Where to go for SUP in Canada?

What is the best thing you can ever do when planning to go on vacation? Sure enough, there are lots of things to do like, shopping, recreational activities, date nights, tours and whatnot. But how fun is it to get wet?

Travelling is all about fun and making memories, and guess what all the memories are unplanned (or a better part of it anyway). If you are a summer person, you are in for a treat for a cool surprise and a wet one too. Canada is one of the most tourist-friendly countries. People from all over the world love to visit the cities here.

With a unique experience on the mend, why not try something different altogether?

Summer travelling lets you experience the sun, tan, heat and water! On your trip to the beach or lakeside did you ever get a chance to stand up on flat board and paddle? If not, then use your amateur skills for good old schooled SUP.

Don’t worry; it’s not an alien term!

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, SUP stands for Stand-Up-Paddling. Pretty simple right? With hundreds of spots for outdoor activities, you might as well just try and be confident in your water sport skills. It comes highly recommended to try at least once (or twice) on your trip to Canada.

As cool as SUP

There are several places you can have your day spent trying and failing at the standup paddling. It exciting to share some of the best places you can visit for your first SUP experience;

· Victoria Park Lake– Your first baby step towards SUP

The experience has taken up by the storm and people are more than excited for their first time SUP experience. However, if you do not want your first time to be a disaster, you can start with a safe paddling experience in Kitchener Waterloo.  This experience will teach you many good things like patience and balance, and it’s a good way to flex ad exercise your muscles too.

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One of the oldest parks in Kitchener to exist is the perfect spot to try your firsthand experience. If you are planning to come from the surrounding area or is not familiar, limo service Kitchener Waterloo is a great way to stumble your way to the main destination.

And in my experience paddling vertically is ironic! If you can stop laughing for a moment you may have a chance at actually learning it.

· Romance at Niagara on the Lake

How come a stand up paddling experience can be romantic? If you think of the laidback waters of Niagara Lake, you will stop questioning any further. The scenic beauty of the surrounding land and crystal blue water is a picture-perfect view.  It’s rather easy to arrive early in the morning or early noon to have a great experience learning paddling in a rom-com style.

Couples can seamlessly enjoy the water fun under the summer fun and to be honest keep high expectations of getting wet!

So do remember to bring a wetsuit. The southern charm of the lake is bound to conjure beautiful memories for you. On the second thought, you can bring your friends here too, and later onwards enjoy a small bonfire by the lakeshore.

· Cherry Beach is another grant of fun

Thinking about taking a Waterloo to Pearson Airport Taxi for another of the beachy experience? Have a go at it. Covering an hour’s distance for another (almost) half an hour drive from the Pearson Airport to the Cherry Beach is worth the effort.

Just at the Outer Harbor of Toronto, this friendly paddling spot is another of the ideal places to visit. Quite crowded during summertime, it is designated with lifeguards and paddling coaches. Sunsets are said to be stunning. And if you are not afraid of travelling long distances from waterloo than you can have another chance to horn your skill on SUP. Water is shallow making it all too convenient for an amateur paddler.

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· A splash of Halifax, Nava Scotia

In a maritime experience, there are countless times when you slip from the paddleboard and drown yourself in the east coast. So let the fun begin this time on a paddleboard adventure in Quebec. This Peggy’s Cove is the point of no return for you. Why? Because you will fall in love with the idea of even visiting it.

The area is your next adventure land and the beauty itself enhances your SUP experience. The paddleboarding experience will explode your senses and it’s a perfect match for an eccentric fun time. Water is cool and calm and small yachts float by inducing waves and down you go if you lose the balance!

Have a calm for your qualms

Learn more about how to do standup paddling and you will have a remarkable experience. Fall and fall until you may rise again and do the vertical paddle!

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