The Biggest Contact Page Mistakes That Kill Your Conversions

Many website designers and developers often spend a lot of time on various web pages to make them really amazing. For example, the layout, content, and navigation of the About Us or Home page. 

But by the time you’ve already worked through every one of these pages, you get to the contact page. Most of the time, webmasters just throw a simple contact form in there and a phone number, and just be done with it. 

However, you need to understand that the contact page plays an important role in the success of your website. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Is it trustworthy?
  • Does it have a good design?
  • Is it asking for too much information?
  • How fast does it load?

There are some mistakes in your contact page that directly impact your conversions. It can be the design, layout, or copy. 

Find out in this article the 7 biggest contact page mistakes you should stop making so you can get better results, more prospects, and higher conversion rates. 

The Biggest Contact Page Mistakes That Kill Your Conversions

Many webmasters don’t focus much on the contact form apart from other webpages on their website. Whether your website offers goods, services, or provides informational content, a well-designed contact form is a must. 

Moreover, businesses are realizing the importance of the contact form to generate more leads and conversions based on their users’ experiences. Check out these top contact page mistakes:

1. Your Contact Page is Confusing and Unprofessional

Contact pages across many websites on the internet look basic and unprofessional. Moreover, content on the webpage can be confusing for some users. It is important to have fields with proper navigation and labels so that users can fill in their information correctly. 

Choose a nice color scheme for the contact page according to the overall theme of your website. Having a confusing color scheme for the contact page can affect user experience. 

You also need to use strong calls to action. Check for spelling and grammatical errors. Furthermore, include only those fields that are relevant to the target audience. 

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2. Your contact form is Long and Asks for a lot of Information

Websites with long contact forms where a lot of information is to be filled by the users can be overwhelming. A lot of these visitors give up and leave out of frustration. Try to limit the number of your form fields by asking the users to provide only the necessary details. 

These fields can include Name, Contact Information, Location, and the query or message. Make a habit of keeping forms short and including no more than 6 fields within the contact form. Having fewer fields within the contact page will help in improving your conversion rate.

3. Unresponsive Contact Page

Fact: Most users these days browse the internet using their mobile phones and tablets. Making sure that your contact page is responsive across various devices and web browsers are essential. 

Nothing worse can happen than your contact page looks messed up on mobile.

Before making the web page go live, do some quality testing. This will enable you to gain useful information on how the contact page will look and figure out whether any changes need to be done with its layout or structure.

Check that your submission buttons can be easily clicked on. Buttons have to be big enough for users on their mobile devices. 

4. Not Analyzing the Submissions from your Contact Page

It is important to check and analyze the submissions made by the users on your contact page. This helps you understand what queries, issues, or topics they are trying to convey to you or the company. 

Do they have technical problems with your website? Do they have specific feedback about your product or service? Check the number of responses you receive and their frequency on a daily basis.

5. Not Delivering Automated Responses to the users 

As soon as the users fill in the contact information, it is important to send them an automated response. This automated response should confirm that you have received the request and will process it soon. 

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You can send your leads something like: 

“Dear [name], thank you for reaching out to us! We received your message on [topic]. As we’re getting a ton of messages, please expect us to answer back within 72 hours. You can also contact us at [email].”

Not sending an automated response may create confusion among users. You’ll leave them wondering about whether their query or request has been sent or not. 

Get them excited about starting their customer journey with your business. If they’re your current customers, reassure them that they’re being cared for through an automated email response. 

Note that you should also offer other means of contacting your business for more urgent questions that involve customer support. 

6. Slow Load time of your Contact Page

If your contact page is loading very slow, it can kill your conversion rate. You should ensure that all images on your website are optimized. Moreover, remove any unnecessary apps or plugins from your website.

Do a speed test of your website to analyze the page loading speed of the contact page. You may use Google’s PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix for the same. So, if your contact page takes more than 4 seconds to load, you are losing conversions.

7. No link to common help topics

One way to optimize your contact page is to include a link to a page where you cover popular help topics. This strategy will save you a lot of time in answering similar questions individually. 


These are some of the major contact page mistakes that you should avoid while creating or optimizing that page. We call these mistakes major because they can significantly affect people’s impression of your business and their ability to get their problem solved. 

Webmasters should monitor their contact forms on a regular basis, analyze submissions, and identify areas for improvement. This will help in modifying the contact form based on your users’ needs.

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