Web Design Trends in 2020

Are you running a website already? Maybe you have made a New Years’ resolution to begin one. Whatever the case, learning what is happening in the world of website design is always a good thing. And getting help from experts like Web Design Minneapolis Hook Agency will certainly take you further as well. We are here to get you ready for the hottest web design trends this year.

  • Enhanced Personalization

The approach of one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for 2019 users. More brands are looking for methods to tweak the user experience as carefully as possible. Having a personalized experience has moved from a nice-to-have to a must-have.

For instance, SoundCloud is a music platform taking into account the likings of its users and recommends them the songs they want. It’s becoming simpler to make the user experience much personal with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Dark Mode

Have you already observed some of the biggest website design Auckland companies adding dark and light modes to their products? A dark mode is a low-light interface showing dark surfaces. Adapting the dual-colored design trend has two advantages to user experience.

First is that dark themes help to lessen eye strain by changing the brightness of the screen to existing lighting conditions. Second, they preserve the battery power of devices by decreasing the usage of light pixels.

  • Custom Sketches

You have seen the trend toward illustrations on different website design in Auckland. They add a specific creative element. Expect to notice them becoming more customized, matching perfectly the purpose and tone of sites.

Do you like to tap into this website trend this year? Make sure you learn what makes your brand set apart from your contenders. You should come up with a great story to complement it. It’s recommended to collaborate with an illustrator to make drawings that match the personality and purpose of your website.

  • Faux-3D and 3D Design

3D objects were only utilized in entertainment and games for a very long time. We have 3D shapes coming on average websites both on mobile and desktop devices with the advent of device processing power. Adding pseudo-3D and 3D objects in your web experience add realism to engagements.

  • Voice User Interface
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Have you heard of Voice User Interface (VOI)? It enables users to engage with a site through voice commands such as Cortana, Alexa, or Siri. That type of design is advantageous for vision-impaired people and might require commands verbally instead of text.

  • Scroll-Generated Sites

Did you know that the influence of modern technologies could help you establish more than just a website experience? It enables you to build immersive visual experiences for your site visitors. The good thing about scroll-generated websites is that they monitor the movement of the user as they scroll the page and display contextually-relevant data.

What’s more, scroll-generated sites utilize the power of animation effects and power of motion to attract the attention of the user. It also presents dynamism in user engagements. These effects add an added layer to current content, making it more unforgettable for users.

  • Morphing

Another website design trend, which seems to be increasing in fame, is morphing photos. Website elements change, morph, and become something else as the website user mouses over elements on a webpage. That makes the whole site more engaging, keeping the user absorbed long after they land on the page.

You see, morphing might help lower your bounce rates. It also keeps your visitors on your page a bit much longer, allowing them to look more of what you have to provide.

  • Emotional Design

Do you believe design is communication? When you imagine communication, you think about presenting and getting information. However, there’s one facet of communication, which could be missed – emotions.

Product teams were focused for a very long time on making excellent usability. However, this 2020, the focus has changed towards excellent usability and the ideal emotional impact. More and more website design services in Auckland are shifting from neutral design towards a design, which has an emotional effect.

  • Split Content

Are you one of those businesses that have dual purposes? If that’s the case, you might benefit from the split content design. This 2020 web design trend allows you to divide the page down the center and present the two sides of a brand’s personality, like having one side dark and another side light.

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It enables you to layer transparent tones over a single background to accomplish this look. You can also make the split hasher and the two sides different. Take note that there must be some elements connecting the two sides like a centered log.

  • Big Letters

Typography is one area where you can notice web design trends in 2020. Expect to see big, oversized lettering, which attracts the attention of the user, making the overall experience fun and whimsical.

Single words will consume the whole page. Utilize this method carefully and ensure it responds to smaller screens like smartphones. Or else, you will risk losing some of your precious website visitors.

  • Geometric Shapes

There’s no doubt that geometric shapes are a simple yet influential asset, which enables designers to make more attractive graphic arrangements. Typically, geometric figures are utilized to make visual partitions among sections.

However, designers in 2019 began to find more attractive ways to utilize geometric objects. A lot of product teams use these shapes to convey a particular feel. For instance, soft geometric objects could help establish a futuristic look. On the other hand, sharp edges and lines could transport a brutalist impression.

This website design trend works well, together with other visual design trends like bold and gradient fonts.

You might be quite familiar with some of the design trends mentioned. Some of them might be totally new to you. However, there’s no need to rush to execute each of those trends. Remember that your goal must always remain simple no matter how fantastic the trends appear to be. You should help users accomplish their goals by establishing more practical products.

Always assess each trend and execute those solutions, which make a better user experience for your website users.

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