The Role of Live Video in Business Operations

Live video is everywhere we look online these days, with practically every brand, influencer or individual jumping on the bandwagon and offering a wide variety of live streams to their audience.

While it’s highly valuable as a marketing tool in online campaigns, it is also quickly becoming a key component in the daily operations of both small and large businesses, helping brands to optimise their productivity levels and achieve outstanding results.

Here are some of the main ways that live video can be used effectively in the day-to-day runnings of your business…

Team Communications

First things first, live video streaming enables brands to make company-wide announcements quickly, easily and effectively. You can arrange a virtual meeting or conference which all your teams and workforce can tune into, where you can announce any changes within the company such as altering your brand identity, new operations, new recruits, promotions, or even redundancies.

Rather than having to filter important and pressing information through senior members of staff to pass on, you can tell everyone directly to make sure you’re getting the message just right. You can even allow staff to engage with your live video should they have any queries or feedback on the announcement to clear up any potential confusion and eliminate worries.

If your brand is considering incorporating live videos and streaming into your business operations, it’s important to work with a professional live streaming platform that can support your needs.

Zidivo works with both small and large businesses, allowing them to use live streams to their advantage by offering high-resolution streams that are reliable, secure, and hassle-free. Their packages are completely scalable, depending on how much support, storage and features you require to use live video in the right way.

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Employee Training

On top of the fact you can improve your internal communication overall, you can also utilise live streaming for employee training. Perhaps your brand has started to introduce a new piece of software to manage workloads, you are rolling out new processes within the company or you are providing staff with new equipment?

You can set up a secure and high-quality live video for the relevant members of staff to demonstrate new software or conduct a Q&A session to respond to any issues your staff may be having during the change. There’s no need to huddle around one screen – your staff don’t need to be in the same room, building or even country, to all be trained effectively, eliminating travel costs and saving time.

Your staff can ask questions throughout the call and receive responses in real-time, rather than having to write out large email threads where information and advice can easily get lost in translation.

Human Resources

Your HR department can also benefit from live video to no end. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been forced to use live video to carry out recruitment processes, check-in with staff, and even make redundancies where required, and this doesn’t have to stop when things return to normal.

HR can use live streams to engage with recruiters and interview potential employees to find and scoop up the best talent out there.

Franchise or Investor Communications

Aside from the benefits that live video has for internal communications, it can be hugely valuable for generating business and revenue too. If you have multiple franchises across a country or even the globe, you can use live video to train people, ensure brand consistency and even bring on new business. What’s more, you can improve the working relationships with existing and potential investors who may be based in different parts of the world, without them or you having to travel and spend any money.

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Conferences & Networking

Finally, live video is a great way to get your business’ name out there and put faces to your brand. An increasing number of business conferences and networking events are now being live-streamed online either alongside or instead of hosting physical events.

For example, if your brand is based in a remote location or you are often travelling, you can keep on top of your networking by joining conferences online and keep maintaining connections with likeminded people without having to be there in person.

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