The Best Biking Trails Along the Coast of Maine

For cyclists around the country, Maine offers some of the most beautiful sights of coastal scenery and extensive bike trails. The state has a large biking community with rentals available to tourists, and many major roads are designed to safely accommodate anyone who chooses to commute on two wheels. Whether you choose to hop onto a beach cruiser bike and stay on paved roads or onto a mountain bike for dirt trails into the wilderness, here are a few of the best biking trails to explore along the coast of Maine.

Casco Bay  

Considered a trial for more experienced cyclists, the Casco Bay trail starts in southern Portland and ends in Brunswick, taking you through Falmouth, Yarmouth, and Freeport along the way. If you’re looking for a shorter intermediate ride, this trail is 35 miles and offers many fun sights and activities along the way, such as Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park, a bird sanctuary, and endless coastal and countryside views.

Downeast Route

If you enjoy long rides on electric bikes or are have several days to explore the coast by bike, this Downeast trail is 140 miles long. It is an intermediate road trail that starts in Bucksport, stops through Machias, and ends in Calais. You’ll get to soak in many views of the quaint suburbs in the area and may catch breathtaking sightings of bald eagles along the way.

Downeast Sunrise Trail

If you’d rather stray off the main roads and experience the wilderness of Downeast Maine, the Sunrise trail starts at Elseworth and takes you in close proximity to the Moosehead National Wildlife Refuge center, and ends at Ayers Junction. As you cross through several conservation areas and rivers, you’ll likely get to see several animals, including birds, eagles, deer, foxes, beavers, or even moose.

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Coastal Route

If you want to see as much as possible of the beautiful rocky coast that Maine is known for, the East Coast Greenway Route spans 125 miles and offers the most beautiful views of the ocean. This route starts in Brunswick and takes cyclists through Belfast before reaching the final destination at Bucksport. With a combination of on-road and off-road portions, this route may be too difficult for beginner cyclists.

Saco River  

For beginner cyclists who want to give their new comfort bikes a try, the Saco River trail offers a 27-mile trail that features minimal hills and plenty of ocean views and rides through Old Orchard Beach, which includes an antiquated amusement park. There is also a 48-mile trail that is fit for more experienced cyclists. Parts of this trail goes through main roads that tend to have heavy traffic, so caution is necessary.

A state full of scenic rocky coasts, unique wildlife, charming provinces, and historical landmarks, Maine is a paradise for cyclists around the world. There are endless trails to explore, and you’ll never get bored with several attractions to visit along the way. Take your bike down to any of these trails and get ready to feel the wind on your face as you experience Maine in the most freeing way possible.

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