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This Content is Related to Myhr Jefferson Login: Myhr Jefferson is an online portal created for Thomas Jefferson University employees. With Myhr Jefferson, they can access work-related information & much more. Here we have updated the complete login guide; check it out!

Myhr Jefferson Login

Thomas Jefferson University is a private research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Established in its earliest form in 1824, the university officially combined with Philadelphia University in 2017. Jefferson offers 160+ undergraduate and graduate programs. To manage their employee’s information, they have created an online portal, ‘Myhr Jefferson.’

Employees must log in to that portal to access work schedules, pay stubs, payroll-related information, benefit programs, employment details, personal details & much more. This information can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Employees can also update their details.

Myhr Jefferson Login Guide

To log in to Myhr Jefferson’s online portal, you will require the following information. Make sure you have this information to complete the login procedure. Another essential thing to remember is only employees of Thomas Jefferson University can access this portal.

Information you will need:

  1.     Myhr Jefferson login credentials, i.e., Username (Campus Key) & Password.
  2.     A valid email address.

Login Procedure

Make sure you have a reliable, solid & secure internet connection for accessing the login page. Use any device (PC, Laptop or Mobile) & now let’s get started with the login procedure:

  1.     Visit the official website of the Myhr Jefferson online portal or click on this link.
  2.     Once you click on that link, you will be redirected to the login page of Myhr Jefferson.
  3.     Enter the Username, i.e., your Campus Key, in the required space. (Each employee has a unique Campus Key)
  4.     Click on Next.
  5.     After that, enter your password.
  6.     And then, click on ‘Sign In.’
  7.     Now, you will land on the dashboard of Myhr Jefferson, where you can access the information you need.
  8.     Myhr Jefferson dashboard allows you to easily access work-related information, profile information, all the employment-related details, and much more.
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Myhr Jefferson

Myhr Jefferson Registration

For new account registration, follow these steps:

  1.     First, go to Myhr Jefferson’s website.
  2.     Then, click on ‘Join Jefferson.’
  3.     Then, click on ‘New User.’
  4.     Enter the required details along with your name, email address, phone number, and address.
  5.     Submit the details.
  6.     After that, you will receive a confirmation email to verify your account.
  7.     Confirm the account & then you can access your account.

Benefits of Myhr Jefferson

Here are few benefits that employees will have because of Myhr Jefferson access:

  1.     They can easily claim the benefits programs provided to them.
  2.     They can trade/change current shifts at their convenience.
  3.     They will be able to view and manage their work schedules.
  4.     They can view and collect paycheck and payroll information.
  5.     They can easily access employment-related information online & can update their details if required.
  6.     They can access work-related emails & job-related information.

Myhr Jefferson Customer Support

If you face any issues while accessing your Myhr Jefferson account information, you can directly contact customer service for their support. They will help you with the required solutions.

  1.     Customer Service Phone Number: 215-503-HRSC (215-503-4772)
  2.     Department of Human Resources
  3.     HR Service Center
  4.     833 Chestnut Street
  5.     9th Floor
  6.     Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Final Words:

That’s all about Myhr Jefferson. We hope this information was helpful to you & if you still have any questions on this topic, let us know through your comments. For more updates like this, Stay Tuned

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