The 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Must Watch In 2022

This post will explain rom com anime. Who doesn’t adore romance? Everyone enjoys a pleasant, hilarious, and captivating love story. The anime rom-com style is precisely that: a romantic comedy. It’s about finding love, friendships, and happy experiences. Along the journey, there will be comedic misunderstandings that lead to unexpected occurrences and keep the tale moving. Despite the minor setbacks, I enjoy romantic comedies. It’s my favorite type of anime.

The 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Must Watch In 2022

In this article, you can know about rom com anime here are the details below;

Because this is a genre I enjoy, I decided to collect a list of the finest rom com anime into one convenient location. This list is appropriate for fans of shonen mangas such as Naruto or One Piece. Despite the fact that anime is unlike many other genres, it still has something to offer everyone. There are plenty additional solutions available. If you don’t appreciate it, move on to the next one.

45. SNAFU in My Teen Romantic Comedy!

SNAFU in My Teen Romantic Comedy

The Japanese version is titled “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As Expected,” so this isn’t your usual RCA. The comedy is good but not great, and it almost vanishes in the final season. The romance begins in Season 3 but is not fully developed until Season 2. This anime is remembered for its unconventional love triangle, genuine feelings, and innovative idea. Even though I believe Yui is the best girl in the anime, you can decide for yourself by watching it!

44. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

This show is frequently rated as one of the best RCA shows. However, I enjoy the comedy and the characters are interesting. The issue is that the story’s romance element is drastically weakened. That is why it is at the bottom of my priority list. Some shows are more comedic, while others provide a satisfying romance. Its distinct premise is what sets it apart. It is, however, a good spectacle. You may be taken aback by what you see.

43. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend


The anime begins as a typical harem anime, but it quickly expands. The comedy is self-aware and playful. The characters and their connections improve as the seasons advance. The emotional moments make you feel linked to the characters, and you’re anxious to know what happens next. All we can do now is wait for the English translation.

42. All Roads Lead to Doom in My Next Life as a Villainess!

All Roads Lead to Doom in My Next Life as a Villainess!

This is unquestionably a show to love, with wonderful humor, a fantastic idea, and a genuinely unique harem! Catarina is a lot of fun, and it’s great delight to watch her world change. Because a second season is on the way, I’ll be watching to see how things progress! Who knows, if the second season is even great than the first, it might even move a few places! Also check Best NYAA Alternatives

41. Nana


Nana Komatsu was on her way to meet Shoji on the train from Tokyo. Nana Osaki, who was traveling to Tokyo to pursue her dream of becoming a musician, sat next to her.

Blast Nana’s vocalist is striving for a big break in Tokyo, where Ren, her lover, plays guitar for the popular punk band Trapnest.

Nana and Nana have the same name, which leads to an instant friendship. They cross paths again when hunting for lodging in Tokyo.

They choose to share an apartment, which increases their friendship as they progress through their jobs and love lives.

40. Skip Beat

Skip Beat

Kyouko, 16, is intelligent, hardworking, and naive all at the same time. She works hard to sustain Shoutarou, her crush and rising pop sensation, as well as her childhood pal Shoutarou’s profession and goals.

Kyouko works tirelessly at tea ceremonies or burger joint stalls, oblivious to the fact that her efforts are being overlooked. Shou realizes one day that she simply sees her as a free servant.

She vows payback on the rookie star by entering the ruthless world of entertainment, shocked, devastated, and angry. As she begins her new life, Kyouko will confront new problems as well as people who push her beyond her comfort zone.

Based on Yoshiki Nagamura’s best-selling Shoujo manga, Skip Beat depicts the development of a young girl who gradually loses her ability to work for others and takes charge of her own destiny.

39. Friends for a Week

Friends for a Week

Fuijimiya Kaori, a girl with post-traumatic stress disorder, gets her memories reset every Monday at Isshuukan Friends. The story begins when she meets a boy named Hase Yuuki who wants to be her buddy one day.

As Fuijimiya forgets who Hase is, Hase strives to keep their friendship alive by asking Fuijimiya to remain his buddy over and again.

There is no love triangle, violence, or anything insane in this friendship/rom-com anime. It’s all about establishing friends, keeping friends, and dealing with troubles with friends till the very end. I thought the plot was quite poignant and well-written. A very pure and innocent narrative.

38. Clover and Honey

Clover and Honey

Yuuta Takemoto is a sophomore at a university of the arts. Shinobu Morita (an eccentric senior who forgets to graduate due to his absence) and Takumi Mayama share a small flat with him (a sensible senior who looks out for Takemoto often).

Takemoto had not given much attention to his future until one spring day when he met Hagumi Hanamoto, a sweet, charming woman who immediately falls in love with him.

Hagumi, a talented artist who enrolls at Takemoto’s university, quickly becomes friends with Ayumi Yamada, a prominent ceramics student. Ayumi has strong affections for one of their flatmates and is already acquainted with the others.

Hachimitsu To Clover is a heartwarming story about youth, love, and introspection. It’s woven around five close friends’ troubled relationships.

37. Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke

The rom-com anime tale is simple and enjoyable to watch. There are no story twists, melodramatic gimmicks, or needless drama to put your patience to the strain. Also check AnimePahe Alternatives

This series is focused and sticks to its primary values. However, it is not quick. It moves at a leisurely pace, allowing the protagonists to explore their surroundings and get to know one another.

Despite the fact that many people have grumbled about its glacial pace, it is undeniably one of its assets.

36. My Little Monster

My Little Monster

Shizuku is a cold-blooded character, which distinguishes this rom-com anime. She is tasked with delivering Haru’s handouts. Shizuku is attempting to be Haru’s friend, according to Haru. Shizuku is taken aback by his lack of knowledge.

35. Itazura Na Kiss

Itazura Na Kiss

The plot of Itazura na Kiss is similar to that of a traditional shoujo romance.

Naoki Irie, her school idol, fell in love with Kotoko, a plain and dumb but attractive girl. He refuses to read the letter, so she summons the guts to reveal her feelings to him.

Kotoko’s house is ruined by defective building, in a twist only shoujo can offer. She and her father are forced to live with Naoki, an old friend. There are numerous amusing moments and antics.

34. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

One of the most amazing reverse harem anime shows I’ve ever seen is Ouran High School. The first episode left a strong impression on me. The first episode wasn’t long, but it got right to the point of their story. It all started when Haruhi realized she was a female.

Although the rom-com anime story was initially relatively thin, it was simply demonstrating how the band amused their visitors. However, as you progress through the series, you will notice that there is more to the plot than the characters’ happy looks.

It moves along nicely. The story begins with a character’s story. After then, an episode is added for entertainment. Finally, another episode follows the narrative of a character. This helped to keep the flow in check.

33. Summertime Waiting

Summertime Waiting

After school, Kaito Kirishima plans to embark on a film project with his pals this summer. Kaito has a crush on an upperclassman, so he is invited by one of his buddies. Friendships blossom, thrilling events unfold, and emotions must be confronted.

32. Tsuredure Children

Tsuredure Children

Tsuredure Children is a rom-com anime that is immensely relatable. The anime follows the lives of numerous couples, from how they met to what happened next. This anime is amusing since these moments are often unexpected and fraught with misunderstandings. Also check AnimeKisa Alternatives

31. Watashi wa Jitsu

Watashi wa Jitsu

Jitsu wa Watashi wa is a terrific rom-com anime in a variety of ways. Kuromine is a trustworthy person who does not utter lies. He has a crush on Shiragami Youko, which he keeps hidden. When no one is watching, he notices she has long canines and gigantic wings on her back.

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30. Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss is the quintessential rom-com anime. Nanami Momozono is a humorous character who has recently been ejected from her family’s home after gambling away all of her money. Mikage initially encounters him hidden under a tree in a nearby park. Mikage asks her to his home, where she discovers that he lives in an altar and intends to become her new god.

29. All you need is a sister

All you need is a sister

Itsuki Hashimoto is a light novelist with a penchant for young sisters. He focuses completely on his stories as he writes them.

Despite his personality, he is surrounded by close friends: Haruto Fuwa, a fellow male author whose writings have experienced considerable success; Nayuta Kanji, a clever but perverted novelist who is in love.

Miyako Shirakawa, whom he met in college, was a close friend. Chihiro is his ideal younger step-brother, who takes care of all the chores and cooking.

28. Haganai: I don’t have a lot of pals. NEXT


Like Kodaka, who is a member of the Neighbors Club who goes on entertaining – and sometimes odd – excursions with his friends.

Although the rom-com anime plot appears to be fairly standard, the manner in which it is presented is not. It has enough humor to keep you chuckling while still keeping you interested in the plot. This is something that many animes fail to accomplish. Also check AnimeKisa Alternatives

Meat, Horse Heads, and Blonde Wigs This anime contains all of the references.

27. The Golden Age

The Golden Age

After a horrible accident, Banri Tada suffers from amnesia. He loses all of his memories as a result of this. After meeting Mitsuo Yanagisawa he determines that he would continue his quest to Tokyo’s law school.

Banri’s world is turned upside down when the lovely Kouko Kaaga appears out of nowhere. Their unexpected meeting is the beginning of an extraordinary year.

Banri has a unique viewpoint on college life. He realizes he’s in a different universe and location. A place where he can reincarnate, meet new people, fall in love, and learn new things.

As he learns more about himself, the route he chooses leads him to a life filled with magnificent light that he will never forget.

26. Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai

Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai

Everyone has had a period in their lives when they felt unique and distinct from others.

They may even believe they have mystical abilities or that they have descended from a fantastical world.

This “sickness,” also known as “chuunibyou,” is often to blame for some of a person’s most embarrassing situations.

25. Nijiiro Days

Nijiiro Days

Rainbow Days, also known as Nijiiro Days, is a joyful and enjoyable anime series. Four high school lads become great buddies in this novel. They are incredibly close-knit and stick together. One of the boys, Natsuki, has a crush on Anna. Natsuki is head over heels in love with Anna, and the three other lads begin to mock them and meddle with their relationship.

24. Uzaki-chan Is Itching to Hang Out!

Uzaki-chan Is Itching to Hang Out!

This comedic anime depicts what occurs when an introvert is dragged into social situations by a companion who is extremely pushy. The humor is occasionally off-kilter, and the characters are endearing. Some fan service is permitted, however this frequently results in amusing situations. The actuality that neither Uzaki nor Sakurai have made romantic overtures is the most amusing aspect of this anime. There have been a-lot of misconceptions concerning this. However, the anime appears to be moving in that route. The other characters appear to be more enthusiastic about it succeeding than the “couple.” I’m looking forward to season 2 of this fantastic program.

23. Beautiful Complex

Beautiful Complex

The narrative of the tallest girl in school and the shortest boy in school, and their search for love, is told in this rom-com anime. They’re both witty, wacky, and vivacious.

They’re also made for each other… but they’re not aware of it. The narrative wasn’t novel or complicated, but it was delivered so eloquently that it touched my heart.

You’ll gradually fall in love with them as the romance develops.

This isn’t one of those shows where love arrives out of nowhere. Instead, you see a friendship sprout, an interest bloom, and awareness increase… to new heights.

Over the span of the episode, you get to know Otani and Koizumi, and I was rooting for them like crazy.

22. Saekano: Raising an Uninteresting Girlfriend


As the seasons pass, what begins as a typical harem gradually evolves into something much more. The girls evolve and become more complicated personalities, and the humor, which is sometimes tongue-in-cheek and self-aware, improves. You care about the characters because of emotional moments, and at the conclusion, you want to know how it all ends. We don’t have much choice except to wait for the movie’s English translation. Also check Darkanime alternatives

21. School Rumble

School Rumble

It’s a lot of fun to watch, with a lot of strange people, misunderstandings, and humorous moments! Tenma and her wagging wag “Fool’s Cowlicks” are constantly fascinating. Whether he misunderstands Tenma’s words or spends time with his animal companions, Harima is as adorable. It is a long RCA with 54 episodes. This indicates that plot-wise and character-wise, not much happens in the timeframe. Even though Tenma’s (and Kurasuma’s) relationship isn’t fully established, the show is still enjoyable. Bonus points for the two outstanding opening themes! It’s an amusing and entertaining show to watch.

20. What My Husband Says I Can’t Understand

What My Husband Says I Can't Understand

A lighthearted slice-of-life series featuring brief mini-episodes that make for an easy-to-follow anime. The fact that Kaoru & Hajime are already married adds to the uniqueness of the story, as most RCAs are about couples falling in love, however these two prove that marriage isn’t the end, but the beginning of level 2! The comedy is enjoyable, and the duo is adorable together as they strive to figure out their lives together. It’s worth watching, and it’s quick and sweet!

19. God Is the Only One Who Knows

God Is the Only One Who Knows

This isn’t your typical harem romance anime rom-com. It has a fantastic plot and concept that makes sense in the setting in which it was built!

It was exciting to watch the protagonist plot and take responsibility for his actions.

KamiNomi makes no attempt to be anything other than what it is. It simply moves at its own speed, presenting the main characters with fresh events and problems.

18. Bokuben: We Never Learn


A harem with a strong academic bent! Comedy is entertaining, yet there are a lot of miscommunications! The biggest fan service is found here, which might be distracting. Despite the fact that the ending indicates which female gets the man, you can still pick your favorite character from the manga!

17. My Love Story

My Love Story

This show is fantastic since it depicts a couple learning about love and how to create a relationship. Although the humor is wonderful, the dialogue can at times be pretty basic. Takeo is a straightforward and straightforward man. It’s still entertaining and full of beautiful moments.

16. Gamers!


Keita Amano is an ordinary high school gamer going through the motions of everyday life. However, he sees the cutest girl in school one day and wishes to vanish forever!

Karen Tendou, a bright student, is regarded as the school’s inspiration. She becomes obsessed with Amano, a gamer, and seeks to lure him into the group. Amano discovers that there is more to gaming than the one he enjoys. Also check Anime Twist Alternatives

Tendou’s interest in Amano causes an upheaval in Tendou’s ordinarily ordinary life. He adds spontaneity, awkwardness, and a little more mayhem to it. As Amano tries to acclimate to the unexpected circumstances, a comic battle for his sanity ensues.

15. Clannad


Tomoya Okazaki is a delinquent who believes he will never amount to anything in life. He skips school and aims to waste his high school days with his friend Youhei Sunohara.

Tomoya encounters a little girl murmuring quietly to herself one day on her way to school. She yells “Anpan!” (a popular Japanese meal) without warning, which captures Tomoya’s attention.

He quickly learns the girl’s name is Nagisa Furukawa and that she motivates herself by exclaiming things she like.

Nagisa claims they’ve become friends, but Tomoya walks away, dismissing the meeting.

Clannad is more drama than comedy, so be warned.

14. Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo

Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo

Sorata Kanda moved to Sakura Hall, the famed hostel, because of his love for abandoned kittens and compassionate personality. Sorata Kanda, a typical student, has trouble relating to the residents of Sakura Hall, who possess unusual abilities and personalities. He intends to reclaim his dorm as quickly as possible by finding new homes for the kittens. When Mashiro Shiina moves into Sakura Hall, however, his plan to transfer the dorm is altered. Sorata and Mashiro gradually open up to one another and work together to make positive changes in their lives. This anime romance comedy demonstrates the power of friendship in our lives. It also demonstrates how they can offer joy to our otherwise mundane lives. If you enjoy anime, this show is well worth your time.

13. Nozaki-Kun Gekkan Shoujo

Nozaki-Kun Gekkan Shoujo

Umetarou Nozaki is the love of Chiyo Sakura, a high school girl. Sakiko Yumeno is the pen name of a well-known shoujo mangaka. He has no idea how she handles about him and misinterprets her confession as a job application for a manga assistant. She accepts the position in the hopes that he will notice her feelings. She finally makes friends with some of her oddball classmates and maintains her love for him. The anime is worth watching if you’re looking for romance. The strange behavior of students dominates the anime’s humour. This comedy is highly situational and not particularly unique. This anime romance comedy has gotten good reviews, so it’s worth seeing.

12. Senpai Rascal Doesn’t Dream about Bunny Girl


Continue the list with a fantastic film or television series. Rascal has no desire to date a bunny chick. It consists of 13 episodes and one film. The following season will be available soon.

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The plot revolves around puberty syndrome, a mystery and rumored ailment that primarily affects teenagers. A bunny-clad girl met Sakuta Azusagawa. Mai Sakurajima is a well-known adolescent who is currently a senior at Sakuta Azusagawa.

Sakuta and the other pupils at her high school can only see her because she has puberty syndrome. While attempting to solve the secret of this phenomena, Sakuta falls for Sakuta.

11. Hire a female companion

Hire a female companion

The last item on our list is renting a girlfriend. Season 1 of this short anime features 12 episodes. Season 2 of Rent a Girlfriend is set to premiere in July, continuing the plot from where it left off.

The scenario is set in Morden-era Japan, where’rental’ services are available for not only vehicles but also people. A rental business might provide you with a fun afternoon with “friends,” “parents,” or even “girlfriends.” Yes, you read that correctly: you can hire a girlfriend to help you feel less lonely.

After being misled by his college lover, Kazuya sees an advertisement for a rental girlfriend and decides to give it a shot. But he soon discovers how difficult it is to “rent” an emotional connection.

And it’s not long before he discovers that his “rental girlfriend,” who is attempting to keep her side hustle hidden, has her real life entwined with him as well.

10. The Return of an MMO Addict

The Return of an MMO Addict

I’m sold on this one! It’s lovely and humorous, and the characters are adorable. I liked that it was about gamers as well. Because of Yuta (Moriko) and Yuta’s love, I want to die. Due to the manga author’s worsening health, it only includes 10 episodes. We can hope that he improves and continues to write so that we can have further experiences with these two. Even if it did not, it was still an incredible journey that I thoroughly loved!

9. The Devil Only Works Part-Time

The Devil Only Works Part-Time

Hataraku Mako Sama is the abnormality to the rule, as bad sequels and reboots continue to spread their vice-like grasp among individuals who haven’t breathed fresh air in a long time. It’s an entirely fresh concept that fits the genre wonderfully.

While many other anime still haven’t figured out who they are after ten episodes, this one has found its humor and executed it successfully. You’ll be smiling a lot while watching it, even if you don’t laugh out loud.

“Delightful” is the finest word to describe this rom-com anime. It also has a good plot. Because there will only be 11 episodes, the voyage will be brief. However, it is a memorable journey.

8. Are You The Only One Who Adores Me, Oresuki?

Are You The Only One Who Adores Me, Oresuki?

The program features a fantastic premise that progressively grows more ludicrous as it progresses, as well as entertaining running gags and an eccentric ensemble. It’s absolute comedic gold! The program also includes some heartfelt moments and fantastic character relationships. Joro is also amusing, particularly when he picks up on the running gags. There is some fan service, although it is limited to one episode. Pansy’s stalking behavior can be concerning. It’s still a fantastic show, and we hope it gets renewed.

7. Toradora


The humor is fantastic, and the characters are well-developed. My favorite girl is Minori! This program has some extremely powerful emotional moments at the end that can push it into drama area. Although Taiga and Ryugi make a nice couple, their change from being close to romantically involved, especially Ryugi’s, is a little abrupt. However, once this occurs, they are fully devoted. It’s a little concerning that Taiga was so harsh with Ryugi at the start of the series. She will, however, have many opportunities to express her affection in the future. Even though it seemed implausible, their relationship was charming. This anime is fantastic, and I strongly advise you to watch it!

6. Chunibyo, Love, and Other Illusions

Chunibyo, Love, and Other Illusions

Chunibyo, Love, and Other Illusions (Koi ga Shitai Chunibyo Demo!) Nozomi Okasaka, often known as Chu-2, is the author and illustrator of this Japanese light book series.

Yuta Takanashi, a young woman who wishes to forget his “Chunibyo,” unpleasant experiences and start over, is the protagonist of the series. However, his history resurfaces in the shape of old classmate Rikka Takanashi.

The Japanese term “chunibyo” alludes to the “middle school syndrome” that most youngsters go through. This is where we imagine ourselves to be superhumans or other mysterious, strong creatures. Although these fantasies dissipate with time, the shame they leave behind will stay with you forever.

5. Nisekoi


Raku Ichijou is a first-year student at Bonyari High School and the sole heir of a powerful yakuza dynasty. Raku made a pledge ten years ago to a childhood buddy.

He now has a lockable pendant that he can use to open it. The only pathway to open the lock is with the key the girl took with them when they split.

Raku is now a typical adolescent. He wants to distance himself from his yakuza past as much as possible and spend his school days with his middle school crush Kosaki.

4. The Seven Witches and Yamada-kun

The Seven Witches and Yamada-kun

7-nin Yamada-kun Ryuu Yamada is the protagonist of No Majo, a rom-com anime. He kisses a female by accident one day and later learns that he possesses Witch’s power, which may be unleashed by a kiss. Yamada isn’t the school’s only witch.

The premise and concept of this rom-com anime astounded me. As I watched more episodes, it grew more fascinating. After the middle episode, I began reading the manga. It was an outstanding adaption.

However, the manga was rushed in comparison to this one. They removed and replaced several scenes. They merely skipped the small bits that had no bearing on the plot. It was also really well-made and executed. You will not be let down.

3. Fruit Basket (2019)

Fruit Basket

Tohru Honda, a typical Japanese girl who lost her mother in an accident and was living alone in a tent on Sohma’s property, begins the rom com anime plot.

Of course, she was completely unaware of this until they informed her. She was taken aback when she learned that they had offered her a room in exchange for her assistance with chores.

When the family’s greatest secret is disclosed, she is present. The Chinese Zodiac animals have cursed them with vengeful spirits. The cursed animal transforms into them when they are caressed and rubbed by members of the opposite sex.

Tohru makes their life more enjoyable. They’ve all realized that they’re not all awful. Each of them is profoundly affected by this girl.

This anime is both lovely and moving. If you have the opportunity to purchase it, take advantage of it.

This series has it all: romance, drama, and comedy, as well as shounen-ai tips and a kind, soft bishojo to help you out.

2. Prison education

Prison education

Kiyoshi (our main character), Shingo, Joe, and Andre are among the five new male students at Hachimitsu Academy, which was previously an all-girls institution. They only wanted an honest high school male life, but they couldn’t have it. Instead, they chose to be more sneaky and peep into their girls’ baths, but they were eventually exposed. The boys were sentenced to prison… inside the school, by the Underground Student Council, for their crimes.

The story can only be described as completely insane. Think Gurren Lagann/Kill La Kill, but with a more ecchi twist. Yes, it is possible for it to be more ecchii than Kill La Kill. Trust me. It’s almost hentai-like. I was expecting a quick laugh because it was billed as a comedy, but it turned out to be much more. However, all of the laughter made me uncomfortable. I particularly enjoyed how they attempted to make a serious subject out of something extremely funny. Comedy reigns supreme.

1. Love Is War, Kaguya-sama

Love Is War, Kaguya-sama

This one is fantastic! The program is funny, the concept is unique, the characters are amazing, and we care for them in ways you wouldn’t anticipate considering how arrogant and excessively stupid they can be. Normally, we detest couples that are stubborn and arrogant, but this show makes us root for them even more. Furthermore, the narrator’s statement “He/she is lying…” is endlessly repeatable. Though you may find yourself repeatedly yelling at the screen, “Oh just kiss already!” (or a dozen times). We know they’ll get there, but it’ll have to wait till season 3 at the very least!

Bonus anime rom-com

Your given name ( unforgettable rom com anime ) Let’s round off this list with ‘your name (Kimi no na wa),’ one of the most moving anime films. A cheerful, but not overly emotional, slice-of-life rom-com. This film will charm you to another world.

It tells the story of a Tokyo high school kid who wakes up in the body of a female. He was initially perplexed, but soon realized it was all a dream. A female who finds herself in a boy’s body experiences the same thing. She regards it as a dream.

It wasn’t, however, a dream. They were mysteriously swapping bodies on different days. Both knew what was going on and agreed not to endanger others’ lives by swapping bodies. They ceased altering their appearance.

They were taken aback by the sensation they were experiencing. I’m going to leave this overview because it would ruin the movie.

In April, you lied ( the most nostalgic among rom com anime)

The next anime I’ll watch is your April lie. Beautiful story about love & music, with humor and an almost-cry-worthy ending. There are 22 episodes in total.

It tells the story of Arima Kosei, a piano prodigy who dominated competition and was well-known among young musicians. He had a mental collapse after the loss of his mother, who was also his teacher, and was unable to hear himself playing the piano.

He hasn’t played the piano in two years and sees the world in black and white. Until a female disrupted his life, he enjoyed living with his best pals Tsubaki and Watari.

Kaori Miyazono is a lovely and free-spirited violinist who reflects her personality. Kaori helps Kosei reclaim his music career, demonstrating that it may be more free-flowing and flexible than Kosei’s previous rigorous and regimented manner.

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