When the Big One’s Coming: 5 Steps on How to Prepare for a Storm

There’s no telling what could happen when you’re in the middle of the storm. Hurricanes can get as strong as 200 mph (322 km/h) and often exceed that. Even half of that number is capable of destroying properties in only a few hours!

If you aren’t ready, that’s all the more reason to take steps to get everything set up. You don’t you’re your family unprepared when the worst is on its way. Stay smart and read on to get ready.

These are 5 simple yet helpful ways to learn how to prepare for a storm and protect your family.

  1. Prepare Emergency Kits

Do you think you can weather the storm without emergency kits? This is the number one on the list of essentials when it comes to preparing for a hurricane. Learning how to prepare for a storm is all about preparing the essentials.

Pack water, food, flashlights, toolbox, toiletries, extra batteries, whistles, and important documents to keep safe. You may also include prescription medicines, disposable items (such as paper plates, etc.), and other necessities for your babies and pets.

  1. Reinforce Your House

It’s better to prepare for a storm by looking ahead. Get your home ready to avoid extensive damage and to hold against high winds and raging water.

Check the roof for holes and if it’s sturdy enough to withstand the hurricane. Install shutters in your windows and doors for protection against strong winds. Cut down nearby trees and branches that might fall down.

Take any loose items inside the house to prevent them from crashing into it. If it’s too big, reinforce it with ropes and a tarp.

  1. Learn How to Shut off Your Utility Lines

Hurricanes can spike your bills extremely high in a time of crisis. Knowing how to shut off your utility lines can save you a lot of money. There’s a 50-50 chance of getting a power and water outage in a storm anyway.

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If the power comes back all of a sudden, it could overload all your electronics and appliances and cause a fire. Prevent this by being one step ahead and disconnecting as soon as things get rough.

  1. Reservoir for Storm Preparation 

Now you know how to shut them off, you need to make sure you have enough water and electrical supply. It’s a smart move to invest in a water tank and solar power generator.

If you use them wisely, they could last you a week or so. If you don’t want to worry about electricity in a storm anymore, make sure to get the best portable solar tools at

  1. Emergency Plans

One of the best hurricane prep tips you will find is to anticipate any problems that may come your way.

What happens if you’re not with your family? Make sure they have a way to contact one another and know where to meet up.

Store your emergency backpacks where you can access them. Keep your car’s fuel tank full or secure a method of transportation. Talk to your doctor and research how to take care of the health conditions of your family.

Now You Know How to Prepare for a Storm

Here are some of the things you can do to weather the upcoming storm! Make sure to follow these steps to keep your home safe and to prevent accidents.

But there’s still more to discover when it comes to picking up how to prepare for a storm. Please give our other articles a shot! You can read them right now to discover all the tips and tricks you need!

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