What is Class 4 Softswitch Solution and Why you need this solution?

Voice over IP (VoIP) or internet telephony is a cost-effective online substitute for traditional telephonic communication. While there are a variety of hosted and software basedVoIPs today, we recommend the latter, if you are a business. The reason being- they require less maintenance and you will not need any previous technical knowledge in the VoIP domain for either their installation or use.

In fact, software basedVoIPs are almost totally handled by a third party which will direct the relevant calls to you (the user). You can also customize these systems according to your specific needs without having to worry about manpower or expertise.

There are different software solutions to deal with varying needs, but the basic purpose of all these software is always to reduce the load of hardware and expertise required behind a complex VoIP management process. It becomes especially difficult for companies to manage large volumes of callers from around the world. However, there are software solutions to this challenge as well, one of the best is the Class 4 Softswitch solution.

Why Do You Need a Class 4 Softswitch Solution?

Our switching mechanism is designed specifically to handle large wholesale call traffic. While you can customize it as per your needs, the basic mechanism of the Softswitch is to be placed at the center of the VoIP network for it to act as a router for international calls. It, therefore, makes the process of routing wholesale call traffic automated and simplified through a software solution.

While the ownership of the specific Softswitch code being used will be with you (the user), our company provides maintenance services and updates, so that our clients do not fall behind the current standards maintained by the telecommunications industry. This is the commitment of our company towards the quality and efficiency of our products.

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Moreover, as the Class 4 Softswitch is created on a case by case basis, the software is purposefully designed to adhere to the telecommunication norms of the countries they are going to be used in. This automation does not only reduce costs of operation of the VoIP services but also improve the quality of the service for the diallers.

Key Features of the Class 4 Softswitch Solution – 

  • Billing
  • Routing
  • Invoicing / Balance Management
  • DID Management
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Security
  • Support & Updates
  • System Administration
  • XML-based API Integration

 Ease of Use: Our Class 4 Softswitch solution can be used by anyone, considering the fact that it has one of the smoothest and most interactive graphical user interfaces.

  • Intelligent and Automated Call Routing: This feature of the Class 4 Softswitch is crucial for cutting down the routing cost of the calls.
  • Advanced Security Features: The up to date security of the system provides greater protection for both the callers and the company using the Softswitch.
  • Live Call View Feature: This feature makes this system one of the most convenient among the present VoIP systems.
  • Load Balancing Feature: This helps maintain a balanced distribution of call traffic over the network.
  • Failover and External API Support: These are a few of the additional support provided by the company, for the smooth operation of the system.

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