Top 6 Best PDF Editor Websites To Edit Your Doc 2022

Best PDF Editor Websites to edit your docx will be discuss in this article. The PDF file format is naturally used for official and important documents. There are websites that can make your work easier with PDF without the need to install software, whether it’s a form or a document meant to be read.

PDFs are widely used, which is why you see them everywhere. Whether it’s a credit card statement or an electricity bill, they’re all sent to your email address as PDFs.

Top 6 Best PDF Editor Websites To Edit Your Doc 2022

Top 6 best PDF Editor websites are explained here.

A PDF website can help you with a variety of tasks, including producing a PDF form or document, filling out or editing a PDF, reducing file size, splitting a PDF file, annotating a PDF, merging several PDF files, and more. Isn’t it wonderful to know that all of these things can be accomplished without having to download any software?

The 2022 Best PDF Editor Websites

We’ve covered some of the best PDF editor websites in this post; take a look and let us know which web-based PDF editing tool you prefer!

1. Paperjet printer

Paperjet printer


The first website we’ve mentioned is Paperjet, which can assist you fill out a PDF and perform other common PDF operations that PDF readers can’t handle. To utilise the service, you must first register with Paperjet. To begin, you must first submit a PDF document. It will then insert text boxes into the document. You can even include text boxes where you want to write. Color, size, and font can all be changed. You can also upload pics if you need to include your passport photo. Also check customer database software

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Paperjet is free if you only use it to modify 10 PDf files per month; however, if you use it more frequently, you must pay $5 per month.

2. Jotform



You may not only edit PDF forms using Jotform, but you can also build them from start. It’s a fantastic free web programme that allows you to make PDFs from templates. There are numerous templates available in Jotform. There are many types of certificates, contracts, consent agreements, job applications, employee records, invitations, medical histories, event planning, invoices, lease agreements, tickets, and more.

After choosing a category, you may create or change a PDF, from texts to field alignment, with Jotform. The final result, however, will include a Jotform watermark, which requires a premium plan.

3. PdfFiller



PdfFiller is an online PDF editing and management solution that complies with GDPR. When it comes to producing PDF forms, adding e-signature, and editing existing PDF files by inserting text/images or removing them, the application is faultless. Users can collaborate on modifications and password-protect secret PDF files for further protection using the web-based PDF editor tool. You do not ought to meet any prerequisites to begin using pdfFiller. To use its features, all you need is a web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

This online PDF editor also integrates with prominent platforms such as Zoho, Zapier, Office 365 add-ons, Salesforce, and others.

4. Shrink PDF

Shrink PDF


Shrink PDF is a PDF editor website that will help you minimise the size of your document so that it is more straightforward to share or work with. Some websites only work with PDF files of a specified size. Shrink PDF shrinks PDF files without sacrificing their quality. You can compress the files in bulk or individually, and then download them as a zip or individual file. Also check top affiliate software

5. Sumnotesm



It is not a simple operation to alter a PDF file. Sumnotesm, a PDF editing website, can assist you with this. You can, however, add annotations or notes to the document. These annotations are collected and exported by Sumnotes.

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Simply submit a PDF to the Sumnotes online app, and it will display all of the notes on the file in a matter of seconds. Having all of your notes in one place makes working with a paper much easier. You can copy, erase, and export notes in TXT or Doc format using the online app.

6. Candy PDF



There are many web programmes that deal with PDF tools, but they all have limited features. PDF Candy is the best online PDF editor that can do anything from copying, editing, compressing, and adding notes. We’ve compiled a list of all the tasks that can be accomplished with PDF Candy:

  • Convert PowerPoint to PDF • Compress PDF • Resize pages • Rotate PDF • Crop PDF • Merge several PDFs • Split PDF into individual pages • Remove and rearrange pages • Add watermark • Add page numbers • Edit metadata

All of these features are free without having to register. Isn’t it fantastic?

Advanced PDF Manager is a comprehensive PDF management programme (2022)

If you’re seeking for an offline PDF management programme, Advanced PDF Manager, designed and developed by Tweaking Technologies, is a good option. Users can use the Windows software to open, read, print, divide, combine, duplicate, protect, remove, and rearrange PDF pages, among other things. It also has a variety of viewing settings for a consistent reading experience. Also check Best animoto alternatives

The PDF Management Tool is compatible with the most recent versions of Windows, including Windows 11. (Both 32-bit & 64-bit).

So that’s all! These are some of the best online PDF editors for working with PDF files. These web applications can let you edit, remove, add, or extract notes. Try it out and tell us which one works best for you in the comments section below.

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