What you need to know about DNA Testing

What is DNA Testing?

DNA testing also known as genetic testing is to find out any changes referring to mutations and variants in the DNA. DNA testing has revolutionized many areas of medicines thus improving the medical care of  people around the world.

Also, it is only because of DNA testing one can find out any genetic condition that has a risk of developing cancer or other diseases in the future.

Understanding DNA testing

As we all know that we share DNA with our family members, if the genetic change occurs in one member of the family, the other member might have the same mutation. There are several types of DNA or genetic tests. Genetic tests that use a blood or spit sample have their results ready in a few weeks. Before any genetic testing, one must make sure that

  • He is the right person in the family to get a genetic test.
  • He is getting the right genetic test.
  • One must fully understand his results.

What are the reasons for DNA Testing

  • To find out any type of genetic conditions running in the family so that it can be treated as soon as possible.
  • To make sure that future pregnancy will not have a genetic condition
  • To find the right diagnosis of a genetic condition
  • To understand cancer prevention or treatment plan
  • To know about ancestry or other inherited traits

Non-diagnostic DNA testing  

Non-diagnostic genetic testing is related to inheritance or ancestry and is not related to change in mutations. DNA tests from providers like CRI Genetics have been helping thousands of people around the world for years to learn about their heritage through DNA testing.

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The ancestry DNA testing has some great interesting and interchangeable characteristics. People who love histories and other regional traditions are very interested in finding out their ancestral background and it’s a really fun way to find out a person’s link with any historical hero in your ancestor family tree.

Helps in the proper reading of the DNA

Reading someone’s DNA is the foremost and basic step to generate their DNA results. The accuracy of DNA testing is always quite high because it has to read each hundred of thousands of markers of single DNA. With the help of current technology, the accuracy rate of each marker tested is 99%.

Is DNA testing safe?

Genetic testing or DNA testing is quite safe. It carries very few physical risks, especially when the test is carried by only a cheek swab. But it’s always mentioned in the books that it possesses great emotional risk. Why is that so? It’s because of the information one might get from a DNA test, the results would be undesirable for them.

One must keep in their mind that DNA testing can only depict whether someone is a carrier of a mutated gene for a certain disease or not. It does not tell about the progress of that disease or whether the symptoms are severe. The information that comes from DNA testing does allow us to formulate a prevention plan of how one should treat their illness in the best way.


Genetic testing could change the course of our health. This testing allows us to know about our nutritional weaknesses, thus decreasing the risk of any kind of disease. Genetic testing gives information about ancestors and inheritance and it is also used for identification purposes. So, in a nutshell, DNA testing or commonly referred to as genetic testing uses DNA information to find out family medical histories for diagnosis of any genetic disease or disorder and inheritance related information.

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