The advantages of shopping online from with Al Mowafir discounts

E-commerce has spread in the Arab Gulf region in recent years very significantly, especially with the pandemic of Covid-19 that hit the world at the end of the year 2019, the option to do shopping online became the best solution for many people to avoid this new enemy, and store is considered the largest platform for online shopping In the Arab region, it provides many goods and services, in addition to that and during this period you can take advantage of the discounts offered by the stores because of the great competition between them, and benefit from the discounts of Al Mowafire , the best Arab website for coupons.


Launching store:

Souq is a website for online shopping, or more precisely, it is a website dedicated to electronic commerce. The store was launched in 2004 by an Emirati businessman and sold to Amazon in 2018 in a deal that reached $ 1 billion.


The store is seeking, according to the statements of its officials, to turn into an Arab electronic shopping center and raise the volume of electronic commerce in the Arab Gulf region to 70 billion dollars within the limits of the year 2030.


The store currently targets 3 main Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.


The advantages of shopping from a store

Simply everything you are looking for can be found in this store, as the store provides very large options to choose from and these are the most important features of the store:

  • Souq has become the best Arabic website for buying smartphones, as it provides varied options and very competitive prices compared to the other stores in the market.


  • Souq offers a great advantage as it does not impose any fees on delivery of orders that exceed 100 AED which is very affirdable.


  • After sales services are very professional. In case you do not like a product or it does not conform to the specifications of the purchase, you only need to request a return of the product, and this will be done at lightning speed.
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  • In addition, most delivery services take place around the same day of ordering, and delay is up to two days in very rare cases.


  • The store also provides many options for payment methods, you can pay online with payment cards such as MasterCard, or you can pay on receipt.


  • The store also provides very large discounts periodically and this point specifically we will explain through a very pioneering platform which is Al Mowafir website for coupons.


  • Souq also provides the possibility to enter the market trade with a commission, if you have good marketing capabilities, then this is a very suitable market store for you to get additional income through commission sales, which reaches 25 percent on some products.



Shop through Souq discount code from Al Mowafir website

Discounts …. a word that everyone searches for, especially during the period of major discounts with the end of each year, but this time we will give you an exclusive and unusual explanation about how to benefit from discounts throughout the year through Al Mowafir platform.


Al Mowafir is the largest Arab site specializing in discounts, as it gives many offers, including Souq discount code, it also provides coupons for more than 70 stores in various Arab countries.

How to take advantage of Al Mowafir website for discounts ?


Follow the following steps , bearing in mind that these coupons related to the Souq store will not be found elsewhere, they are exclusive and offered to the store in particular.


  • First: Go to Al Mowafir website through this link:
  • Second: Search for Souq store and here you can find it in two ways : Either you search for it through the list in which all stores are listed, or by using the search button by typing: “Souq” or “Souq store”.
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  • Third: All Souq discount codes will appear for you to choose from what suits you or what is appropriate for the nature of your shopping and click on the phrase: Copy the code, and it will be copied and taken to the Souq website directly, the discount will be applied.



  • Fourth: Be careful before paying, make sure that the discount code has been pasted, and that the discount has already been applied. The discounts range between 10-65 percent, and sometimes more.


In addition to this, the website provides another feature, as it launched an online application available on Google Play and Apple Store in order to facilitate your purchase.


You can download the application from here: Google Play Store or Apple Store.


This is a picture of the application



One of the main advantages of using the application are the notifications that you will receive with every discount code available from Souqor even the rest of the stores knowing that some discounts last only hours and thus the application gives you a great opportunity to reach the discount before the time elapses.

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