Situations You Need to Hire an Estate Lawyer

In the world of wills, estates, and power of attorneys, it takes someone with specialized knowledge and experience in estate administration to handle things correctly. The process of preparing your wills and planning your estate is a complex one, and keeping up with it can be a challenge. Therefore, it is essential to have an estate lawyer in your corner to help you navigate the legal processes. As the executor of your will, the attorney will see to it that your wishes are honored when you die.

Depending on where you live, at Brazeau Seller Law you can find lawyers with estate administration experience who are more than capable of handling your case. These professionals are estate planning prod who will take charge of your probate processes and ensure your affairs are in order. Estate lawyers will prepare your legal documents, execute your will, and oversee that all your assets are distributed as you wanted.

So far, you have all the reasons to hire a probate lawyer, but why would you need an estate lawyer? There are many instances why one may need to hire an estate attorney including;

Protecting your beneficiaries

Depending on the clauses in your will, sometimes your beneficiaries are not eligible to receive part of your estate, especially when they are too young to manage the estate. An estate lawyer will help you come up with a solution to protect your beneficiaries and their inheritance. If you have an age clause that states your children should inherit only when they reach a particular age, the probate lawyer will ensure their part of the estate is safe until they can get it.

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When including a non-citizen in your estate       

The criteria for leaving part of your estate to your citizen differs depending on the state laws. An estate lawyer will help you define some of these regulations and ensure the legal requirements for including a non-citizen in your estate are met. In case of your passing, the attorney will oversee that the beneficiary receives their part regardless of their citizenship.

To prevent misunderstandings in the family

Inheritances can become so ugly, so fast, especially in complicated family situations. Those with more than one wife and children should sit down with their lawyer to lay down their estate division when they die. An estate attorney will help you create a will that designates who will receive your assets and how much. It will help prevent disputes among family members.

When your estate is your business

There are many cases of businesses being run down to the ground when the owner had died. Hiring an estate planning expert will save your business even if you are no longer alive to run it. An estate attorney will help you keep your legacy alive by ensuring it is in the hands of someone competent to ensure your business’s success.

When leaving your estate to charity

If you plan to list a charity organization as part of those receiving your wealth, an estate lawyer can be of great assistance. The attorney will ensure that your wishes are met while benefiting your other heirs. An experienced estate lawyer can help you develop a strategy that ensures the beneficiaries of your estate receive tax deductions.

When naming your children’s legal guardian

Custody battles amidst the loss of a parent are not pretty to watch, and although the courts will award guardianship, a parent knows best. It may be hard to hear, but one day you may not be around for your children, and at times it may be sooner rather than later. The sensible thing is to appoint a legal caretaker to look after your children if you are no longer around to do it. An estate lawyer will help you draft a legal document assigning someone you trust as the legal guardian.

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When leaving your estate to disable persons

Listing a family member or friend who is disabled as your estate beneficiary without consulting an estate attorney is never advisable. An individual’s wealth and income are a determinant for most disabled assistance programs. When you include them in your will, ensure you seek an estate attorney’s opinion because it could hurt the person instead of benefiting them. However, an estate lawyer could help draft a plan that will allow your beneficiary to receive your estate without affecting programs that are beneficial for them.

Estate administration is not a do-it-yourself project that you can take on all by yourself. It involves so many legalities and court processes, which is why hiring an expert on the matter would be of great assistance. Since there is no right time to plan for your estate, you should set up a meeting with your legal adviser to discuss your options. Hiring an experienced estate lawyer will provide you with useful estate planning strategies to plan for your future and those you care about.

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