables users to watch all the latest blockbuster movies online for free. It regularly updates its site so that people can watch the latest videos in high quality as soon as it gets released. One can find its favourite movie or show as it provides multiple options to search based on date, year, name, and category of movie or TV show.

One of the best advantages of using such sites is that it can be accessed anywhere in the world. All the categories of movies also contain sub-categories like the latest movies, most-watched shows, popular programs, etc. It provides the best entertainment to its users by providing them with the most innovative documentaries, award-winning movies, etc.



PopcornFlix site deals with different entertainment kinds of stuff by providing the privilege of watching online movies on smartphones or any other operating device. This provides full length and good quality videos from all around the world. From branded movies to independent director movies, all are available for the users.

This is a user-friendly site which enables the visitors to watch whatever stuff they like in different movie genre. There is no need for registration. This also features various Hollywood celebrities. It allows users to search their movies easily. Only a steady internet connection is required, enabling users to download the movies for further entertainment.



Hotstar is India’s largest premium online streaming site that allows users to watch serials, online movies, and other streaming content. The website offers many hours of drama and movies in 17 languages that attract a large audience.

It provides content from all the major global sporting events with live streaming options. In return, users just have to pay premium fees to access the Hotstar library. It also shows some annoying advertisements that the users have to bear.



This website or application enables users to watch the latest movies and other TV shows online. Classification of all the new videos and movies can be done based on new releases, action, thrill, satire, TV shows, etc. This site is amazing for youth everything consists of some options like new releases, most-watched, latest, etc.

The quality of the content is very good, but the users have to go through various advertisements which become a bit annoying. This site enables the users to watch movies that are recently released in theatre. It also provides kinds of stuff from all around the world with subtitles, making things convenient for its users.



The last but not the list on the list of the best alternatives for MovieRulz is PrimeWire. You can create an account here if you want to. This streaming site allows you to watch shows and movies from the hosting sites. You can lay back on your couch and enjoy the services they have to offer. The interface of this site is pretty good and user friendly.

Final Words:

We advise the users to go to other platforms to watch movies and similar content. Due to overheating caused by this application, the device can also be affected. Considering the risk you may have while going into this website, and we advise that it is better not to visit this website to download and stream the movies using your personal computer. On every step, there is some kind of risk.

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