What is EGA Master & What are its Tools?

EGA Master is a maker of High-Quality industrial tools and equipment’s located in the Basque the country, the industrial core of Spain. Although at firstborn as experts in Piping Tools, the company has progressively expanded into other fields offer now the widest variety for most of the demanding industries.

Hamad Al Owais Machinery Trading (HALOWAIS) which is a Twenty-four-year-old company dealing in a large variety of commercials Industrial Hardware and Consumables with the widespread sales network in the Middle East & Africa. At Hào, Quality is leading, and therefore when this group was divided out it was obvious to start with TAILIN Abrasives, which is a well-known OEM to top brands of the power equipment industry.

EGA Master began as an expert professional in piping tools and equipment however, has divided out into safety tools and equipment, supplying merchandise to a variety of industries from power to shipbuilding and mining. EGA Master Tools are remarkable tools in relationships of value in safety, services and flexibility.

The company or organization highly esteems on three columns consisting of:

• Invention and quality: EGA Masters capitalizes 7% of its income in research and development projects. Its products are also enclosed by a lifetime guarantee.
• One-stop resolution: The company or organization offers customers with ten product ranges in one place.
• Quick service: Manufacturing strategies and investments permit EGA Masters to supply products to 98% of each one amongst the 150 countries it supplies to.

The company has been nominated as one of the top 100 Spanish brands with an international projection, becoming the first company in its sector to enter the admired. Leading Brands of Spain Forum that additionally consists of renown companies like Zara, Barcelona FC, Banco Santander, Real Madrid CF, Repsol o Telefónica.

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All of EGA Master Tools are enclosed with the aid of a life-time warranty against any industrial defects.

EGA MASTER has ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certificates, amongst several others, and maybe a pioneer leading within the tool industry and the application of the European EFQM model of Total Quality Management.


• EGA MASTER exports nearly 90% of its production to over 150 countries everywhere the world.
• EGA MASTER holds additional more than 200 Patents and invests around 6% of its turnover in R&D.

Hamad Al Owais Machinery Trading (HALOWAIS) supplies different types of EGA Master Tools like • Egamaster hand tools Nigeria, IECEX • Intrinsic Safety ATEX / IECEX • Non-Magnetic Titanium • ESD Electro Static Discharge • Personal Protection Equipment • Point Of Sale Displays • Promotional Items and many more.


• ISO 9001 (243.61 kB)
• ISO 14001 (245.59 kB)
• OHSAS 18001 (322.34 kB)
• BAM Cu-Be (1.56 MB)
• BAM Al-Bron (1.57 MB)
• VDE Assembly tools (646.40 kB)
• VDE pliers (525.98 kB)
• VDE scissors (406.86 kB)
• VDE screwdrivers (753.56 kB)
• VDE wrenches (407.04 kB)

EGA Master, S.A. Non-Sparking Tools are the high-quality other choices for non-sparking utility resolutions in a theoretically explosive environment. All equipment is forged after casting to reach the best superiority in the market, each in mechanical belongings and captivating finishing. We are a well-known EGA Master Tools dealer.


Beryllium Copper, Aluminum Bronze.

Applications: —

Petrochemicals, Refineries, Chemical, Aerospace, Automobile, Weapons & Ammunition, Pharmaceutical industry, Air Force, Defense, Gas & Oil Pipe Lines, Power Stations, Fire Fighting, Plastic Manufacturing, Firework Industry and many more.

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Over-all mechanic equipment, managed to tighten and TCS (Tool Control System) storage solutions

EGA Master provides the most complete variety of tools for mechanics and controlled tightening. Applications for important and demanding industries.

Our broad supplying of mechanic equipment consists of wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, socket wrenches, pneumatic tools, guide and hydraulic torque wrenches.

Non-sparking tools for dust and gas environments

EGA Master provides the wide choice of non-sparking tools in three, different blends (Acetilex©, Al-Bron and Cu-Be) all non-sparking tools are certified.

Hand tools and machines to work professionally with steel pipes

An expert manufacturer of pipe tools, EGA Master, provides the essential labour intensive and automatic resolutions with the pipe-related jobs like cutting, bending, welding, threading, roll-grooving, reaming, gripping, freezing and press-fitting.

Without a doubt, the EGA Master provides the utmost complete solution for pipe working.

In the beginning, EGA MASTER appears up to supply excellence to all its lucky customers, and end-users & additionally its partners through its creative ideas, procedures & a strong reliable innovative service team.

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