QlikView: all about the Dataviz and Business Intelligence platform

QlikView is a platform for analyzing big data to turn it into actionable insights. Thanks to its Associative Difference technology, this platform allows companies to save valuable time. Along with the increasing number of users, the Qlikview Jobs profession is one of the most popular today.

Find out everything you need to know about it.

QlikView is a Business Intelligence platform for transforming data into information. Used by more than 24,000 companies worldwide, this platform allows users to easily consolidate, search, analyze and visualize their data.

QlikView: how does it work?

In addition, QlikView is mainly based on an associative search technology (Associative Difference). The platform understands how data is linked, and what data is unlinked. Users can then perform direct and indirect searches. They explore all application data, globally or within a single field. When a user clicks on a data point in the field, the filtering happens automatically. This associative search technology is based on an in-memory architecture. This overcomes the problems and complexity of query-based and disk-based BI tools. Indeed, the latter are much slower. The software loads all data into memory. This facilitates instant associative searching and real-time analysis.

What are the benefits of QlikView?

The main advantage of QlikView is undoubtedly its simplicity. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to learn how to use it. The publisher relies on a simple, refined and pragmatic interface. Unlike traditional Business Intelligence platforms, it only takes a few minutes to transfer data into the software. For good reason, the data does not go through intermediate formats such as Data Warehouses or cubes (even if the platform can source data from these systems). This deployment speed is another massive advantage.

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The publisher promises a short development time for QlikView data models: in 1 to 15 days. Obviously this time frame depends on the availability of data and the complexity of the analytical application. Typically, a single application can replace hundreds of reports and cubes. IT support needs and lead times are greatly reduced.

Thanks to its Associative Difference technology, QlikView allows you to perform queries without the need to resort to complex structures and hierarchies as is the case with most other analytical tools. By repealing restrictions, users generally make faster and more accurate decisions.

It is a complete Business Intelligence solution. In particular, it saves developers from having to use several separate BI tools for their dashboards, analyzes and reports. Additionally, users can use associative search and Data Visualization features to visualize data without the need for deep technical skills.

Who is Qlik, the developer of the solution?

QlikView is one of the products of Qlik, a company specializing in the development of Data Visualization software, dashboards and self-service Business Intelligence products. Finally, Gartner considers this company to be one of the main market leaders in DataViz and BI products alongside Tableau and Microsoft.

Qlik Pricing

Qlik prices all of its services according to a specific scale. As far as analytics is concerned, the publisher offers two editions. The first named Qlik Sense Business is based on a SaaS model. It costs $30 per user per month. Billing is annual, although payments can be staggered. Qlik Sense enterprise makes it possible to deploy analytics offers in multi-cloud mode. Here, you have to contact the sales team. The big difference is in allocated storage space and data reloads. For replication, data lake deployment, data warehouse automation, or data cataloging solutions, you should also ask the company for prices. The same goes for Qlik Core analytics development tools and the analytics platform.

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