What to Consider When Designing an E-Commerce Application

You might be struggling with the idea of whether to design an E-commerce application or not due to the saturation in this business. Stores like Amazon, iHerb, and eBay can be the reason why you’re not jumping into E-commerce. Still, there’re billions of digital customers looking for an easy and friendly online shopping experience each day. That’s where a well-designed E-commerce application comes in!

How To Create An E-Commerce Application-

Web development may seem fun and exciting but is quite complicated. There are many aspects you need to consider before you set up a successful E-commerce application project. The development of any enterprise website or an E-commerce platform is a bit complex. However, here we will discuss aspects that contribute towards a successful E-commerce application’s design

What to Consider When Designing an E-Commerce Application

Must-have Features for an E-Commerce Application-

Plenty of factors play a significant role in developing an E-commerce application making it an easy-going and intuitive way for customers to do online shopping. As a developer, you must keep in mind the following features while developing a mobile E-commerce application.

  • Advanced website search and filtering functionality
  • SSL encryption and PCI Compliance security standards
  • Mobile view and user-friendly desktop interface
  • Optimized site speed
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Good shopping cart and easy payment methods

Things to Consider When Designing an E-commerce Application-

Once you’ve gone through the must-have features in your E-commerce application, here’s what you need to consider before you go into the developing phase.

Intuitive and Responsive Design- Visual Hierarchy:

First things first, the use of smartphones has grown to a sky-high level! As per Statista, approximately 73% of the sales are made through smartphones in 2021, and the number is expected to increase. Thus, the developer must design an E-commerce application that is optimized for every mobile phone to offer the best experience to all users globally. In this regard, Visual Hierarchy is a UI design for content organization and is most common. Click on the link to know how to design the best interface app for E-commerce!

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Optimized Site Performance:

You’re most likely to lose customers if your site/application speed is slow! Thus, if you want users not to abandon your site or application, make sure to optimize the speed. Usually, the multi-taskers tend to move on within 3 seconds of the site loading.

  • As a developer, you can combine the site’s JavaScript or CSS resource files into a single file to speed up the site loading on the application.
  • You can further compress images to optimize the visual and graphics performance to reduce the loading times.

Safe and Secure- SSL Encryption:

All the E-commerce sites and applications are visited by hundreds and thousands of users each day. Thus, security and encryption must be your priority as a developer to protect the user’s information. Hence, the E-commerce website or application must support SSL for proper encryption. This way, the user’s phone number, email, address, and credit card information will stay safe and encrypted. Moreover, the website’s security standard must be in accordance with PCI Compliance.

Guest Checkouts:

Most E-commerce applications require users to have an account before they make a purchase. This is where most of the users leave the signup page and abandon the website. Therefore, the E-commerce platform must support guest checkouts allowing one-time visitors to make an urgent purchase in no time. However, you must think of marketing strategies to urge users to make an account, like the discount offers and coupons. Those accounts would further help in follow-up communication with users.

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