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Why should you choose a Flat Fee Real Estate Agent?

Who does not love discounts? Well, the universal fact is everyone wants it in every purchase or service. Now in the case of selling or buying a property, it may be perplexing for you to choose the right real estate firm. To simplify this, you need to know about real estate brokers, flat fee real estate agents, MLS sites, and many more things.

Furthermore, selling or buying property is considered a long-term investment. So, you must know about it to choose the best for yourself. Taking this forward, most home sellers pay a 6% commission to real estate agents to find a buyer for their property.

Wait! Why pay this amount when there are other options too. Yes, you get it right, you can skip this and choose other options too. You can think of paying a flat fee to your real estate agent. Let’s have to look to see what’s more affordable. However, before that you need to know the difference between them.

What is a flat fee and commission?

There is not a huge difference between a flat fee real estate agent and a commission-based real estate agent. Both do the same work and provide you beneficial services.

Flat fee 

Real estate agents who charge a fixed amount for providing their services are known as flat fee agents. The flat fee is the fixed charge for their services. It may differ from agency to agency. Different real estate agencies charge their service fee in parts or all at once. The benefits of flat fee agents are that you know that you don’t have to share your profit with anyone. So, in the end, you don’t have to pay a percentage of your property’s worth

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It is a traditional way of selling property. The agent will take a fixed percentage of the amount from the selling price of your property as commission. The agents charge 6% of the overall sales price, but this may vary from agent to agent, or firm to firm. You may get higher prices for your property because the agent tries to achieve a better commission. Anyhow, at last, you have to pay an amount from your property’s worth.

Why should you choose a flat fee real estate agent

Advantages of working with a flat fee real estate agent.

Well, taking this route of working with a flat fee agent might get you the best returns on your property. So, if you don’t want to keep going with the traditional percentage method, you can choose flat fee real estate agents. Let’s explore the advantages that you can get by choosing them.

  • Lower costs and proper planning 

Who doesn’t get happy with lower costs and proper planning? Well, a flat fee agent will provide you the services at a fixed service charge. The service charges will not fluctuate as the worth of property increases or decreases. Choosing a flat fee agent can help you to do the best planning for your future. Moreover, giving a flat fee is less costly than paying a certain amount of percentage as commission.

  • Money-saving 

The advantage is that you can save a few more bucks. Yes, paying a flat fee is manageable than paying a commission from the amount you get at the end. You don’t have to share any amount from your profit. You save the whole amount that you get at the end.

  • Flexible program
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You are free and can schedule your meetings whenever you want. You have limited support, the way you like it. When you are not completely dependent on the agent, you are not tied to a particular time. It depends on you how much time you want to put in to show your property to the buyers.

  • More control 

You become the whole controller of the selling process. You decide the negotiations, pricing, and when to show your house or property to the buyers. In short, you set your rules for selling your property. You can still rely on real estate agents if you have time issues or want to ward off the burden from your shoulders. A flat fee agent is a viable alternative to save yourself from spending big bucks.


With other Flat Fee Companies the seller has limited support and has to do many things by himself.

But we are Full Service Flat Fee Company. We do all services the usual Realtor does.

With our company, the seller has full support from start to finish, we do all the work on showing and scheduling potential buyer’s visits, we know how to negotiate the best price.

At the same time, we never make decisions instead of the seller. The whole process is very transparent.

Flat Rate Real estate 4U has the best real estate agents in Los Angeles.

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