Top 4 BNPL Payment Applications of 2021

The concept of Buy Now Pay Later eases people to enjoy an uninterrupted purchasing experience. Applications that work as per this concept earned immense popularity overnight. Apart from catering for ease of payment, these applications also help a person to put a stop to the usage of the credit card.

Buyers who have been using this type of application for a long, they recommend it more. They claim that switching to this medium of payment became easier to stay within the budget as there is no scope of over-expensing.

Therefore, the problem of the inability to stick to a fixed budget remains no longer. Moreover, the amount of savings always surpasses the amount of expenditure.

Technology bestowed these applications for us, which worked best on this BNPL concept and showed another possible way for driving out the financial crisis. If you do not know about such apps until now, you are literally missing the golden opportunity. Let us know about the best BNPL application for 2021.

Know the Best 4 BNPL payment applications of 2021

Klarna –

Among all the Buy-now-pay-later applications, one of the most popular is Klarna. Apart from providing BNPL service, it also serves several benefits for which it earned huge popularity.

Reasons for using this app –

  • Ease of payment: while other BNPL will fail to provide the facility of a long freezing period, Klarna offers the longest payment tenure. After the invoice generation, it will not ask you to pay the money at the earliest but give you a long 1 month time for completing the payment.
  • Split the payment: If a person is running out of money and unable to cope with expense, he can easily enjoy the splitting of payment method. For instance, suppose you have bought all the groceries from a store and wishes to pay through Klarna, then you can also pay the entire invoice amount by splitting it into three consecutive repayments
  • Each payment has a 30-day interval in between. Therefore, it is the best option for those who wish for no credit check loans with no guarantors. However, it charges some additional interest for splitting the billing amount.
  • Get finical help: It serves the complete necessity of financial assistance. By splitting the payment into three intervals, one can get enough time to arrange for the money.
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Clearpay –

Being a sister concern of Aussie brand Afterpay, it is ruling the financial market of the United Kingdom. It provides huge benefits to its user. For this reason, it is also quite popular among the public.

Reasons for using this app –

  • Free registration: While many BNPL service providers may ask you for a nominal registration fee, this particular application will never ask you for such petty charges. In terms of registration, it is entirely free.
  • Pay without any interest: Whether a buyer pays after a few days of purchase or wishes to pay by splitting the amount, no extra interest needs to be paid. Zero-interest charges are other add-on benefits.
  • Auto-pay facility: Although it will not generally charge extra interest while splitting the payment, if one defaults to pay repeatedly, it starts charging fees. Sometimes, buyers forget about the exact instalment payment date for which many BNPL apps used to charge extra interest. Nevertheless, with Clearpay, a user can stay worriless because of its auto-pay facility.
  • Responsible towards buyer: Clearpay became popular because of its strong responsibility. Whenever a buyer orders some products by selecting BNPL payment mode through Clearpay, it takes the ownership to pay the bill and ship the order as soon as possible.

Laybuy –

Another notable application that works on the concept of the Buy-Now-Pay-Later concept is Laybuy which is very user-friendly and saves a buyer from getting entangled into loans for bad credit with no guarantor no fees from direct lender, but later on trapped into long-term owe.

To run the family, a person can’t sit idle. Daily essentials should be bought for running the kitchen. In that scenario, Laybuy can help by providing ease of payment. Both the seller and buyers often prefer this app over others.

Reason for using this app –

  • No interest and minimum charge: As Laybuy charges no extra interest, it attracts people to use this medium of payment. Besides, sellers also prefer this app over any credit card company because of its low charge. While credit card companies will charge 20% extra from the printed price, Laybuy does not charge this much amount above printed price from retailers.
  • Huge acceptance: Another reason for its huge preference is its acceptability. Laybuy is tied up with more than a thousand retailers of almost every sectors, such as fashion, food and beverages, medications, groceries, electronic gadgets and so on. Due to this much acceptability, people find the ease of buying.
  • Scope of improving credit score: Have you ever heard of that from BNPL buying you can improve the credit score? Well, with Laybuy, it is possible. After buying essentials through Laybuy payment mode, if one repays the amount punctually, then the chance of improving credit score will be enhanced.
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Payl8r –

Payl8r is another popular BNPL payment app which is also a popular one. The main benefit of using this app is that even a small amount can be split and paid at reasonable intervals. For this reason, people who are suffering from bad credit find it best suitable for them.

Reason for using this app –

  • The Benefit of splitting order: It is ultimately a new system that is included, especially with Payl8r. If anyone wants to split the payment, he can also split the order within two or three sections. After confirming the successful payment of the first order, customer support will provide you with the ease of paying for the second order. This splitting of order into two-part provides a buyer with the scope of choosing essential things to run a household.
  • Choose rate of interest: if a buyer successfully pays the outstanding billing amount within the first month of placing the order, he needs not pay any additional charges. However, if paid after one month, the buyer can select the applicable rate of interest per his capability.
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