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A business manager’s resume should highlight the candidate’s capacity to effectively evaluate the organization’s goals and apply effective strategies to ensure their realization. Typically, business managers ought to maintain a positive relationship with employees, suppliers, and other members of the management team.

When applying for a position as a business manager, your resume should show leadership abilities and understand practical research and data analysis techniques. You will also be expected to demonstrate superior problem-solving and analytical skills.

If you have management-related skills but are unsure how to create a resume that highlights your strengths, don’t panic. This article highlights valuable tips on how to produce an exceptional resume.

What Does the Work of a Business Manager Entail? 

The work of a business manager entails supervising and leading a company’s employees and operations. Their responsibilities vary, but the goal is to make sure that the company remains productive and efficient in implementing core business strategies. Managers also supervise employees and evaluate performance.

Besides designing and implementing the company’s business plans, a business manager also ensures that there are resources needed to achieve specific objectives. As a business manager, you will be expected to provide leadership to other employees and help with creating strategic plans.

To succeed in these roles, business managers require exceptional management and leadership skills. They also need the ability to oversee various divisions and aspects of an organization.

What Should a Resume for Business Manager Contain?

Are you applying for a position as a business manager but have no clue how to create an impressive resume? Understand that, for this role, you need a resume that will showcase your management-related experience and skills. Here are some skills to get you started.

  • List Management-Related Skills 

The secret to creating an impressive resume, for whatever job, is to ensure that the document is tailored to the specific position. Employers want effective managers capable of accomplishing particular organizational objectives.

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Desired skills include the ability to allocate duties and supervise employees, leadership skills, and the ability to coordinate with stakeholders and suppliers.

To show your business management skills in a resume, consider listing them concisely in a dedicated component at the top of the document. Use an appropriate title for this section.

  • Make Use of Action Verbs 

These days, employers want to establish that candidates have what it takes to achieve company objectives. Merely familiarizing yourself with the job objectives and using them in the resume is not enough.

After all, many other applicants will go through the job description. Set your application apart by using action verbs, achieving the level of resume writing that highlights what you have attained, rather than focusing on your daily responsibilities.

The best resumes use action verbs to describe achievements vividly. This means writing in active voice, using such works as influenced, motivated, developed, advised, designed, inspired, planned, critiqued, coached, originated, and coached.

One of the main benefits of using action verbs is that they offer an immense impact. The resume is generally a very brief document meant to market your abilities to the prospective employer. It is impossible to fit all you would like to say here.

You can do that during the interview. Using action verbs allows you to communicate your achievements clearly, while also bypassing the applicant tracking systems that filter our unqualified applicants.

  • Quantify Your Achievements

The general rule for writing a good resume is to show rather than tell. In other words, describe tangible examples of the results you have generated as a manager. Use numbers and percentages to quantify these achievements.

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Remember, accomplishments for your resume are those assessable and unique achievements. They are different from your responsibilities and duties. If you are not sure about the precise numbers, use a range.

  • Make Use of Template 

Templates are created to guide job seekers on how to develop exceptional resumes. With them, you save time and make sure that you don’t miss important details.

You also need to find an appropriate format for your resume, depending on your accomplishments, skills, and the nature of the job. You can choose between functional, chronological, combination, and targeted formats.

  • Proofread and Edit Your Resume 

The best resume tip you can ever get is to proofread and edit. Mistakes and typos in your resume can cost you a job. So, avoid seeming sloppy by making sure that you edit your document before sending your application.

Writing a resume is an art that could determine whether or not you land your dream job. A business manager’s resume should be concise, clear, and error-free. Follow the tips highlighted here to help you create an excellent document.

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