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Unique Ideas to Use a Social Media Wall

Advancing communications is one of the backbones of digital marketing. Brands or businesses that hold a good understanding of digital marketing are all set to fabricate opportune moments. They can easily achieve this opportunity with the use of social media walls

With the use of social media walls at events, the participants feel more encouraged and fascinated to communicate. This, as a result, will let them create valuable content for the brands.  

The social media wall is considered as an engagement tool for all the major events around the world. However, it is important to realize how to utilize it to make a name for oneself to prevail in this tactic.

Social Media Wall- A Brief Introduction

The strategy through which social interactions of the audience is displayed on a screen during an event is referred to as a social media wall. The proposition is to energize participants to collaborate with a particular hashtag, which can be distributed on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

This empowers you to introduce intuitively and visually all the digital communication related to your event, and will also motivate people to connect.

Unique Ideas to Use a Social Media Wall

Now you have gained knowledge about social media walls, thus here are a few of the unique ideas to use the social media wall in an intelligent way that can easily drive user engagement, sales, and visibility.

Direct and Stimulate Conversation

Throughout the event, it is essential to inspire your audiences so that they share posts otherwise you may be left with an absence of user engagement on your wall. Also, you can use gamification and give out prizes by choosing prize winners from your feed, who have the best picture or answer to questions accurately. 

At that point, you can highlight the thought influencers and winners on your social media wall. This will encourage more and more attendees to join the conversation.

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Exhibit User-generated Content

The best source of supply of user-generated content is a social media wall that displays it in an inventive method. For all those participants whose posts show up on the screen, it is exciting and fascinating. 

Also, it becomes delightful and enjoyable for all those passers-by who are watching the feed. Brands love this user-generated content as it requires little work on their part after all it is not brand-generated content.

For Social Proof

In the domain of social media, social proof is any sign that something is acclaimed and has an essential responsibility to social media. The best example of social proof is any celebrity account. There are millions of followers that adhere to a lot of social proof.

Running a branded social media wall puts social proof on display by demonstrating exactly what number of individuals are posting about your brand. This, in turn, may lead the audience to provide more social proof in the form of any post to your feed, follow your brand on social media, or any other way.

Boost Followers and Engagement

There is nothing wrong with boosting your followers and user engagement with the utilization of social media walls. In any event, when you focus on diverse objectives it lets you enhance your followers and user engagement as a bonus.

Lift your brand online, to make use of social media for this purpose. You can post relevant, good quality, and shareable content that is customized according to your audiences.

Promote a Branded Hashtag

As the name suggests, any brand that fabricates a unique hashtag intending to promote its brand is considered a branded hashtag. At many times, it comprises the name of the brand or some variant of it, however, this is not in every case.

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By doing this you can easily enhance your brand’s visibility on social media. Displaying the branded hashtag on social media walls is one of the approaches to empower more utilization of it. 

Give Rise to Buzz for Events

Events like trade shows, conventions, networking events, or even simple happy hours, are hit with the use of social media walls. Social media walls will help to put on uniqueness to the attendee’s experience and make it discuss with their friends. They love it when their post gets wonderfully displayed on the screen and everybody at the event sees it.

Advance Sales or Events

In present times, social media is a solid way to promote the sales and events of your brand. In addition, this gap will further be filled by a social media wall that will expand your brand’s reach between in-person and online visibility. 

In case of the social media feed of your brand incorporating various promotional posts, then it is a good opportunity to broadcast the feed to your social media wall. With this, all the passer-by at the event or in-person customers can have a glance at your brand’s posts. By doing this you empower individuals to have a look at your posts that they otherwise wouldn’t see.

Summing Up

Utilizing the social media wall for events is a development technique that generates interaction and the main achievement is commitment! Social media is encompassing throughout us and thus it is high time to make use of it in a more inventive manner. 

Social media walls generate interactive large scale social media involvement by generating real-time and in-person experiences. Customers love social media and so do brands love them.

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