The Most Entertaining Animation channels on YouTube

YouTube is a platform that every creative person can show his talents. Therefore, apart from musicians, on YouTube that are many animators. Some create animated vlogs, while others have established successful series. All of them, however, have gained millions of real YouTube subscribers because they have high-quality and original content. If you are looking for something entertaining, then subscribe to some of the following channels.

#1 Pencilmation

Subscribers: 16.6 million

Pencilmation is perhaps the most popular and well-known animation channel on YouTube. These videos feature the adventures of Pencilmate, Pencilmiss, and the rest of their pencil friends. The creator of this series is Ross Bollinger and the channel has gained over 8 billion views.

#2 The Odd 1s Out

Subscribers: 15.3 million

The Odd 1s Out is a very relatable animation YouTube channel as every video showcases the thoughts of its creator. Moreover, he is not afraid to share his personal experiences, even though some stories are embarrassing. All the videos have a simple and easy to follow animation that is often hilarious.

#3 Explosm Entertainment

Subscribers: 10.5 million

Explosm Entertainment is the channel of the very successful animated series “Cyanide and Happiness”. Every week, the channel uploads a new short with the two heroes, who always find themselves in absurd situations. The result is hilarious, and for this, Explosm Entertainment has a lot of real YouTube subscribers.

#4 How It Should Have Ended

Subscribers: 9.8 million

Movies are popular. Animation is also popular. Therefore, the combination of box-office hits with animation is a guarantee for success. This is exactly what How It Should Have Ended achieved. The channel’s creator uploads video parodies where he re-imagines the ending of various movies.

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#5 Jaiden Animations

Subscribers: 8.38 million

If you like vlogging, then Jaiden Animations is a great channel for you. The channel’s creator, Jaiden, illustrates her personal experiences and talks about her embarrassing moments. Moreover, she illustrates playthroughs from video games she plays. For this reason, her videos are all very relatable and often entertaining.

#6 Domics

Subscribers: 7.29 million

Domics is another YouTube channel with illustrated vlogs. All of the stories come from the animator’s personal experiences. The narration over the simple animation results in hilarious videos that give a glimpse of the illustrator’s life.

#7 sWooZie

Subscribers: 7.22 million

sWooZie is another animator full of weird and strange experiences. Therefore, his videos are the result of flash animation and the stories come straight from his life. Apart from the animated videos, you can also find some live-action ones.

#8 Tom Ska

Subscribers: 6.41 million

Tom Ska creates comedy sketches, both in live-action and animation. His animated videos are divided between stories that he shares with guests and his hilarious series “asdfmovie”. The series currently has 12 episodes and it includes very short one-liner jokes.

There are many different styles of animation to explore on YouTube. These channels have plenty of real YouTube subscribers, and for this, they are a great place to start.

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