What is the Best Piano to Use for Beginners?

The onset of coronavirus forced people to stay in isolation. Some have developed different hobbies, including a deep interest in playing musical instruments, including the piano. It may be challenging at first, but learning to play the piano is a skill one can hone and develop.

Buying a beginner’s piano can be quite tricky, especially when someone is new to new musical instruments. Below is a brief guide to help aspiring pianists choose the best piano suited for them.

Types of Piano

Choosing the right piano can be daunting. There are things to consider, and many brands and types of piano to choose from. When looking for a piano keyboard for sale or an electric keyboard for sale, the first thing to consider is the type of piano best suited for the pianist.

Generally, there are two categories of pianos to choose from: acoustic and digital. Additionally, there are two types of acoustic pianos: upright pianos and grand pianos. These categories have different features made to suit people’s needs and environments.

Upright (or Vertical) Pianos

Upright pianos, as the name suggests, are pianos that stand perpendicular to the ground. This type of piano has hammers that strike horizontally to hit the piano’s vertical strings.

Typically, upright pianos are 110 cm to 135 cm tall, roughly 155 cm wide, and 60 cm deep. Models of upright pianos usually differ in height. Additionally, this type of piano has shorter strings and smaller soundboards compared to grand pianos.

Grand Pianos

Grand pianos are the most expensive and most massive type of pianos. They have horizontal soundboards, longer strings, and a greater soundboard area. Since grand pianos have horizontal strings, the mechanism differs from upright pianos’. The flat rows allow pianists to play faster and more control due to gravity resetting the piano’s hammers.

A grand piano is usually 5 feet wide, with its length varying from 4 ½ to 9 ½ feet. The smallest grand piano typically needs a floor space allowance with a width of at least 5 feet and a height of at least 6/12 feet.

Digital Pianos

While digital pianos can produce sounds similar to upright and grand pianos, digital pianos have a different sound.

Generally, digital pianos do not have hammers. Instead, they have sensors that are activated when the pianist presses a key. When these sensors are activated, a recording of an acoustic piano plays through the speakers. Digital pianos may have multiple recordings of each note.

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Typically, digital pianos produce different sounds of different pianos or instruments. Some are also portable, while others use batteries to operate. Additionally, some classify digital pianos as keyboards.

Best Piano for Beginners 2020

Different pianos suited for beginners are available on the market, depending on the type of piano one will buy. Additionally, different piano types have varying price points.

Beginner Acoustic Piano

Acoustic pianos are usually more expensive than digital ones, with grand or baby grand pianos typically priced at $6,000 to $10,000, a quality upright piano can range from $4,000 to $8,000. On the other hand, electronic keyboards are the least expensive. However, keyboards might not develop hand strength or provide enough keys to play different music ranges.

  • Yamaha Upright Piano

The Yamaha Upright Pianos are some of the world’s best-selling upright pianos. They are made in Japan with professional quality parts and have a rich and full sound. Additionally, the Yamaha Upright Pianos are seasoned for the Australian climate. They also come in various finishes and a ten-year warranty. However, the downside to these Upright Pianos is its limited colorway, with black as the only available color.

They are also pretty heavy at 228 kilograms and will be challenging to move without seeking professional help, which could also be costly.

  • Beale Upright Piano

Beale upright pianos were formerly manufactured in Australia. This brand offers upright pianos that are suited for beginners. Beale upright pianos have five back posts for strength and tuning longevity and premium-quality German Roslau strings. They also have a soundboard composed of vertical grain. Beale also uses high-quality maple to make the pianos’ bridge.

Just like other acoustic pianos, Beale upright pianos weigh over 200 kilograms. However, they provide quite a wide color selection to choose from.

Beginner Digital Pianos

While acoustic pianos may sound better than digital pianos, learning how to use a digital piano is also an effective way to know the basics. Typically, digital pianos are installed in cabinet-style consoles. They are less expensive and are usually smaller than upright ones, with prices ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.

  • Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha digital pianos come with a console to give a permanent feel to the piano. The console comes in three finishes to match any home and offers the digital piano a good piano experience. Most of Yamaha’s digital pianos are samples of their upright pianos, so sound and tone generation is not a problem.

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Additional features include various connectivity options, a record function, and multiple songs, presents, and voices.

  • Korg Digital Pianos

Korg digital pianos are another excellent option for beginners. Korg digital pianos come with an optional stand, making the piano feel like an upright one. Their digital pianos also include eight high-quality voices as well as a grand piano tone.

Additionally, Korg digital pianos have a partner mode feature, which allows for two similar playing zones. However, although portable, some models of Korg digital pianos do not have USB connectivity.

Beginner Keyboards

Among the types of pianos available for sale, keyboards are the most affordable. Playing on a keyboard may not be ideal and even discouraging, but beginning on, one can help an aspiring pianist save a few bucks. Keyboards are typically priced at $80 to $250, making it the least expensive option to learn the piano.

  • Casio Keyboards

Casio keyboards are some of the best-selling beginner’s keyboards in the market. They offer great value for money and are portable. Features, including over 400 voices and more than 150 various rhythms, come with their keyboards as well. Some of their additional features include USB connectivity and play-along features.

The downside, however, is the sound quality of Casio keyboards. Some brands offer better sounding ones, but Casio keyboards provide inexpensive keyboards that beginners can practice on.

  • Roland Keyboards

Roland keyboards are an excellent value for money. Some of their models include high-tech features like BlueTooth connectivity, 500 premium-quality voices, and a Loop Mix function. Roland keyboards also have Ivory-feel keys, which makes a keyboard feel like an acoustic piano.

The downside to Roland keyboards is their price, as Roland keyboards come at high prices.

Final Thoughts

Since piano keyboard for sale and electric keyboard for sale are widely available online, purchasing a beginner’s piano may be less of a hassle.

Whether learning to play the piano for fun or out of passion, buying the first piano is the first step to developing good piano skills. While choosing the right beginner piano can be difficult; finding the perfect one suited for the piano player’s needs is rewarding.

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