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The holidays can get tiring for millenials. A lot of family time can easily get you off the edge. Those grueling parenting sessions just go on for weeks and weeks. And with the dawn of the new year, we all hope to go back to normal life, a job, weekends with friends and spending some time gaming.

Every new year gamers like to look forward to something new. Be it strategy, stimulation or supercar racing, we all want a new game in the new year. And as long as there have been video games, supercar racing games have always made their way to the top.

For many, driving is the ultimate universal pleasure and supercar games allow them to customize every aspect and build a dream car. We have seen a great evolution in the quality and UI/UX of games be it the realistic stimulators in Project Cars 2 or going back in time to Mario Kart. Read along to learn about supercar racing games that are set to rule the arena in 2020.

Gran Turismo Sport

GT has always set a benchmark for sim racing since the PlayStation came around. This new version comes with Sony’s latest hardware and gives gamers a modern experience instead of the traditional car-PG approach. If NFS sounds boring to you, then this is the real deal.

You can choose from a variety of racing styles and select from around 1000 cars. GT Sport is packed with cutting edge graphics and endless other features to make your racing experience come alive. Do try out the voice chat for the ultimate track day.

You can also take advantage of car-sharing/trading, enroll in a top gear test track and experience photo mode locations. But 2020 is here and they still give no VR support for this game. That is definitely something to look out for this coming year.

Forza Horizon 4

Always wanted to drive through the UK? Well, with Forza Horizon 4 you can race through historic Britain. This version comes with dynamic seasons that change according to the gameplay. Not just this, you can unlock new routes and events as you play through. You can also manipulate driving conditions and transform open-world exploration according to your liking. All this in HDR and native 4k.

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Master drive in all weather conditions and then play at 60 frames per second (feature only for Xbox One X). You can play alone, with a friend or join the community online to match with ranked teams.

Forza Horizon 4 also comes with a unique new feature which has long been requested by fans worldwide. You can now design and share you own custom routes for racing. So if you can’t find the presets challenging enough, you can create a racing route hard enough for your skills.

Need for Speed Heat

Let’s be clear! No supercar gaming list can be complete without an NFS version. Need for Speed Heat has nailed all the aspects of supercar gaming; one reason why all preceding versions have been a success. Well, who doesn’t like an over-the-top dirty cop chase?

You can expect an improved narrative and character customization in this version. Build yourself the right car and enjoy this vibrant game in adrenaline-filled action. Don’t forget to rile up the cops patrolling Palm City during the day. And if you haven’t had enough, tackle the rogue task force that is out to get you at night.

So go be the rookie street racer you’ve always wanted to be and earn a name for yourself in the streets of Palm City. With NFS Heat, get ready to smash billboards, explore drifting challenges and look out for fluorescent flamingoes.

F1 2019

If you are looking to experience a compelling car racing story, then this game is your cue. By combining the F2 2018 and F1 2019 championships, Codemasters has unleashed a big world of motorsport to its fans. You get to be a part of an intimate rags-to-riches journey while wrestling your speeding car over an impeccably rendered apex.

Coming over to the career-mode of F1 2019; one can expect to be surprised. Gamers can expect a scripted sequence of condensed car racing highlights. As you keep playing you can access the car upgrade tree and keep improving your ride. We have seen a great amount of granular detail in the stimulation for this game. Although the visual quality and handling controls for this new version stay the same as last year, this new solo content definitely gives gamers something new to look up to.

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Speeding Up…

There are several factors that can make or break a game. These were awesome graphics that make the plot come alive, tight controls that give a thrill of speed and some mind-blowing music. And if we look at the market, there are so many games that are competing in the race for the best racing car game. At this moment, VR for supercar racing games is something all gaming enthusiasts around the globe can look forward to. Although the technology is extremely realistic and interactive, we still need more game developers to venture into VR games for motorsport racing.

If you are browsing for the right game, never go on the name. Most relevant titles are not even racing games. What you need is an arena where you get to control a vehicle while outrunning your competition towards the finish line. Full throttle at play!

Sims offers gamers to choose from a big pool of cars and you can also head online to enjoy a challenge every now and then. With better hardware, crisp 4K and HDR content at your fingertips, make sure you get access the right TV/screen to complete your gaming experience. For many, the evolution of gaming from compact discs to consoles is definitely a dream come true.  All the above games we have hand picked for you offer great photorealism, amazing sounds, incredible graphic fidelity and are interacting with the user.

So get behind the driving wheel, adjust your seat right and buckle up to experience some of the best car racing games in your life this year.

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