What Are Boutique Financial and Consulting Firms and How Can They Help You?

You may have heard about boutique hotels, which typically refer to a small establishment of fewer than 100 rooms, with upscale accommodation and urban design. The same concept can be applied to boutique accounting and financial firms, which offer specialized and niche services to their clients. 

However, one misconception about these boutique firms is that they are small, consisting only of one Account and Financial Planner. Indeed, most of them are. But they can also be large companies with as many as 100 consultants. The one thing that distinguishes them from your standard company is that they do not do general consulting.

For instance, if you are looking for a consulting firm in Los Angeles, you will find that the boutique consultancy company will be more affordable and more specialized. 

Regardless, an Account and Financial Planner will help you boost your productivity, efficiency, and profits. 

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But how can you benefit from a boutique consulting firm? Here are some ways:

  1. They are more experienced in their field — A boutique firm is most likely established by a very experienced Account and Financial Planner who decided to start their own company after years of experience. They started on their own at first, but over the years, hired experts in the field when the company grew. And since the company is offering only niche services, you can get the most value for your money for its expertise.
  2. They are more affordable — Since boutique firms are smaller, they manage to trim down the fat in terms of management and overhead cost. In this way, it can offer more affordable services to its clients. The larger the company is, the more expensive the cost of hiring would be. 
  3. Fee-only services — Of course, not all boutique companies have a fee-only arrangement. Others require that you pay a flat fee for each service. You can choose an hourly rate or a fixed charge. You can also opt for limited or exhaustive advice. Some financial advisors earn commissions based on the proceeds or value of the transaction. They may also sell you some financial products, and they earn commissions should you agree to purchase any of the items. With the fee-only services, the Account and Financial Planner can focus on your needs since there is no conflict of interest. They would be more interested in what you have to say since they are not trying to sell you anything.
  4. Personal relationship — Since boutique firms are quite small, you will be assigned a private consultant. In this way, you will be able to build a relationship with them. Unlike with big firms where you will be bounced from one advisor to another, there is greater accountability with a small company. When you call for any question or transaction, you know somebody will pick up on the other line.
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Those are some of the ways that boutique consultancy firms can help you. Clients, particularly small businesses, also love the simple setup. Although there is a hierarchical structure, it is more relaxed compared to a conglomerate. For instance, if your account planner runs into a roadblock, the problem can quickly be elevated to the team, which will then decide on the best course of action.  

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