Top 19 Best Skytorrents Alternatives In 2022

This post will explain skytorrents alternatives. Skytorrents was introduced in 2018, is a clean along with privacy-focused torrent search engine and its job is still in advancement. This sophisticated task is constantly kept up to date by the intelligence linkage and the manual interference is minimal but can be accessed. There are tons of the most recent gushes are discovered every day, so they can be provided for research study by anyone.

Top 19 Best Skytorrents Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about skytorrents alternatives here are the details below;

Skytorrents has also a totally free service in addition to unrestricted gain access to element privacy, as there are no cookies present. The user can get the big directory of torrent files with the easy to use interface and the top 100 list, which has actually a ranking based on the 100 most downloaded files in it.
– Ad-free.
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1. Bit Torrent Scene

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Established in the year 2017, Bit Torrent Scene is comparatively a newer site and within a few years has gained its popularity by becoming a great alternative to extratorrents and vstorrents. It has an exceedingly fast speed, making it even more fun and convenient to use and deserves to be placed in our list of Best Torrent Websites. This website has never been banned.

2. Zooqle

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Zooqle is a torrent site that has surely gained its popularity by having more than 3 million torrents. This website provides its users with movies and TV series by fetching torrent links from different sites known as Katcr and Torrrenthound. Its interface is quite simple to handle the contents can be downloaded considerably fast. It was established in 2013 and has no history of being banned anywhere.

3. YourBittorrent

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It’s a considerably old website founded back in 2009 and had its fair share of controversies with the course of time due to its association with myBittorrent. Being in the light of controversies, the website had been partially shut down due to the conflict between the partners. However, it does serve as a beacon for torrent users relying on downloads from Best Torrent Websites. This website has been banned in Portugal and the UK.

4. KickAssTorrents

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This website for sure needs no introduction as it was the most famous website for downloading torrents back in the day before it got shutdown. It was established back in 2008. KickAss, Kat.cr or Katcr are basically all the mirror sites that keep showing up whenever a URL has been taken down. Many mirror sites are still providing a great variety of HD quality torrent files for Kat.cr, making it one of the best sites for downloading torrents. It hasn’t been banned anywhere

5. Demonoid

Torrent Sites

Last but not the least in our list of Best Torrent Websites is Demonoid which is a tracker established back in 2003, unfortunately, this website initially suffered a political pressure causing it a major loss but quickly stood back on its feet with 10 million users availing its 800000 torrent files and hence became a top-ranked torrent website. It also offers movies, TV shows and software.. This website is banned in the regions of Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

6. LimeTorrents.info

Torrent Sites

The next website in our list of Best Torrent Websites is LimeTorrents.info. This particular website has the biggest database of over 9.8 millions torrents. It was established in the year 2009. The interesting thing about this website I that it has a vast variety of different genres of interest for people of all age groups and offers multiple categories including all sorts of TV shows from around the world, games, applications, movies, and software. This website has a very good downloading speed and takes little to no time in downloading whatever the view demands. The other good thing about this website is that it is very easily understandable and less crowded which is why it is fast too. Unlike Pirate Bay, this website is banned in fewer regions such as Australia, France and The United Kingdom.

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7. Torrentz2

Torrent Sites

On the third rank in our list of Best Torrent Websites, we have rightfully placed Torrentz2, which was previously known as Torrentz. It was established in the year 2016. This site also holds an important place as it contains a great variety of torrents as well as mainstream movies, games and other TV shows. It basically gathers millions of torrents files from other sites and doesn’t host any of its own content. This site has a good peer ratio even though in the past, it was thought to have some sort of malware injection due to which, many users were facing problems, using it but thankfully with an update the said website managed to fix all bugs creating issues which is indeed highly commendable and henceforth, been placed in our top three ranking of Best Torrent Websites. Torrentz2 has not been banned anywhere in the world which also shows the site’s credibility.


Torrent Sites

Moving on, there is another great website for downloading movies and for sure needs no introduction, we are now talking about the famous Yify or YTS.AG. It is a very simple and easy to use website to download movie torrents and has been established in 2011, its popularity has yet not lessened. This site gives you the liberty to enjoy the clearest movie quality more or less like Netflix itself. It has a tremendous movie library and you can enjoy the latest movies on it within a few days of their release date. That’s why we can consider it as one of the Best Torrent Sites. Currently, it has only been banned in Ireland

9. iDope

Torrent Sites

Unlike the websites listed above, this one is a different sort of website that provides torrents files as it takes direct magnet links to torrents. Established in the year 2016, It is believed to provide the users with over 18 billion torrents and is very easy to use, therefore can be downloaded on different devices by the users. It contains a great collection of movies and trending latest TV shows as well as classics. And hence makes its way in our Best Torrent Websites. It has no history of being banned anywhere in the world.

10. 1337x

Torrent Sites

Next in line is 1337x which is another great source of downloading a torrent file. It has a directory which provides magnet links and torrent files that are thought of as the best alternatives of Pirate Bay. it was established in 2007. This site is quite and been around for more than a decade, providing its users with games, music, books and movie. It was not initially as famous until the site KickAss torrent was taken down, then people resorted to 1337x and haven’t stopped yet, making it one of the Best Torrent Websites for us to list The site is currently banned in Austria, Australia, Ireland and The United Kingdom


Torrent Sites

RARBG became famous after the year 2008 as it has managed to provide an estimated average of 300,000 on a daily basis. It was established in the year 2008. Having an organized content library of various different categories, it has surely made its way into the Best Torrent Websites of 2021this site caters to 10 different categories including TV shows, anime software, movies etc. you can run this site smoothly on your device provided you have a good internet connection. This site has been banned in Bulgaria, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Morocco, Pakistan, Portugal, KSA and The United Kingdom.

12. EZTV


It is said to not judge a book by its cover, same holds true for the website EZTV, it sure had its fair share of fame and being one of the oldest websites, established in the year 2005, the website’s interface isn’t much amusing but after a new group took over the EZTV proxy site has gotten much better. The quality of torrent that it provides is undoubtedly great and is a good alternative to BitTorrent website Mininova. This website has been banned in Australia, Ireland and the UK.

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13. Torlock

Torrent Sites

Torlock is a torrent site that is great for mac users. The main focus of this particular website is that of providing the users to download small torrent files which are comparatively easy to download. Established in 2010, This website mostly caters to TV series and movies in HD quality. And has landed in our list of Best Torrent Websites. Torlock is banned in Australia, India and The UK.

14. Torrent Downloads

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This website is not as popular but fits our list nonetheless. It has an enormous torrent library holding more than 16 million torrents that consist of games, movies, TV shows, etc. This website was established in the year 2016, and the great thing about it is that it can be easily accessed from anywhere around the world as it has never been banned.

15. Torrends.to

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If you want to avoid adverts on torrent sites, Torrends.io could be a decent solution. The site gets nearly 3.5 million monthly users and offers a simple home screen surfing system that uses an all-in-one way of scrapping files and compiling lists. It even shows popular categories and trends for downloading content. However, while it has its upsides, it was recently noticed that the site appears to be rather down.

16. Bibliotik

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As the name suggests, Bibliotik is a book-heavy torrent service with around 300,000 torrents in a very active torrenting community. Bibliotik has infrequently had severe service outages in operation since 2009. The site offers a wide collection of e-books, including all types of mainstream, niches, and classical publications. The site has over 200,000 visits a month. However, the registration process is not quite smooth.

17. MagnetDL

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MagnetDL is an innovative platform with a wide range of magnet links and one of the most popular destinations for downloading torrents. You can download a large variety of files in different genres with a BitTorrent client installed on your device. These can be arranged by upload date, the reputation of the uploader, and file size. For the better part of a decade, the site has been functioning with more than 9.5 monthly visits.

18. TorrentFunk

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This is just another torrenting arena with a site interface that helps new users. Like all other rivals, Torrentfunk is a dedicated platform with plenty of torrent files from ‘friends’ (other torrent sites). The database contains content from all main categories such as software, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, and more. You may easily search quickly for your selected content to access its direct and magnet links. What’s notable in that case is that the uploader details, file size, seeds, pers, upload date, and link health are clearly indicated. It also shows legitimate links as confirmed, thus making safe torrenting easier for you.

19. The Pirate Bay

Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay is the Best Torrent Website. It is undoubtedly the most widely used website among the people of all age groups to download their content of interest. It was established in the year 2013 and has been ranked as the Best Torrent Website in the year 2018. No other torrent site has yet taken its rank. This site contains hundreds of torrent files of various categories and is very convenient and easy to use. All you need to have been a good internet connection to enjoy your favorite content on the go. This site however, has been banned in a number of countries, a few of them include the regions of Argentina, Australia, China, United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom and a few of European countries such as Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain and Ireland. You can also not access this website in the regions of Turkey, Russia, Singapore and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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