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How to Crack your Salesforce Developer Certification Exam in the First Try?

Salesforce is the most trending cloud CRM/ Customer Relationship Management Software suite available in the industry today. It has been in use for around half a decade and has been transforming the customer management vertical effectively for the better. Its sheer importance and widespread application have ensured its popularity among students as well as professionals alike. The rise in demand for skilled Salesforce professionals has also increased with time. This has enabled a greater interest in Salesforce certifications to authenticate skills at all levels. Therefore, your interest in cracking the Salesforce certifications of any specialty at the first attempt is justified and we will help you do just that.

In the case of a Salesforce Developer, the obvious benefit of becoming one is compensation. According to the job posting major Indeed, the average salary of a skilled Salesforce Developer in the USA is more than $110,000 per annum. More opportunities are opening in the same across the world as more and more organizations are adopting Salesforce in their customer and operational workflow. Also, being an evolving technology, the growth potential in this vertical is limitless and the future is only going to get brighter for professionals gaining expertise in the same. In fact, by 2021, the industry is expected to release approximately 1.81 million Salesforce Developer jobs making it a highly lucrative career choice for many.

What is a Salesforce Developer Certification?

Salesforce development is an integral part of the Salesforce operational process in an organization. Salesforce Developers have the responsibility of coding applications and solutions for the Salesforce platform or the Salesforce Cloud suite to optimize the same for specific applications in an organization. The developments are tailored as per specific business needs in order to address specific business verticals ensuring optimum usage of the Salesforce CRM. The possible solutions that you may end up developing include storage architecture, strategies to effectively distribute data across business enterprise networks or innovating methods in order to create a more efficient Customer Relationship Management workflow.

The primary task of a Salesforce developer is to design and deploy solutions and applications via the Salesforce CRM ecosystem. The solutions should support specific business needs while simultaneously ensuring the needs of the clients. Also, developers can build solutions for the Salesforce Appexchange which is a cloud-based marketplace for applications and software built specifically for the Salesforce platform. The developers mostly work with Apex which is the proprietary language of the platform though employers expect them to be familiar with Java, JavaScript, and HTML as well. As a Salesforce Developer, you are required to be extremely proficient with the Lightning platform in order to ensure optimum delivery parameters.

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In a more concise explanation, the Salesforce Developer roles include:

  • Comprehending and analyzing the business processes including account and sales management
  • Building CRM workflows
  • Maintenance of user roles and security parameters
  • Producing design documents as well as technical measures.
  • Collaborating with other developers, engineers, and administrators

Salesforce Developer Certification: In order to become a Salesforce Developer, a Salesforce Developer certification is necessary. Earning such a certification will make it easier for you as a professional to demonstrate your skills and abilities in creating data models, understanding business logic, building user interfaces and ensuring the security of the customized applications. You will learn the skills required to create customized applications with the assistance of the declarative features of the Salesforce platform. You can attain the relevant training as well as get certified from

Various Levels of the Salesforce Developer Certification

There are generally three distinct levels of the Salesforce Developer Certification credentials that happen to test your technical capability and proficiency as well as practicality. So, let us dive deeper and explore the various certification levels that you can attain to fully establish yourself as a Salesforce Developer.

Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer

The prerequisites to this certification include some level of experience as a full-stack developer in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital. The capabilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Setting up and facilitating the development environment
  • Working on the digital data model
  • Utilizing Business Manager to initiate site configuration objectives
  • Working with the site content
  • Making use of Scripts to extend site business logic
  • Optimizing the performance of the site
  • Troubleshooting common issues

The examination format of this certification includes 60 MCQs or Multiple Choice Questions with 105 minutes to complete the entire test. The passing score is 70% and you need no specific prerequisites to attempt the same.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

With a specific focus on the Lightning Platform, this program/ certification is designed to enable individuals to build/ create custom declarative and programmatic applications for the same. It requires no specific prerequisites and is one of the most opted for the certification tests in the entire Salesforce training ecosystem.

The format is quite similar to the one discussed above with 60 MCQs as the exam format and a more justified 110 minutes to complete the exam/ test. The passing score for this exam is 65% but one needs to be extremely careful to score somewhat more than 75% to demonstrate good skills.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

If you want to upskill your Lightning Platform developing skills to a further level, then this certification is for you. This particular credential is targeted towards individuals who can showcase advanced programming capabilities of the Lightning Platform as well as data modeling. They need to be able to develop complex business logic and interfaces in order to be eligible to attempt this certification level. Also, an individual needs to be already certified with the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I in order to be eligible to attempt this certification.

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The format again includes 60 MCQs with approximately 120 minutes to complete the examination and the passing score is generally pegged at 63%.

An individual needs to have a background in computer applications, engineering or science in order to be eligible for attempting these certifications. A business administration certification or degree will also suffice. He/She also needs to be familiar with the Salesforce platform/ CRM suite

How to Prepare for the Salesforce Developer Certification Exams?

1. Choose Any Official Salesforce Developer Class Along with Requisites

Opt for the training programs from both internal Salesforce organization sources as well as expert training materials from outside. Having a multi-approach will help you to hone your skills better and make yourself even more eligible to attempt the same.

2. Attempt to Complete all Exercises and Homeworks from the Class

Even if you have earlier experience in developing applications with a similar methodology before, you should do the same in order to learn the naming and terminology, conventions and some of the lesser-used features that uses.

3. Set Your Exam Date a Few Weeks out of Your Class

This is essential as it will give you the necessary time to study along with helping you to retain the useful information that you have learned in the class. Also, as a part of the official class, you will get a voucher for one free exam!

4. Study at least an additional 30 hours on material not covered in class

As per previous experiences, it is seen that almost 20 percent of the material and the questions in the exam are not covered in the class. Therefore, to solve the same, study training videos, online materials and free pdfs to further increase your knowledge base in addition to the courseware and study guide.

The Salesforce CRM suite is only going to experience increased demand with passing time as more and more organizations adopt the same. Therefore, it is time to pick up skills as a Salesforce Developer to avoid missing the bus to a lucrative professional career. So, wait no more and start your Salesforce Developer Journey with a Salesforce Developer Certification course that can fulfill both your personal as well as career goals.

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