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The Quickest Way of Packing your Home Belongings when Moving in a Rush

It would be ideal if you had plenty of time to prepare yourself for any move you might have to make. It is generally preferred to allow three to four weeks for moving if you want it done properly. The real world throws you a curveball, and last-minute decisions are no exception.

Hurried moves fall into two categories. Sometimes, you don’t have much lead time between learning you have to move and moving, and sometimes, you procrastinate a little too much and end up with a completely unpacked home the day before the movers arrive. Either way, it is imperative to figure out how to move quickly. You can use these tips to make things easier.

Begin with logistics.

Every task has a way of seeming both urgently necessary and utterly difficult when a last-minute move is involved. There is a lot to do when you move, but instead of feeling overwhelmed, just breathe deeply and get to work crossing things off of your list.

Depending on whether or not you need professional help with your move, your first step will be either to hire a moving company or to rent a truck.

Determine what you want to keep and what you want to sell by sorting your items.

Donate, sell, and trash your belongings. Garage sales are great places to sell good condition items. Things that won’t sell but are still in good shape can be donated, and things that can be thrown.

Set aside a “don’t pack zone.”

Obviously, you will want to avoid packing or loading certain items inside the moving truck. You could use family photos, jewelry, or financial documents to hold items of greater importance or sentimental value. Furthermore, moving companies are prohibited from moving hazardous items or perishables. Keep things you want to bring with you in a designated area (such as a closet or specific room). Whether you’re moving with friends or movers, make sure those helping you know not to pack or load items there.

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Pack instead of thinking.

When packing quickly, organizing is less important and merely putting everything in a box and setting it aside is all that matters. Getting all of your belongings from your old to new home intact is the goal, so if a short time frame limits your ability to sort items and keep a full listing of what’s packed where then go for it.

Hang up your clothes.

You can encapsulate your coats, dresses, shirts (and the hangers they use) in a trash bag rather than folding and packing them. Keep the hangers sticking out of the top of the bag.

Clearly label your boxes.

You can unpack without stress by labeling your boxes. Make sure the contents of the box, the room it will be placed in, and any special notes are written with a marker.

Pick up pre-printed labels at the store if you are purchasing packing supplies. It can save you time by allowing you to write down what goes where rather than having to write everything.

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