The Street Charm – Amazing Places to Visit in Stouffville

Among many places in Canada, there is one place in particular that is as sweet as charming you can expect it to be, the charming Stouffville.

You may question yourself, why Stouffville?

What does Stouffville have that no other city does? Well, the answer is quite simple though. It has everything a person wants to see when it comes to visiting places. I mean, how special you want the exploring to be, actually depends on your desire to look right through it.

Just Outside of GTA, This Small Town Exists With Fun Places

I just threw my bags and other necessities (required on a day trip) on Stouffville airport limo and the chauffeur took me to some of the places that I have come to love so much in such a short time.

Don’t Cry When You See the Cutest Pony!

I was raised on a farm, which made my partial feelings for animals blossom and guesses what animal I came to love so much?

A Pony! Have you ever pet a pony before?

If no, then you might want to do it at least once in your lifetime.

For every pony lover out there, grasp this chance to be at Lionel’s Farm. They are known for their pony rentals for any occasion and you can even get to have a free pony ride on a Sunday afternoon.

It’s a happy place for kids too. You can easily vouch for kids her and let them pet and feed the pony by bringing mini carrots, celery or bread. Let kids learn how to fall in love with animals.

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Nature is the Best Gift Giver

Bruce’s Mill Conservation Park is one of the greatest gifts I had come to observe in my traveling experience. Many places in Canada seem evergreen but this conservation park takes the lead.

Walking along the forest trails and zipping the way through the high tree canopy is an intriguing experience one can have here. The treetop trekking is an amazing experience; you will get such an adrenaline rush from it that it will last for hours! Yeah, you can have the best time here.

To plan the best experience for your kid, you can let your kids explore the Treewalk Village and don’t worry, it’s safe to let your kids explore as it is enclosed in tall hammock nets. And if you love biking than the BMX Track is just the thing you need to practice your new parlor tricks with the bike. With nine obstacles and a rhythm section, it’s speedier and fun too!

A blast from History

Museums are like a magnet for those who love to learn about history. It catches your eye instantly and therefore the Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum brings out the memories from the past. It adds up to the rustic charm and beauty of the town. I traveled here easily on the Stouffville airport limo and spend quality time here.

It’s a perfect collage of the 1800s with the main building as an exhibit on display. But if you are looking for a wedding venue, then you can do the honors by involving your community in a special event. So it’s not a surprise at all when you want to plan any rental program or event you can vouch for this place.

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And guess what?

You can buy some of the hard to get heritage souvenirs as well at the gift shop too.

Yes, I love my Dog very much!

Who doesn’t loves to have a pet of their own? Especially when you got your favourite dog bossing around your house, well he is just marking his territory.

The Rougeview Dog Park is the perfect spot for you to spend a day of a play date with your most beloved dog. Rufus (my golden retriever) was pretty excited to be in open space after so much sitting idle in the limo for so long.

Who did I know?

Watch for the swinging tail (it’s always a giveaway).

Anyhow, I highly recommend this place to visit, where you can also develop social skills in your dog so they don’t go all berserk when they meet other dogs and humans. Yes, your pet also needs a change of environment too.

After a Well Spent Tiring Day

On this day, I have learned how to fall in with a place once again; it’s not the expensive tours that make a good memory. But it’s about living every moment to its fullest.

If you miss your favorite past times, relive the memories whenever you get a chance.

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