Top 20 Site Like Twist.moe To Watch Anime Online In 2022

This post will explain Site like twist.moe. Go home, you’re intoxicated. This place is too excellent to be true. We have all the excellent anime on here in HD, and totally complimentary. Don’t think us? Then why not give us a try? You don’t have to signup for it, simply click and go. We add new shows and episodes every day. Your favourite might be here.

Top 20 Site Like Twist.moe To Watch Anime Online In 2022

In this article, you can know about Site like twist.moe here are the details below;

Twist.moe is among the best and most famous online anime streaming sites. You can watch and download anime from Twist.moe Not just anime but likewise animated programs, anime movies, and anime series are readily available on Twist.moe. But regardless of being the world’s finest anime site, there are some legal issues with the site, because of that, we will talk about 20 of the very best Twist.moe alternatives website to view anime online.

What is Twist.moe.

According to Wikipedia, Twist.moe was an unlawful website to stream and download Anime and anime focused files. This file-sharing site was among the

best Anime streaming websites on the planet. It was introduced in 2012, but on August 14, 2020, it stopped its function. Now we can see only the cache and clone copy of this website. Kissmanga is the sister concern of this site.

What is The Need for Having a Twist.moe Alternative?

Well, this question might turn up: why do we need an alternative to Twist.moe? As we know, it is more of anime heaven for a site to view anime online. Here is why we are listing the best websites as an option to Twist.moe.

As we understand, Twist.moe has one of the largest collections of anime, but their servers are not steady. The connection to the server stops working from time to time. That is a discomfort when it pertains to viewing anime online.

Twist.moe has actually all the subbed anime, however their dubbed collection is abysmal. So, it would be excellent to have an alternative so we can delight in called anime too.

Lastly, the most crucial factor is that though Twist.moe is a legal website, the contents here relate to piracy. And as far as the piracy sites go, they are being banned or closed down by official content suppliers. That is why in August, Twist.moe.ru alerted the users that,

” Copyright holders have removed our beta servers, this might lead to the close of the site. We will make more reports after we have the decision.”

Did Twist.moe shut down 2020 then? This resulted in the belief that this well-known site to watch anime online might be closed down. However currently, the website is up and running. There is no official declaration of shutting down Twist.moe. But it is much better to have an alternative to Twist.moe ready.

These are the main factors we have actually taken the task to present 10 of the very best alternatives to Twist.moe.

Is Twist.moe Legal?

Twist.moe was not a fully legal website to watch anime online. They might distribute some copyrighted content, however there is no question about their legality. There are numerous anime that are formally accredited by Twist.moe. So, you do not have to be nervous about the legality of Twist.moe. So, you can watch anime complimentary on Twist.moe.

How Can I Download Anime from Twist.moe?

If you do not have a stable web connection or want to delight in anime in your downtime, you can download the majority of the anime from Twist.moe. The procedure is straightforward and tales only just a couple of steps.

Here is how you download anime from Twist.moe:

Step 1: Choose your favorite anime series or animation you wish to see from their library or search it on the search bar.

Step 2: click the title. After clicking, you will be rerouted to a brand-new page with all the episodes noting that anime.

Step 3: Next, click on the episode you wish to download. After clicking, a video gamer will open. At the bottom of the gamer, you will see a ‘Download’ choice.

Step 4: Click on the download button, and your download will start.

Distinction Between Anime, Manga, and Cartoons

There is a clear difference between anime, manga, and animations. Basically, anime and cartoons are motion art. Anime is type of an animation that originated in Japan. Anime has unique characteristics. The art style is distinct. Anime drawings are more human-like and have a practical feel.

On the other hand, the manga is drawn and published on paper. It is similar to American comics. The art style of manga and anime are identical. You can state anime is the digital variation of the manga.

Top 20 Twist.moe Alternatives

Twist.moe was among the best websites to see Anime Online. It provided a great deal of amusing images, animations, and called video clips. It was among the best sites to view animations online. After the discontinuation of Twist.moe, a lot of websites are providing the exact same content like it. So we have offered the very best 20 Twist.moe websites to watch both Anime and cartoons online.

1. Anime Planet

Anime Planet

Anime-Planet has the largest collection of anime with around 45,000 titles. Anime-Planet is a legal site much like Twist.moe, and you can take pleasure in all the anime free of charge. It is among the best Twist.moe alternatives for anime fans.

After its launch in 2001, Anime-Planet has actually grown a lot. It has now become one of the best locations to view and download anime online. The site is nicely categorized and well created. There is no additional distraction, and ad pop-ups are low. Anime-Planet has a popular anime series, anime films, and manga. All the contents are of high quality. You need to attempt this option to Twist.moe to stream anime online.

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2. Crunchyroll


I am 99% sure you have actually currently heard about Crunchyroll if you follow the anime streaming online. Crunchyroll is the very best site to see and download anime. Crunchyroll has all sort of subbed and called anime for your enjoyment. If you are trying to find sites like Twist.moe, then you certainly should attempt Crunchyroll.

The website was founded in 2006, and ever since, it has been the talk of the anime streaming world. It has around 900 series and 25000 episodes. It has actually turned into one of the most popular anime streaming sites. They have actually produced a large number of anime officially and are happily making well-known anime still now. Also check Best anime to watch



FUNIMATION is not simply a fantastic Twist.moe alternative rather. It is far better than it. It is entirely legal, and there is no chance of Funimation to be shut down. They have a number of initial contents in addition to all the popular anime that you can enjoy. You can enjoy and download continuous anime in addition to all other anime on the go. They have actually subbed and called both collections of anime series, films, and programs. It is more like Crunchyroll than Twist.moe with its premium material.

Funimation is a free website, but particular content is paid. And if you upgrade to a paid membership, you can enjoy all the anime on Funimation free of charge for two weeks. The only drawback is that the site is not readily available in every area, so you may have to use a VPN to utilize the site from India and other south Asian nations.

4. AnimeLab


AnimeLab is an anime streaming site that provides its service for free. You can take pleasure in all the completed anime series directly from your internet browser. AnimeLab works with every web browser, even Microsoft Edge (if you utilize that useless junk!). If you are browsing websites like Twist.moe, then AnimeLab deserves a shot.

AnimeLab is mainly for the audiences of Australia and Newzealand, however it can be accessed from everywhere. If you are having concerns with streaming with AnimeLab, then attempt using a VPN. Numerous totally free VPNs will open AnimeLab. AnimeLab has a collection of generally dubbed anime, and you will discover the subbed anime too. You can either download or enjoy online.

5. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime is another well-known website like Twist.moe. It is among my favorites. On Chia-Anime, you can stream for all the latest anime that are being released. You can enjoy subbed and called anime on this complimentary anime streaming website. They provide premium anime for download.

One thing that attracted me most about Chia-Anime is its streamlined style. All the anime are well categorized and have an index to find any anime on the site. Chia-Anime has series and movies. It is also a great place to check out manga lawfully. It is not only a Twist.moe alternative but also a terrific anime site by itself.

6. ANIME HEAVEN Twist.moe

ANIME HEAVEN Twist.moe Alternatives

ANIME HEAVEN is an ideal website for those who enjoy watching anime online for free. The website has a big collection of anime with an appropriate index and category. Users can quickly browse and find their favorite anime show and watch it. The interface of Anime Heaven is rich and has a premium feel to it. You can enjoy called anime, films, continuous anime, and other anime on Anime Heaven. You can likewise check out which anime is going to be launched quickly and read everything about it.

Anime Heaven is likewise mobile-friendly. So, it can be used from any smartphone without a hitch. You can enjoy seeing anime from the convenience of your home, similar to a weeb.

7. GoGoAnime


GoGoAnime is an outstanding free option to Twist.moe. It is complimentary and has all the latest anime for watching. It has actually both subbed and dubbed anime. The site is continually updated. Whenever a new anime episode is released, it appears on GoGoAnime.

I use GoGoAnime for the most recent anime series and anime movie downloads. You can either download an anime episode or watch it online. The very best thing about this website is that you can select the file’s quality when you download it. They offer 360p, 480p, 720p and in many cases 1080p files for download. I’m telling you this site is better than Twist.moe.

GoGoAnime is illegal since it does not have any streaming right. It does not charge any subscription charge to its users. Moreover, you can get Japanese entertainment on this site.

8. Anime Freak

Anime Freak

Next on, we have Anime Freak, an excellent website to view anime online, and it is free. One can state Anime Freak is the go-to site for anime lovers to view and download anime. The detailing of the genre and classification will surprise you. They have various collections for a slice of life, action, love, horror, mecca, fantasy, and more. The site has 1 of the top collections of manga and anime.

Anime Freak has an user-friendly design. It is easy to navigate in between pages to discover the anime you are looking for. On the Anime Freak site, you can either choose to watch premium streams or download the anime on your gadget to enjoy it later on. Try out the site, and you will like it.

9. 9Anime


When we compare the Twist.moe website with any other similar site, then 9Anime is the very best choice. It has a good collection with different classifications. 9Anime is a totally legal, complimentary to view online anime site.

The important things that is finest about 9Anime is that just like GoGoAnime, it offers both called and subbed versions of all the anime. The gamer is extremely suitable, so you can play the anime online to enjoy no matter what device you utilize. Also check Best kissanime alternatives

Another aspect of 9Anime is that its video and sound quality is simply amazing. You can view high-resolution anime and download it. It pleases my anime experience to be able to see anime in high quality.

10. Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy is an easy alternative to the Twist.moe site. The website has a basic user interface, and it is continuously upgraded. So you can enjoy top-class anime free of charge whenever anywhere. Their collection is not enormous like Crunchyroll, however it suffices to satisfy any fan’s cravings.

The site is majorly famous for its movie collection. Not just anime, but it has some other animated movies too. For those who like to enjoy anime movies rather than long anime series, the site is best. Another thing that may intrigue pop-ups that you can communicate with others while viewing the anime. It seemed an unique thing to me.

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11. AnimeHub


AnimeHub is one of the very best sites for enjoying anime online. It is a complimentary anime streaming site. If you are an anime lover and delight in viewing anime with no disruption, you need to attempt AnimeHub. This site has a substantial collection of anime from all genres. They have sports, action, comedy, hareem, shonen, mystery, and lots of other fantastic anime categories.

12. AnimeDao Twist.moe

AnimeDao Twist.moe Alternatives

AnimeDao is a site to enjoy anime free. It is generally famous for anime films. The website has both English and Japanese anime to pick from. On AnimeDao, if you visit, you can bookmark the videos. The site is well-indexed so that you can discover the anime in alphabetical order.

AnimeDao also permits you to personalize the style of the page. There is a dark and light style. If you switch on the alert, it will send you updates of upcoming anime.

13. AnimeTv


AnimeTV is an excellent anime streaming site that resembles Twist.moe. The website has an easy interface with kid-friendly content. It is an excellent site that has excellent anime for kids. Aniperfectraw, subbed, and dubbed anime for you to see. It offers premium anime videos. AnimeTv has an anime film collection and a popular anime section. But one little issue is the website is not properly categorized by genre. It is a problem when you want to enjoy a specific genre of anime. Otherwise, AnimeTv is an extremely suggested anime streaming site. AnimeTv offers all totally free anime to you.

14. AnimePahe


AnimePahe is not simply a site it is more than that. It is a reservoir created by all anime fans worldwide. The library of anime of AnimePahe is a combined contribution of the anime community. That is why it has the very best and popular anime series and films collection. AnimePahe has an active discord server where anybody can sign up with and talk. One can also ask for a particular anime to be uploaded to the website if they want to see it. The discord is likewise a fantastic method to ask for which anime to enjoy and other associated anime stuff.

15. Anime Twist

Anime Twist

Next, we have Anime Twist, an excellent site to view anime complimentary. The website is ad free and needs no signup. It is simple to navigate and has a great deal of popular anime series. Anime Twist has a minimalist design. No additional components to sidetrack you from taking pleasure in anime. The site style is as easy as it can get. There is a basic list of anime that you can watch. The list is in alphabetical order. The site is a complimentary one and runs on little contributions from visitors. To enjoy an anime, you simply click on it, and the window will provide to you the anime episodes. Unfortunately, you can not download the anime episode straight from the Anime Twist site. You can only watch high-resolution anime videos. Also check AnimeHeaven Alternatives

16. Horriblesubs


Horriblesubs is a relatively brand-new however popular anime stream site. It is getting popular day by day. Horriblesubs have premium content. They use 1080 p and 720p resolution anime videos. The best feature of Horriblesubs is that it is really engaging with its users. The comment section of Horriblesubs has a count of around 60K to 70K remarks every day. The site is safe and safe. Their primary focus is subbed anime, however it consists of a comprehensive collection of called anime too. The video gamer on Horriblesubs loads videos fast. It has a great collection of anime films too. The search bar assists to likewise anime you are searching for. The server of Horriblesubs is quickly, so the downloads are effortless and quick.

17. Masterani


Masterani is among the brand-new best anime websites. It is an excellent place to enjoy anime with the quickest collection of anime shows and films. They have one of the largest called anime collections on Masterani. Like other twist.moe alternatives, it has all the popular anime. They have different categories and category archives. Masterani is the best website for those who do not comprehend Japanese and is not comfy reading subtitles. All the Masterani videos are dubbed.

The filter search option of Masterani is convenient. It helps to discover anime. The lists are arranged alphabetically and are simple to navigate.

18. AniWatcher


AniWatcher is one of many anime websites like twist.moe. There are about 50 categories of anime on AniWatcher. They have all the popular anime. They also have manga and ongoing anime series. Their collection is exceptional and total. The AniWatcher site is continuously upgraded, and a fresh set of anime is updated daily. The search algorithm is ideal. You can filter the outcomes and arrange them alphabetically. You can see the shows on-site or download it on your gadget.

19. AnimeKisa


AnimeKisa is a brand-new website for others on this list. But it has a fantastic collection of anime. As a Twist.moe alternative, it is a great competitor. All the anime on AnimeKisa are free and quickly downloadable. You can browse the site and discover what anime is suitable for you. AnimeKisa has a simple interface. The site is compatible with all gadgets (smartphone, PC, tablet). The video player is quick and loads precisely. AnimeKisa is offered worldwide. You can use it from throughout the world.

20. Anime Karma

Anime Karma

If you are trying to find anime streaming websites, then Anime Karma can arise from your search. It is a safe website to search, and it is complimentary. It has an interactive user interface. The video quality is ideal. It has actually both English called and subbed versions of all the anime. The index works and has the list in alphabetical order. The website has 24 genres and all the popular continuous anime. Anime Karma has manga, anime films, and other anime reveals available too.


Twist.moe is an outstanding site for anime streaming. There is no doubt about that. But due to some minor problems, it has actually now ended up being type of a problem to utilize. That is why we supplied 20 of the best Twist.moe alternatives for you. Which one would you like most?

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