Why do Emeralds always Remain in Fashion?

Over the centuries, jewelry has been regarded as a fashion necessity, and that isn’t just for women! If you go back to the middle-ages, Kings and noblemen wore gold and silver, but nearly all of their rings and chains included gemstones. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds have always been used, and it is indeed emeralds, as much as any other that has stood the test of time. Gemstones created an aura back then, just as they do today.

When you consider men’s emerald rings, they are more masculine than diamonds or rubies and have a feeling of understated quality and sophistication that would suit any gentleman. Although all coloured gemstones are coming back into fashion, emeralds never really went out of fashion! Green is comforting on the eye, calming and gracious, so it is hardly surprising that emeralds are one of the most coveted precious stones.

What is the Emerald’s appeal?

The emerald was popular with the pharaohs that roamed Ancient Egypt with many feeling that this antiquity adds to its charm and allure. Royalty love emeralds, the rich and famous love emeralds and quite frankly, everyone loves emeralds. They never lose their appeal and have a timeless sense of style. While over the centuries they may not have been everyone’s favourite gemstone, no one would have complained if they had received one!

The Emerald’s history

We have already touched upon it being a favourite of the pharaohs, but its origins date back, long before ancient Egypt. Think of Babylon, 2000BC, the beginnings of civilisation. Emerald was the gemstone of choice and made the perfect gift, arguably more popular than gold. Even 4000 years ago, it was regarded as a symbol of eternity, the renewing of nature and had a calming effect on all those that possessed in.

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It has stood the test of time far greater than any other precious stone, with only the ruby, known for its passion and sign of love, being comparable. The emerald, even back then represented complex and diverse emotions and what it stood for meant far more to both the bearer of the gift and the receiver.

A fashionable Gemstone that suits stylish jewelry

Green is a popular colour within the fashion industry and as you will see both on the high street and the couture market. Emeralds with their natural grace and elegance are naturally suited to modern jewelry and are known to complement an extensive range of different colours. They make the perfect statement piece on an item of jewelry that never looks out of place regardless of the occasion or the season.

Emeralds suit everyone

Many men prefer items of jewelry that are less flamboyant and have a sense of masculinity about them. Emeralds suit men who like to keep things simple but don’t mind a splash of colour such as with men’s emerald rings. For those who are happy to wear something more eye-catching, emerald rings can be more intricate. They suit fair skin or dark skin and complement any clothing so they are ideal for everyday wear or they can be kept for a special occasion.

Bold, but not too daring!

You will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd when you wear emeralds but thanks to its understated dark colour it won’t steal the limelight. It can be mixed with other colours in your clothing and may give you the opportunity to add some colour to your appearance, which may otherwise have been focused on a drab business suit!

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It is increasing in value

While it is stone that has always been popular, the increase in demand in recent years has seen its value rise exponentially. Jewellers and auction houses are reporting that demand is outweighing supply and market forces are taking their natural course. It is now more popular than ever before in high-end pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, engagements rings and wedding bands. Its increasing value also means you will be able to sell the diamond if you need to and earn money in the process. It is frequently seen adorning red carpets and the runways of Paris, New York and Milan.

Emeralds and high-end fashion

Green was chosen as the Colour of the Year in 2017, so it is hardly surprising that this fuelled the desire to incorporate emeralds into high-end fashion that would be seen on the world’s top catwalks and runways. It is including in everything from fashion wear to footwear and pretty much everything in between.

Demand for emeralds is high, but then it always has been. It is shows refined class and that the wearer appreciates the finer things in life without having to make any bold or brash statements.

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