Top 10 Professional Resume CV Templates 2020

  1. Even before you meet your potential employer, a piece of paper has already sealed your fate. A resume is the first step on the stairway to success. Before you demonstrate your proficiency, you must document it. A resume is like the “knock” between the opportunity and your door. Therefore, you need a resume template that is bang on.

So, how to make your resume speak to the employer amidst the noise of countless other CVs?

Here are the Top 10 Best Professional Resume CV Templates 2020 to make yourself heard.

1. Business Resume Sample Editable CV A4 Design Template With Professional

The dark background accentuates the text. The incorporation of industry-leading data visualizations infuses aesthetical value into bland data. The infographic-style formatting offers strong visual anchors for your employer. This promotes seamless navigation and curtails cognitive load. Your employer can grasp your work experience, profile summary, and key responsibilities at a glance. Also, there is enough breathing room since the information is being presented in distinct chunks. These are the type of resume templates you need to get noticed.

2. Interior Designer Resume Sample A4 CV Design

Spacial awareness and a sense of design are the essences of an interior designer and your resume speaks volumes about the same. Take this professional resume template for example. Placing the text and design elements closer to margin balances the overall visual weight. The earthy color harmony renders it a contemporary tone. This resume also includes dot charts to display your competence in various skills. The interests are replaced by quirky icons rather than plain text.

3. Professional Resume Template For Sales Representative Sales CV

This patterned resume is sure to hook your employer. Sales representatives need a well-structured resume that beats achromatic monotony. There is a reason why plain white resumes are not memorable. Colors evoke emotion, and the blue-red contrast immediately demands attention. It captivates the viewer or the employer, in this case. Represent working skills, languages, and hobbies using data visualization. A sound sales representative resume template knows how to sell your skills. The friendly earthen background equalizes the blue-red combo.

4. Photographer CV Sample Business Resume A4 Template

Imagination and innovation are the secret ingredients of a photographer and their resume. This unconventional professional resume template serves as a fantastic example. Switch your style with this unique photographer CV template. Placing the ‘about me’ to the right side and work and qualifications to the left bestow a remarkable personality. The concise format is developed to sidestep data clutter. There is enough text room to maintain a visually-appealing flow of text throughout the resume. The subtle use of color beats flatness.

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5. Media Planner Resume And CV Template Fully Editable

The blue color reflects productivity and serenity. Hence, this resume template will hit your employer right off the bat. The structure is simple and straightforward. However, subtle design elements are strategically placed for maximum impact. The languages are represented by the flag of the country of origin. The interests column uses colorful icons in the place of words. Similarly, the percentage of bars help you portray your working skills in a highly visual manner. The balance between visual and textual elements is ideal.

6.Visual Resume Design CV Template For Creative Advertising Professionals

Advertising is all about invoking a lasting impression in a brief amount of time. This is an apt description of this resume template. The tranquil gray and the uplifting yellow is perhaps one of the best color schemes. This CV template also features the classic visual metaphor for creativity and innovation. The light bulb image is placed correctly enough to not overpower the content of your resume. Rather, it complements by providing a strong peripheral visualization. The hobbies, languages, and skills sections further the electricity-theme.

7. Business Resume Template For Managers And Executives CV Download

This professional resume template features a highly professional color harmony. The neutral colors give it a classy and corporate feel. The data is well-structured. This resume is suitable across all industry verticals. Apart from managers and executives, upcoming entrepreneurs can also take advantage of this format. The minimalistic design adds to the overall aesthetics. Bar graph for language and vector icons are the only visualization tools within the body. This is a fine example of how you can generate an impact with a visual dash.

8. Example Resume Format For Theatre Actor

Performing arts resumes have the luxury to play around with the design elements to a larger degree. One of the best things about this resume is the Photo of the candidate. In this particular template, the second page also features the image but with less opacity, or a fading effect. Splitting the resume in half allows for better image placement. Your photo and the data density must be accurate for a theatre actor’s resume. Giving too much room to either of them can compromise the overall quality.

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9. Corporate Resume Infographic Design With Creative Layout

This resume is more like visual storytelling. Although it is easy to get carried away while designing such a resume, this template remains on-point. Evenly distributing the data on the corners makes it graphically-balanced. The Z-style formatting encourages smooth navigation. With your photo taking the center-stage, this resume is sure to stand out in the corporate world. This infographic-style CV has an undeniable charm. Since professional resume templates tend to be longer, there is enough character space to accommodate important milestones.

10. Creative Designer Resume Template To Get Noticed

Let’s end on a big plus! This resume template is one of the best out there. If a complete deviation from the norms doesn’t get you noticed, nothing will. This design is a breath of fresh air. No wonder this piece documents the work of a creative designer. The minimalistic design approach is accentuated sheerly by the color scheme and text arrangement. Despite a lot of text room, this template is designed to discourage content noise. This is achieved by sectioning the body into individual parts.

So, did you hear the opportunity knocking on the door?

The resume templates mentioned above are 100% editable. All you have to do is select your favorite one and personalize it to reach any imaginable result!

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