Top 7 Big Benefits of Burning Soy Wax Candles

Do you often burn candles to relax and unwind?

Studies show that stress and anxiety levels spiked in recent months. With the current health crisis, taking care of your mental health is more important than ever. One great way to take care of your mental state is by reducing stress.

Stress-relief can involve simple self-care activities, like taking a hot bath. Many people indulge in scented candles and journaling. If you enjoy scented candles, consider the benefits of soy wax candles.

We’ll list some of the best advantages of burning a soy wax candle in your home. Read on and find out what you’re missing.

1. Long-Lasting

Soy wax lasts longer than paraffin because of its slow and even burn. You’ll pay more to get soy, but the longer burn compensates for the extra. It’s a significant benefit if you burn scented oils.

Candles made from this material last 35% to 50% longer. It’s due to the lower melting point. If you buy soy candles the same size as the paraffin ones, you get candles that last longer. It means you need not go out as often to buy them.

Soy candles also have lower heat compared to other wax types. It’s a good thing because the scent lasts longer. However, the amount and quality of scent oil within the candle will affect it instead.

2. Clean Burning

Soy candles burn cleaner compared to paraffin. It’s because they make less smoke. It’s a beneficial property if you’re sensitive to candle smoke.

The air is cleaner and safer for your family if you opt for soy candles. Children and the elderly will have an easier time around these candles. It also lowers the risk of smoke damage to your beloved furniture, ceilings, and walls.

3. Stronger and Better Scent

More people prefer the smell of soy wax candles instead of paraffin. As mentioned above, soy candles are better for burning scented oils. It’s because this material holds essential oils better.

With a cleaner burn, the scent you get is cleaner as well. It won’t dampen the fragrance you paid for. If you want to understand how soy wax candles work, check out northumbriancandleworks.co.uk. They put up an ultimate guide about these wonderful candles.

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You can spread the essential oil scent across the room better with soy candles. Again, it’s because of its lower melting point. It results in a bigger surface area for the liquid wax gathering around the wick.

This process releases the essential oils from the liquid wax around and within the wick.

4. Natural and Good for the Environment

As its name suggests, soy candles come from vegetable oil. This makes soy candles natural and renewable.

On the other hand, paraffin candles come from non-renewable petroleum oil. The latter has carcinogens that mingle with the air while it burns.

Soy wax is sustainable because it’s biodegradable. If everyone makes this candle the golden standard, our society relies less on crude oil. It makes the environment better, improving everyone’s health in the long run.

Vegetable oil makes soy candles non-toxic, beneficial for people with allergies. You’re unlikely to get an allergic reaction from this natural candle type. Because of this, soy wax candles are perfect if you have a vegan lifestyle.

5. Romantic Ambience

Soy candles have better light flickers, making wonderful ambiance paraffin can’t make. If you light a few of these candles on advantageous areas in your home, you get a cozy atmosphere. Its lower heat produces softer light, making rooms more welcoming.

It’s even more wonderful if you want a romantic setting. Soy candlelight is a wonderful addition to your dinner date. It gives enough light for you and your spouse to focus on each other and your food.

The candlelight makes a romantic mood because of the soft and warm lighting. You’ll fall in love with your partner even more as you gaze into their eyes. It’s because the light from the soy candle will reflect off them.

6. Adaptable and Easy to Work and Clean up

Candlemakers have an easier time working with soy candles. It’s almost as easy as paraffin since you can put both color and scent on the wax. You’ll have a great time making interesting designs and shapes using soy wax.

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Take note; you can mix soy with other wax types. For example, you can mix it with beeswax. It results in an interesting blend everyone will enjoy.

After you finish using soy candles, it’s easier to clean them. The wax is softer at lower temperatures because of its lower melting point. If you spill soy wax, clean it with soap and hot water instead of resorting to harsher chemicals.

Candlemakers find this feature helpful. It’s because they can clean their equipment using the sink while running hot water. You can use dishwashers too if you have one.

7. Health Benefits

You’ll feel calmer watching soy candles burn because they won’t make soot. It means you need not worry about it covering your walls and curtains. You won’t run the risk of breathing it in too.

With paraffin candles, you’ll deal with soot a lot. It’s because it will circulate through your home’s air ducts. It will get on every surface if you burn enough candles over a certain period.

It gets worse because soot has 11 toxins. It includes toluene and benzene, two well-known carcinogens. Most environmental agencies label the carcinogens in paraffin candles as toxic air agents.

Soot happens because paraffin candles come from petroleum-based fuel. It’s the result of this fuel’s incomplete combustion. It’s carbon-based, meaning it causes respiratory issues when inhaled.

With soy wax, you need not worry about it forming Petro-carbon soot. It means you won’t experience headaches associated with paraffin candles.

Get Soy Wax Candles Now

Now is the best time to try soy wax candles. With all these benefits to your family and the environment, it’s hard to see why you’d stick to paraffin candles. Make the switch and have a healthier household today.

Soy wax candles are perfect for your nightly self-care routine. Are you looking for more ways to reduce stress? Check out our other lifestyle guides here for more great tips.

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