Signs of infertility in Indian Men and Women

For many couples, starting their own family is one of their most important dreams.  However, these days it isn’t always smooth sailing when it comes to achieving pregnancy. Signs of infertility in Indians have been on a rise recently. Infertility is an issue where you or your partner is not able to achieve pregnancy even after having unprotected sex for a year. It is a very common problem in India. There are more than 1 million cases per year. In most cases, people do not realize they are infertile until they actively try for a baby. So here are the signs of infertility in Indians that you need to know to keep track of your body. In case you feel you are exhibiting these signs, do not worry and visit your doctor for treatments.

Sings of infertility in Indian men:

Many factors can contribute to infertility, it is harder to notice signs of infertility in Indian men unless they get themselves properly examined. Some symptoms of infertility are:
  • Males experiencing firm or small-sized testicles need to visit the doctor to check if it is infertility. If there is swelling or lumps that cause pain then it is recommended to visit the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Issues with ejaculation and erectile dysfunctions are also very common signs of infertility in Indian men.
  • Noticeable changes or decreases in sex drive are significant signs of infertility in Indian men.
  • Males can notice changes in the growth or texture of hair. Thinning of hair, baldness may also be signs of infertility in Indian men.
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Signs of infertility in women:

  • The most common indicator would be menstrual indicators- Irregular cycles, or abnormalities in the cycles such as heavier or lighter bleeding, complete cessation or absence of periods are all signs of infertility. Intense period cramps in the pelvis, back, and abdomen during the period is also an indicator.
  • Hormonal indicators- Noticeable changes in the skin and body due to imbalances of the hormones are signs of infertility in Indian women. Acne breakouts, growth of thick dark hair on the chin, chest, and around the lips, unexplained weight gain, and loss of sex drive are all signs of infertility in women.
  • Other indicators: Certain other indicators may also be signs of infertility in Indian women. These may be unusual pain during and after intercourse. Milky discharge from the nipples even though you may not be breastfeeding is also an indicator.

Doctors suggest that smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, diet, lack of exercise, history of STDs can be reasons for infertility. However, these symptoms can be fixed if detected earlier. For many women, it is fixed through lifestyle changes and fertility pills. If you are exhibiting these signs, then visit a doctor or consult an online doctor.

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