Six Reasons an Organization Needs a Change Model

Change is constant. It is an inevitable process in our lives, environment, business and even management. People develop a lot of principles and how-to-go-about-it strategies to help them grow during change processes. Sometimes, it is a process decided by an individual, family unit or organization.  It is also dynamic because it may happen at different times in different places.

Because of the continuous need to meet up with technological advances, business organizations try to upgrade, readjust and address certain priorities and primary goals. This is where change management comes into play. Change management simply refers to the process through which a transition period of an organization or business is facilitated and coordinated. This is done in a bid to achieve and sustain long lasting change within the organization or business.

Nonetheless, there is always need for a plan to act as a compass that will lead to significant modification. This is a valid reason why organizations must recognize the need for a change model to achieve the required modification.

This article shall provide relevant information about what those models mean and the reasons why organizations and businesses use such models for restructuring.

Change Models

Six Reasons an Organization Needs a Change Model

There are several models for each field. Just as communication models exist to explain the workings of the communication system, there are structured representations designed for effective changes in the management realm.

Most management experts never fail to give excellent advices on the use of an effective model for organizational restructuring. Change management models are also part of the redefining process for managements. They are simply navigators and guides for transition processes to sustain modification in organization’s use of available resources, budgets and modes of certain operation.

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Some of these prototypes are quite popular since they were developed by influencers and consultants, professors and even therapists. Check here to read the breakdown of different models and in what situations they can be applied.

Six Reasons an Organization Needs a Change Model  

These models always entail steps and stages as the organization advances. The following are reasons why a prototype for management restructuring is highly needed by any organizations and businesses:


Popular prototypes like the ADKAR Model, Kotter’s Model, Lewin’s model amongst others can be used by organizations to assess, measure and process the modifications required in the organization. They are designed as compasses to help navigate difficult transitions.

Vision Development

A model for the restructuring and redirection of a company’s focus and objectives help pave way for development of new vision and strategy. During this process, organizational issues are identified and corrected, thereby resulting in the adoption of a new process and focus. Those new processes are adopted by every member of the organization including the top administrators.

Elimination of Resistance

Most employees and staff are always scared of the process. They usually believe and feel that it is an imposition of certain ideas and plans on them by the management. With the help of a change model, there is elimination of resistance before the process commences. Plans are drafted to identify areas of possible resistance and eliminate it. In some cases, such resistance cannot be eliminated but they can be reduced.

Ranging from the staff to the managers, there is always the need for effective business communication in an organization.

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Building Confidence

Because these prototypes have been drafted by people in the past and revised by other people, it has proven to be good models to use for the process of change in any organization. Management processes can use the same model. There are situations where a model can succeed in a company and fail to work for the other in a similar situation.

Therefore, certainty and firm trust for the model increases because it has been used before in similar situation.

There are Different Approaches 

This is a major reason why organizations and businesses need restructuring models. The steady advancement in the world’s technology has called for changes in all aspects.

The process is quite complex and some unpredictable events may happen in the process. That is why several approaches are shared to help manage the situation. There is a focus and end goal to be achieved. Click here to see other reasons why such models are important.

Proper Forecast

The whole process is not reactive, it is a proactive plan because it prepares in anticipation of the changes that would occur. That is why the models are used as guides for difficult transitions. Models of change management foster proper planning and enable an organization to plan for how long the change would be. The results and benefits from the change are also weighed.


Change management process is not as easy as people believe it is. Most organizations draft their own model to suit their assessment of identified strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully, this article has highlighted few reasons why a change management model is needed by organizations.

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