The Global Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Educational System

Where this ‘stay at home, stay safe’ thing has saved many lives (thankfully) on the same side this same thing is destroying many careers too. We know the trend of ‘online classes’ is being followed all around the world. But, if we do reality check then we all know how effectively this trend is resulting.

Yeah, you got it right. The effectiveness of online classes could be measured in two digits ‘00’. I know many of you argue that online classes are working best and enhancing productivity. Ok, and what about those struggles which students are facing due to communication barriers? That counts too!

Things are not the same and none of us could resist accepting this bitter reality. COVID-19 has made a huge impact on educational systems. To many of you, this might look funny but, in actual many of you will be facing consequences of it. The impact on educational systems means that it would directly impact job opportunities and professional careers too.

If you want to know how? Then look at the reasons and the ways in which the COVID-19 is effecting the educational sector.

  • No communication 

If you are counting those digital communications then please don’t. Yeah, your communications won’t work as equal to those face-to-face communications (let’s have a minute of sympathy together). We know there are thousands of questions in your mind but, since your teacher has to answer many students in the limited time so yes, of course, you couldn’t take enough of his time. I know this is the most painful thing for the students but, all we can do is ‘be patient’. Now, many of you would know the value of on-spot communication and I know you all would be missing your classes, projectors, teachers, and whatnot.

  • Productivity is lacking 
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Of course, we need a proper decorum to study and since, we all are unable to have an effective learning environment thus, productivity is sorely lacking. Teachers are facing challenges to deliver lectures perfectly. Also, the home environment is making us all lazy-dazy to complete assignments on time or to join classes punctually. In fact, many law essay writing services wrote that in this pandemic situation, the majority of students are breaching the law privacy and are taking paid help from online assistors. Well, this is the saddest reality that students are wasting all their time and also wasting their money. Well, I must say that this is not their fault. The situation has made everyone careless, in regard to education and studies.

  • No exam pressure 

Since the rule has passed that all students would mark as ‘pass’ thus, this has made many tension free. You all must be wondering why I have used ‘no exam pressure’ as a negative impact. Yeah, I know we all hate how these exam pressures destroy our peace and capture our mind into the stress. Well, have you checked on the other side of the reality? This the only exam pressure which persuades us to study or to focus on the studies (even if we do at the end of the semester). But now we all know that all students will be cleared then none of us having ‘exam anxiety’ or stress. Of course, we are not concentrating on studies in the same way. So yes, a little pressure is necessary for all of us.

  • No more graduations 
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Ah, however, this is the exceptional case but still, this one needs to be highlighted. Because the ‘about-to-graduates’ are not going to get graduate this year. Well, this is quite sad. We all know how much effort we put to reach that winning point of educational career and now, all of those dreams would turn into disappointment. I know this sounds too painful because many of you must be dreaming to get your hands on a reputable job and now this pandemic has occurred like a constraint. It’s fine, you keep working on your dissertations or thesis. Things would get better soon.

  • No competition 

Competition is a must but, this pandemic has bought us all on the same path. Now, whether you study hard or not still, you will be getting pass just like others would be. This means the competition thing is not there anymore. No more quizzes, surprise tests, and other assignments. Of course, you all have lost the opportunity to acquire bonus points. If you think that that online assignment would have the same weightage as your class assignments had then no. Things are not the same again, I repeat, they are not.

I know many of you had made a ‘to do’ list for 2020 and now, this pandemic has destroyed all of our expectations. Still, don’t feel bad because you are lucky that at least this dangerous virus has only impacted your educational career and not your health. Mark yourself lucky and feel blessed. If you are unsure wether you may have contracted the virus, please visit your doctor or get a confirm bio covid test online.

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